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The speakers discuss the importance of focusing on the actual name and not just the concept of the person. They also talk about Jesus's protection and the use of technology to save money and protect wealth. The speakers emphasize the importance of faith in Islam and finding the right person to use in a situation. They also discuss the use of phrases like "has he made it work" and "has he made it work" to describe situations and the importance of finding the right person to use in a situation.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My brothers and sisters, welcome to another session of reflecting on the 99 names or laws or similar hunter Haman hamdulillah alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mine now we've covered up to the names that go up to allele and we're on to the is the name of Alaska allele and I'll Kabir and so on so forth, and hopefully inshallah you're using these names and I'm going to tell you one other way of using these names one of the closest positions we can get to a large region is in our sujood in our frustration to allies on the ground on the floor, I mean suit, I've got my forehead on the ground, my nose on

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the ground, my hand on the ground, my knees on the ground, my my toes, on the ground, and at that moment look the habito Muslim says operable my akun labdoo probably the closest position that a servant of a lack and get get to Allah close position is in sujood now in sudo, you want to use these names and you want to call out his names and say you can just say yeah, Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah in soju you want to say you know yeah, it can be or you know you oh one who is who is great who is who's you know who is so high. So in sudo Do you want to use these names? Yeah, food are one who's off forgiving in sudo Do you want to ask Allah as well because this that's the closest

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position you can get to Allah.

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So that's one other way now. Don't forget you can do a search that on its own. So Rasul Allah has done this as well. But it's in the right where the profit loss formula he just did a search that on its own, and sometimes he lengthen that center, or that prostration to our last region, so you can do the same. And you can call Alaska y'all know with these names, because you're in need of whatever it is that you want from him, may Allah accept this. So anyway, we come to the name Allah Allah and Allah Al Ali is the most high and alchemy is the most Great. Now. Allah azza wa jal you know these names they they show us that what is he What is he high in terms of high in terms of his his, uh,

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his dignity high in terms of, you know, his above the creation, in whatever deficiencies they have. He's way above that he's above any need at all. He doesn't have any needs can be great in the sense that he is greater than everything that is that is there besides Him. Now, these two names are names that we use within our Salah. So Subhana Allah, saying that my lord is the most sublime most glorified is my Lord, the Most High, Allah, Allah, Allah is the most high and in terms of cubbies, the name COVID what we're doing is in the whole of the Salah, if you look at it, we're saying Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah, Allah is the great Allah is greater than Allah hope but actually means a lot is

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greater than and the question is, what is the greater than and you need to feel that other part up with whatever is in your mind and your thoughts. So in my thoughts if I have got like some problem that is Aki, preoccupy me from remembering Allah as well then Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater than the thoughts that I have in my my head, Allah is greater than the problems that I'm thinking of. If you use this principle, you can actually make yourself do your Salah in with more concentration. Because whatever the thing that comes into, your Salah is supposed to thing, Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater than that thing that I'm thinking of Allah is greater than whatever, you no worries I have

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whatever things that I'm in need of even if you're excited, and you're thinking about your excitement in salla, Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater than that excitement because there's nothing that is greater than Allah. So even if you've got something that you really want some that you really looking forward to Allah, but Allah is greater than that because human beings they are testing between either Allah giving a neuroma or a blessing, or you're testing by Allah taken away, and Yama are a blessing he already gave you. This is what Allah will do throughout all our lives, okay? So you're going to have, you know, at certain points of your life, you're going to have

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certain things that I was giving you and those things are not there forever. They're not they're guaranteed forever. It could be anything. It could be your family members, it could be your house, it could be your job, it could be your, your spouse, it could be your health, your wealth, anything. So these are gifts from Alaska. I know planula says again and again that while I'm in Santa, you know if we were to make that

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Human Being tastes this, what would you do? Like if I gave him more mercy at that time? What would you do? Would you start forgetting it because I gave him too much mercy too many gifts. And Allah also says, you know, if I made him taste I think I'll be taking this away from him, what would he do? Right? So this concept tests in those situations, what the, the true servant of Allah does is that he always sees or she always sees Allah as the greatest greater than all of this greater than him giving me blessings greater than him taking away blessings from me. Allah is the Greatest, that's why we say Allahu Akbar Allah is the Greatest the actual translation of this is a light is

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greater than so greater than you know

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rate greater than whatever it is, okay? So in Salah we constantly in a tutor counselor using how many times you know every time we're making a movement we saying Allah How could Why? Because we're supposed to automatically think that you know, whatever situation I'm in now whatever I'm thinking of Allah Israel is greater than that. It helps it helps in salah and generally Allah is Al Kabir he is very great. He is the one that is great and Allah He is the know Allah Allah, he's the he's the highest. So we have these names and then after that allows, his name comes up. I'll have you unmuted Okay, I'll have you let's discuss this name. I'll have you.

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I'll have you is the one that is the Protector. Okay, so Allah Israel is our protector. In fact, Allah has given us each and every one of us an angel that protects us. This is sort of potted in Kumasi lemma Allah has revealed every single human being has one angel that needs protecting them. But you could have more similar to rod says Allahu mokuba to me many they go for Luna Hoon amela there are many you know angels sometimes Allah says to protect human beings from many things that are out there. I mean, imagine singularity think of it we go to sleep and we go to sleep, anything that can anything can crawl into our ears, it can call into our nose or you know, anything will

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happen, but allows me to he predicted in fact, we're asleep and then how do we end up sleeping for six to eight hours and then not have no not waking up with pain? Because during our sleep, Allah says, you know, he protected our limbs by one one level home that the Yemeni whether she might see when they when the people of the cave, they stepped for 300 years in the cave, Allah said I continuously, you know, made them move their limbs, okay, automatically in sleep. But you know, left and right, left and right, left and right. Why because if they didn't move the link limbs, they'll be stiff, though. Even if we don't move a limb throughout the night will be stiff throughout the

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night in the morning wouldn't be able to move. So that's a father so many different ways Allah is protecting us. And that is a heavier one who's protected now, if you want protection anyway, this is the name to read. Okay, I've used this name.

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You know, certain situations, when I see that you don't want there's a bit of danger that I think that might be coming up straightaway. Yeah. Have you? Have you? Yeah, have you have you, you know, Allah who's the who's the great protector, the protector, so you can even reading his name, and you can be protected. I've even used this name where I felt that I could enter a situation where there might be some embarrassment, okay, somebody else is doing something and I might be embarrassed in that situation. I'm thinking, you know, please, you know, we're in a gathering and I'm saying please just don't do that. Don't Don't say that or don't do that. And I'll just be reading to myself and

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just say yeah, have you Yeah, have you ever Yeah, have you been I'll say the name again. Again you know, protect or protect and you know what? Subhanallah you see you see the effects of it that you get saved saved from anything it could be even wealth right you've got welfare and you want you know you got no other way to protect that wealth. You know, sometimes I've traveled and i've you know, sometimes you're traveling you're in the airport you have to go to the toilet to do we'll do you can't take all your belongings with you it just becomes a nightmare. Sometimes about to leave that stuff day in and just quickly go to the toilet just to do will do and so on. Yeah, have you though

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Okay. All

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right. And you decided and then you go you come back and hamdulillah I've never had anything you know, missing I mean these are emergency situations. So

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yeah, have you is one of those names you want to get protection? That's the name you want to be you know reciting. So we've got ally Ali Al Qaeda, Al Haffield then Alamo Kate, okay. Now the now the Islam or the or the name of Allah. Allah which is locate means that he is the one who gives code. Our code in Arabic, both militarily means that Allah gives the the ability or the or the power

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Want to do something so you can you can imagine a look, you've got you've got the central power in your city, and you've got this huge electrical from, you know, a tower that is generating that's got all of this electricity and it's you know giving it to all the residents of that town.

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So through wires and through other means is coming to the houses as he comes into the house each and every you know socket that that's in the house from there, you could actually plug something inside. And you know, you can then charge your battery, you can charge other things, right, you can even charge the generator. So the whole thing is, you know, as many things that you have got that want to be charged that want to be you know, running, even a fridge that is running even, you know, any any of the equipments that you've got electronic equipments that you got, none of that can run without that electricity. So say like this, and look at every single power, that we've got the power to

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speak, the power to eat, the power to think the power to move, the power to move my legs, right? Anything that needs power. This is Elmo kid at work, allows you just the giver of power, gives all of us power to do all these things, power of anything, right? But I want you to immediately think that all these days that I have been able to function the way I functioned, right, I'm able to function that we have functioned. All these days, who gave me that power, it is a law, even now, you're the power for you to listen to me, the power for you to watch me for you to you know, process all that in your mind. And then to take it inside, and then the power for you to take your to take

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my words and probably do some action, and act upon anything I've said is all from advisor, and he's a mukade. And he is that provider of that great power. And so by analyzing you know, the believer, look, one one great chef, you know, said this,

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he said, Look, the believer sees the world in a very different way than to anybody else their true believer. Okay, so we've got many different levels of believers, but the true believer will see the world in a way that nobody else will see it.

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And you see things in a way that people would would, you know, we'll take your question, how can you see like that, but really believe a CD like this, okay. It's a bit like, you know, when you have a genius in mathematics, that they'll see everything in numbers, right? What is the belief to see the world as the believer sees the world as there's one source of everything. And from that one source, everyone is being able to do what they're doing through the through the means of that one source, that one source is allows origin. So for example, the believer goes out there takes a walk, what does it believe, you see, the belief is, is people and the belief says, well, that person is able to

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move because of Allah xuejun

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that that person has whatever the God because of a Masjid, if they have got the brain power is because it allows them they couldn't, their thoughts are at the mercy of Allah. You know, if he wants to change the hearts, he can change the hearts. I didn't have the the Muslim, he says that all the hearts of the children of Adam are between the two fingers of the Most Merciful One. And literally doesn't mean fingers is metaphorical. But anyway, he can change it. He can change hearts however he wants. Right? So these people with, let's say, money, wealth, power status, anyone's got anything, the true believers sees all of it, linked directly to Allah, if Allah wants to learn, cut

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that power off. Like for example, if somebody wanted to cut the power off of their own house, and you go to the main power supply, and you cut the power off, so the whole house now loses electricity, because it's kind of from there, if Allah wants to cut power off of any one individual, or any, you know, family, or any group of people, or a town or a city or whatever, and he wants to cut off the things that is given them he could do any moment he wants. And the true believers sees that all of this power at every single moment is coming to every single person like rain falling from the sky. Like if, for example, the earth needs rain, then it comes. There's no space on the

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earth, of that particular Earth piece of the earth. That rain doesn't touch. When it comes down. It touches everything. So Allah has a power is on every human being in all the different links they have. So whether it's thought side seeing anything hearing, thinking, believing or

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That, when the believer goes out there, he sees that if, for example, some some other person comes in challenges this person, the believer looks at him and knows for sure that every single power that this person has got, who's challenging me, is under the command of Alaska, and Allah can change it anytime he wants. That's belief, that belief of everything when you get to that kind of belief, so that's why Look, look, I want to I want to say to this, we often hear the story about your grandmother, I said, um, he'd be thrown into the fire. And then and then Allah said to the fire, you know, we call for a variable. So we heard the story we hear again, again,

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what made Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam be in the fire and not be worried at all? He wasn't worried at all. What made him be in what? What took him to that level of email, because that is some email to be in the middle of a kind of a hill of firewood, and is in the middle of that. And now they're going to like this, and this thing is going to burn and they just want to see this this man dead, like there's no escape for this man. I really wanted to know, is there and he doesn't have the fear that we would have. He doesn't have that fear.

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And when you realize, you know, before you did you paradise was on king. He said it has no luck when you're unlucky. They said, You know, I realize enough enough for us and is the best one to depend upon.

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And account one ratio, you realize someone comes to you and says, you know, are you are you not going to call your Lord and he says, isn't my lord watching me? And the level of demand now what would make you do that because look, he brian ross Ross are not only human beings, seeing that all of his power is connected to Allah. If Allah wants to take the power away, he can take the power away. He's looking at the fire and thinking oh fire, you know your power is in the hands of Allah. I want alone to change it he changes it.

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And that's exactly what Allah did. hula Yeah, now we said Allah says we said of fire Cooney Baba become cool and become peaceful. For Ibrahim mother masala manana and the fire never burn in the fire was all around him, but the fire became some for that was a source of comfort for him. He actually enjoyed, you know, when you get a nice warm feeling, you know, in the in the morning son or something, he had a warm feeling at that time when the fire was all around him and never burned him. And the level of emotion can go that high that a person sees all of that and things you know, that's, that's a lot of there's power in that thing. And I'm going to turn to a lot to to get that

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thing thing you know, because, of course he said husband, Allah, Allah is enough for us. He wasn't, he was just completely silent. He said husband, Allah, Allah easy enough.

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Now, when Ehrman was in the desert, so he did in one sense, 10, blah, blah, but look at the power of a man in the power of belief that he has, and we believe is we need to think that this is our belief, we need to slowly increase our belief, the extent that we can see the world like this, we can see people we can see the world like this, that nothing should affect me. In that sense. I'm not saying we shouldn't take up the means to try and you know, protect ourselves, yes, we do take the means but if you go into an emergency situation, that our level of emotion can be that high that we can look at these things, and I truly believe that our VA has power in those in those things. So he

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I'm turning to him directly, and he's gonna, he should turn that power off, who is going to do something where that that person can't harm me, or that that thing can harmony. Okay, this is another level of email. But anyway,

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this is an mukade and which is the power of Allah as well isn't everything. And the believer truly sees it like that. And this is Guys, look, this is true. arcada you know, certain people have turned it down to just knowing just the, you know, certain things that are there. Yes, we need to have certain information that is true. But real accurate is with belief, which is that you manifest these things in your real life. And that these names that we're doing, we see the world in a different way that is real archy that we see everything around us that it is all under the power of luck. Everything around us is the under the power of Allah is at the mercy of Allah, it can be changed by

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Allah anytime. any situation you're in the real arkadia is that you know what my situation can be changing but Allah, I've got to have faith in Allah, that's real aqidah whether it changes or not, my faith is there and it's not going to be affected because sometimes a lot doesn't say you know, change my situation because he wants to give you something something better or you want to direct me to something better anyway. And Allah you'll carry a heavy almo kit and the next one we come to is Alessi. So, Allah Hasib is you know one name one meaning about hustling we just covered in the story we drive on Isola, which is he is enough

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Light is enough if you turn to Allah if you've got a light then he is enough. The other meaning of Allah has seen that we have is that Allah is the one to take people or genes to account. Okay? So one meaning of haseen that is to actually take account on the Day of Judgment. Hassan Hassan Allah is going to take the quickest account okay the quickest account anyone can think of Allah is going to take that in a very quick amount of time because Allah doesn't have to see everybody one by one. Okay, think about it. A lot of them have to see everyone one by one he can see hundreds and 1000s of millions at the same time. Right in their own way. So for example, when the hisab or the or the

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judgment is happening on their judgment imagine the people of the time have no Halesowen they could have one person at a time All right. But people in the time of East LA Salaam could have one one at a time and we will add how nice timer musasa Masada there could be one at a time and the people in our time could argue one time because we're all you know together in one time and we probably were you know interaction with one another he could do that he could take it so many you know different parts of time. He could take it one at a time and like that Allah is going to be us Raul you know, his Astra Allah has is the is the quickest astrologer has been he's the quickest in terms of taking

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account right but the one name that we've got is the with with with haseen look husband on the other I said is a very powerful

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Rasulullah sallallahu said that at the when he lost in a hood okay the next day Rasulullah sallallahu with the Sahaba they said hospital Allah who will never look here Allah is enough for us and is the best to depend upon this these these sort of phrases that to call don't take them as old they just phrases they have serious power. I'm telling you they have serious power, but where does the power come from? That's the big question because you know has been a lot when you're looking This person says it Okay, it might work for him that person says he doesn't work for me doesn't work for me. It doesn't work for some so that it works for someone so it works occasionally for someone

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so but that person it always works for him.

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Where does the power come from? The power My friend is in your heart.

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The power is in your heart. The words are on your tongue has been Allahu Allah suffices us whenever lucky and he's the best to depend upon these words came out of your mouth, they're on your tongue. Now to put power into that is now your belief How much do you believe in that? That a light is enough? And that is the best to depend on upon and that you depending upon him and that you make in him the focus of the one to sort out your problems. I know how much of your faith are you putting into that when you sing it? This is this is the this is the crux of everything. This is where you find out who's who. Because the real people the real believers, okay? When they say husband Allah

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whenever lucky or when they use these phrases, they put so much faith into it that Allah makes it work for them it's about our faith now put more faith into believing it make the mindset that yes, Allah is enough for me and I am depending upon him and I'm turning to him and I know people who have used this okay and Allah has given them immediate results you could be in a situation I'm sure people out there who are in a situation where you've got troubles and you're facing your own troubles okay. has been a lot when you're on working is a very strong, strong thing to use. Okay. You can say yeah, has he has he has he as well but just to say husband Allah who never Loki is very

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strong. Why? Because it's inhabitable Hollywood philosophers who said in the Sahaba said that no props was used it after all heard and they won the next battle the next day even with all the wounds and resume was lost and said Allah ha Ibrahim Hassan

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Hina okay now Oh, come on, I said.

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This was Lawson said that evangelism said it as soon as he was useful five he said these this phrase and this phrase was given to us in the Quran. Why? So that we can use it for our own situation. You're in a deep situation whoever you are, you want to find a solution or this is the phrase that you use, or simply call on to Allah has said we are hustling Are you you're enough. You're enough now believe in it and say you're enough and turn to Allah and inshallah with Allah, He will be enough for you.

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will come to also with a career a heavy Elmo kid and Hasib a jelly

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jelly. Now this this name and

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It is to do with Allah being majestic. Allah xuejun being majestic. And notice when I say Allah azza wa jal as I keep on saying this Allah xuejun as, as the means he is most honored and exalted and gentler means that he is majestic. So Allah is you know, I'm saying that phrase I hope you understand it. Now, Allah is very majestic in this sense that he is way above any deficiencies that are there and he has this majestic you know, all these qualities if at all his qualities are majestic, they are of a very very high nature. And

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when we turn to Allah azza wa jal with the name jelly we what we wanted to be that's the hussy with jelly okay last name the beginning of a majestic nature.

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We want to feel that Allah azza wa jal can can literally change me see there are certain names that when you call on to you look at the opposite of that. So for example when I say yeah, could do so Allah is so you know, sublime, so glorious, I look at the opposite which are not like that, but I want Allah as the produce or the one that is so super in his in his, you know, glorious nature that he should cleanse myself I'm pure purify me is produced is to do with purity. The same way Ally's majestic, and what I want is from his majestic qualities to bless me to bless me and I said so you got these these names that are that we are using and these names, we can use them in look in any

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situation you're in, find the appropriate name, and you use that that name for that situation. So Allah Ali Al Kebede a harfield, ultrabeat and Hasib a jelly. Okay, now, I want to share with you something, okay, I just want to share with you something, please stay tuned. What I want to say to you brothers and sisters is look,

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we, we can do our actions in in just one moment. If you want. You can do whatever actions you want in one moment. But doing actions for last year on a regular basis, on a regular basis, even if it's small, has a different effect. These names that we're covering, I don't want you to just suddenly you know get up in Okay, one day I'm just going to get all excited. I'm gonna use all the 99 names I'm gonna say yeah, Allah Yo man, yo Rahim, your medical your produce your Salah.

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Look, I'm gonna, I'm gonna use all the names in one goal. And that's it and then and then I said, I'm not gonna use these names again for another six days, right? That's not what I love, prefer a lot prefers even if you use some of these names, but use them every day. Okay, the Hadith in

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Sahih Muslim says

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it says that Hubble Armory in a lie. The most beloved of all actions to Allah are those things that we do on a regular basis, even though the actions may be little. So the same thing I want to say to you right now, look, we can give we can give

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sadaqa we can give sadaqa on one goal, but we can give also small amounts on a regular basis. What you have got as an opportunity right now is for the dress of Ramadan, to give your donations on a regular basis by clicking on the link that comes with this description or you can see it on this on the screen there. Go there look just set up whatever man you want. You're going to do regularly until the end of Ramadan. And Allah loves this more than for you to give one big amount of one amount just just give it to Allah loves it that it comes regularly. So now look every day in Ramadan, you've got an opportunity to give some high especially for the last 10 days and you can

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increase it to whatever you want in the last 10 days. You've got this link right now you've got to in the description. I want every person just to go in click this for you. I'm saying my friend you're going to get close to a lot less than I love you actions because you're doing your regularly May Allah give me May Allah give you to feel to use his names regularly to do our actions regularly. And the circumstance right now please click right now and choose whatever option you want. It's for you. It's your athlete. You can even choose a pound if you want a day. You can do five pound for pound whatever you want to do. Just click the link. Choose the amount and for the rest of Ramadan

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make it amount that regular

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No new hot Ally's loving this action Zach behind Santa Monica Mara to lie overhead