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What are we going to do over the next few minutes, very briefly, I'm going to revise over the aqeedah of some of the tvm groups that we covered in this course. As a bonus, for those of you who showed up for this revision class, I'm also going to cover some of the more deviant groups that came about recently contemporary deviant groups that were not covered in the course. So these are groups that came about perhaps after the course was put together initially, in terms of his content, or they weren't as big a deal when the course started as they are now. So I'll cover them at the end inshallah.

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So, in this course, we looked at the beliefs of Muslim who went the street,

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some who went so far street that is not regarded as Muslims anymore, others who are still regarded as Muslims, but deviance. And we covered a variety of different groups in this course, starting Of course, with the first two deviations that the ones that occurred in the first century of Islam. We studied the EDA and the history of the Shia and the coverage. Right, so the sheep up on the horse, with the first DPN set to pop up in Islamic history.

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At the time of the civil war between the Sahaba when Ali radi Allahu Akbar Ali arreglo and who

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were at war with each other. A group came about that disassociated themselves for both teams of the Sahaba declaring them to be kuffaar or disbelievers, and fighting against them. This group became known as the wholehearted share eventually

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assassinated Ali Raja.

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The coverage as a group would the exact same beliefs no longer exists as a mentality and a mindset. They exist in every era. So in every era, you will find a group of people who make the fear of the rulers they declare the rulers and other Muslims to be copied as they fight me to kill them. This is called the harnish mentality. So the karate jazzy group did not

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last throughout the centuries, but as the mindset and the mentality they did, and they continue to pop up every generation. So for example, the jihadist movements of the 21st century are Hawaiian each Indian mentality, the second

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deviant group to come about in our history with the Shia. So again, with the split between Ali and VA, we are in Houma in the Battle of sapien,

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a group became pro Ali in the sense that they felt that the family of Ali should have the full rights to the rulership of the oma. This became stronger during the time of the image, the image where the family Amalia ensured his descendants after he passed on to his cousins and their descendants.

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And so, a group a political group came about that believe that leadership should be with the descendants of Ali and not the millions. Over the centuries, that political group develop their own aqeedah they own believes they own all sorts of hobbies, and they essentially became one of the largest deviant sects in Islam which is the she odd is not sure yet she has specifically

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in trawl discourse, we looked at the various different types of Shia. So we learned about the 12 words the Smiley's the Druze, the assassins, disease, various types of Shia that exist, the most popular type, our D is not a Sharia, those who believe in the 12th Imam concept.

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Now, it is my opinion that he's not sure he or she are still Muslim. Now, I know that opinion is controversial to some people, but I do not regard him as outside the fold of Islam. I regard him as a deviant, but still Muslim, right, a deviant set for services, particularly the lame and amongst the orlova amongst them, that's more doubtful, but the layman amongst the sheer

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someone who was raised in Iran, that's all the notice all they've been taught. They believe in LA LA LA Muhammad Rasul Allah, they believe in the five pillars of Islam, but the Shia India who shows the Sahaba the mobs I believe, the deviant but still Muslim, I think it's important to make that clarification because there's a lot of extremism that pops up in our communities nowadays towards the Shia that needs to be quote we need to be more

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we need to be more understanding and compassionate in our our towards them. Not hostile and violent. That doesn't solve any of the problems.

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In more deviancy are grouped in them with the Smiley's right and the Smiley's at one point in time rules.

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The Muslim nation in Egypt, while they were the rulers of Egypt and the surrounding areas, in fact, the B dynasty were smiling, and the oppressed the Sunni Muslims of that area, the smilies beliefs are very far away from Islam to such an extent that the majority of them are outside the fold of Islam.

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The third major group to come about in our history, they had they didn't last, but they had a lasting impact on the Ummah, already Mataji lights. So in the time of the abasi, beloved,

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during the translation movement, the time when the the golden age of Islamic science, when the Muslims were translating the various

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books of other nations into you into Arabic, they also translated the books of the Greek philosophers. And they began to study the books of the Greek philosophers, and this had an impact on the aqeedah. So they began to reinterpret the aqidah according to Greek philosophy, and this became known as the mortality like fitna and the abasi. The honeypots, about three or 4pm, my total adopted this visit is Akita I try to enforce it upon the oma. But they fail to do so.

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So the mortality like although they died out, they did have a lasting impact on the oma in the sense that

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some of the beliefs became mainstream. Right? So some of the beliefs found the way into mainstream Islam.

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And really, the the majority of Muslims still actually have some of those beliefs today, or do they not? They're not the main ones, right. But it is still,

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he still believes they were not the issue before the mortality like fitness started. The mortality rates are Muslims, they're not outside of all of Islam, but they are deviance nonetheless.

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Looking at a few groups that are not Muslim, a few groups whose aqeedah is so far fetched that the or not most of you cannot regard them as Muslims in any sense of the word. Particularly those groups that follow false prophets. I don't group the follow false prophets are not Muslim, by definition, right, even if they call themselves Muslim, this is not extremism. This is not

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violence. This is not you know, being harsh. This is simply stating the facts one of the conditions to be Muslim is to believe the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi. wasallam is the final messenger of Allah. So anyone who believes and follows in a false prophet that came after him is not a Muslim by definition. This includes the Armani's, also known as the Guardian is the Nation of Islam, the Rashi these are follow the Rashad Khalifa, also known as submeters. At the submitters, deeper highs, all of these different groups follow false prophets, because they follow false prophets that takes them out of the fold of Islam. So it's very important that we differentiate between those groups that are

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deviant and those groups that are outside the fold of Islam. These are two separate types of upsets in Islam, a group that is deviant is still a Muslim, a lot can still forgive developing to accept the needs. If a group is outside the fold of Islam does not have any of the legit rights of Muslims in this world. And on the Day of Judgment, they're going to have a much tougher time because they basically causing a false religion. Right. So following something like Guardian ism monies are the behind it's the same thing like following Christianity, or Judaism is following a religion that is false even if they are elements of truth in it, right.

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So going back towards those groups that are still considered within the fold of Islam, even though they may have a stage to come to the final group in this revision, and that is shooties. And year two, I would warn you not to group all to piece together, because Sufi is a very general label that refers to someone

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who has taken a more spiritual and mystical approach to Islam

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and covers a via a wide variety of groups like the deobandis, the Burmese, deca, Naqshbandi, the

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chesties, and many, many other groups fall under the category of soup, it's not one group. And from these groups, they fall under the category of Sufi, some of them are closer to the center. Some of them are further away from the center, and some of them are far far far away from the center. So we can't put them all together as one group. Rather, you need to deal with them individually. Some people who have Sufi inclinations are extremely pious, very close to Allah. And we had some mild deviations while the others amongst us

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We have gone far far away and basically fallen into a cult of synched worship. So, the big problem that the scholars of Akita have with Sufism is in the innovation of ways of worshipping Allah, and the development of spiritual paths that are not condition. And these two are put together in the concept of the coffee cup, right with a follow eatery Chi spiritual path and a spiritual leader with a given extra worship to do which not from the Sunnah. And this becomes very controversial, because if you go with the more mainstream understanding of beta, these groups have fallen into knots falling into beta does not take a person out of the fold of Islam. Nonetheless, it is deviation is a

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major problem. So these are some of the groups that we covered during this course, as a bonus, for those of you who showed up for this class, I also want to cover some of the groups not covered in this course, the contemporary problems, right the dangers to our time, which we did not get a chance to cover in this course, four of them. In particular, I want to focus on these have four groups that have become very problematic in our times.

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The first is the jihadist movement, which started, you've seen the 1960s. So this is a new DPN set that popped up less than 100 years ago, they didn't exist 100 years ago. The jihad is basically a reaction to the downfall of the hill, avid and eternally, that is,

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becoming very it has become very common in the Muslim world. So in World War One, the Muslims lost, beloved, Muslim world broke up into a variety of different groups and sects, of sorry, different countries and states. And many of these countries and states have oppressive rulers. As a reaction to these rulers. political activism became more rife amongst the Muslims, who were fighting these rulers. And when these political activists were imprisoned, tortured, executed, assassinated, this pushed people even further, and make people become even more extreme. And that led to the traduce.

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To this contemporary jihadist movement coming about in the 1960s.

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This movement, we can see the modern day coverage, right in the sense that they make the fear of any Muslim that's not part of the group, any Muslim group, they call him a kafir. They have no problem splitting the blood of Muslims, we've seen them forming machines, we've seen them now blowing up places full of Muslims. They do all this in the name of jihad.

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They've essentially taken one part of the elite religion jihad, completely twisted, it's fake, and it's conditions and aqeedah surrounding it, and the only outer portion immediate the entire religion. And

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they've used it as a justification for for for widespread bloodshed and murder. And they really are one of the biggest problems of our time, a lot of young people get caught up in this movement, because of the frustration with the governments in the Muslim world. So it's very important that we understand the roots of this group the deviations, and then be able to explain it to youngsters to protect them from falling into these groups.

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The second type of problem that's popped up in recent times and udv insect is the liberals or the modernists. So this is the opposite extreme. jihad is one extreme of killing Muslims and declaring people compare all of this on the other extreme. We have many Muslims, particularly in the United States of America, but also in other parts of the world as well, who want to reinterpret Islam according to Western values. And so they begin to reject agreed upon parts of the Sharia. Now, this actually started about 200 years ago, with Muhammad Abdul in Egypt, right, he was the most of Egypt that time he can be considered the the father of liberal Islam, right, his ideas lead way to other

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people follow in his footsteps. So deliverables and wardens are people who, for example, are they don't believe that homosexuality is a sin.

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They don't believe that drinking alcohol to sin. They don't believe women need to wear a job. Some of them don't believe you have to pray five times a day, essentially anything that goes against the West's understanding of Islam, they rejected or rather the wish understanding of what's good and evil, they reject it. And he tried to twist this around to suit the western ideology of good and evil. This group is on the on the verge of offering back, some of them a flat out outside the fold of Islam with the stuff they say. So very dangerous movement. And it's become very popular amongst young people in the United States of America.

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other parts of the world because there's a lot of push for this from Western media, they put these people on a pedestal and they keep the platform to speak. And they published a books. And essentially, this is the version of Islam being pushed out by the enemies of Islam. linked to them is the Hadees rejecters. So this rejection,

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essentially, these are Muslims, who believe the Hadees is not important, or this is not authentic and he was just follow the Quran. And also they have their roots in in the teachings of non Muslims essentially was the orientalist who came up with ideas of Heidi's not being preserved, at least not being authentic. And some Muslims bought into the arguments itself, following it. And so now we have amongst young people, nowadays, even just young people you have amongst Muslims who try to form their own understanding of Islam.

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A lot of these rejecters

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a lot of liberals or at least rejected a lot of other people also had these rejected as well. Essentially, once people reject ideas, they could just make up their own understanding of Islam, because three quarters of our faith comes from this.

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The final form of contemporary deviation that has popped up in recent times, this is a major major picnic that's affecting Muslims across the globe, is feminism. Right? So this can be considered part of liberalism, but more specifically focused on issues related to woman. So feminism is the idea that men and women are completely equal and the same in every way, and there should be no such thing as gender roles. Right? At least this is what it's become. I mean, there are other there are other forms of feminism as well, but this is really the one that's been pushed. So feminists, Muslims, for example, don't believe in the traditional husband wife roles that Islam teaches. They don't believe

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in Egypt, they don't believe in prohibition of Xena in the prohibition of lesbianism.

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Again, I'm not generalizing it in many different types of feminists amongst Muslims. I'm talking about tactics being pushed by Western media, right. The ones that's been forced upon people and the ones that love youngsters are buying into feminism has destroyed marriages. If you don't believe me, look at this divorce statistics of today compared to 100 years ago.

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Look at the amount of young people who don't ever want to get married and prefer living a life of scenery today, compared to 100 years ago.

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The Muslim oma has been really really wrecked by this feminist fitna. A lot of people are caught up in it and