Yahya Ibrahim – Soul Searching #03 – Purification of the Soul

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The "haste of the soul" and "haste of the heart" can lead to enlightenment, and practice and practice can avoid becoming a danger. The importance of cleanliness and practice to avoid becoming a danger is emphasized, as well as the need for guidance and practice to avoid becoming a danger. The "haste of the soul" and "haste of the heart" are important in achieving enlightenment, and practicing and practice can avoid becoming a danger. The "haste of the soul" and "haste of the heart" are important in achieving enlightenment, and practicing and practice can avoid becoming a danger. The "haste of the soul" and "haste of the heart" are important in achieving enlightenment, and practicing and practice can avoid becoming a danger. The "haste of the soul" and "haste of the heart" are important in achieving enlightenment, and practicing and practice can avoid becoming
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Along with Taco Bell Medellin, Colombia Rob Bellamy All right, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. email him deli lahainaluna stain on istockphoto When are we learning surely I'm fusina I will see you Dr. Molina mahila who Fela mobile Allahumma UPL Fahad the Ala Wai shadow Allah Illa illa Allah wa Who? Cherie Keller why shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah he was solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was happy he will sell him to Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina what Habibi now whenever you know Mohammed in Fela welline was all he was selling mosey guava alesina whenever you know Mohammed infil afreen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala

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Sayidina whenever you know Mohammed in film Allah Allah Allah. Yeah, our hammer Rahim Allah Allah Namah Hindi amin Al Quran and alim with a kidnapping whom and who Sina Allah Hama felina, the novena were kept from NASA Yeah, Tina, what our fener man abrar Allah, Allah Tina, and I tend to Allah rusu, la, la ilaha illa and some Hannukah in the contouring of body mean, it's an honor and a pleasure Alhamdulillah continue with soul searching. And this is the third installment the third section we're going to be speaking about the test skia the purification, the cleansing, the rectification, the improving of a neffs of our inner soul. And just a little bit of a recap. In the

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previous two weeks, we kind of got to know a little bit about our Islamic understanding of what are the components of a human being. And we said that we're a physical reality. We're an intellectual rational being but we're also a spirit and a soul. And we said that the soul is resides in what is referred to proverbially as the heart and the soul takes on two particular forms. There is a rule, which is an elevated, consecrated honored state, the way it was created by Allah subhana wa to honor that your soul is beyond that degradation and the sinfulness that emotions and the cravings of that which is haraam in comparison to a neffs, which is lowly and egotistical. And craving and seeking of

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that which it knows deep down will not fulfill it, but it has become drowned in the deceptions that surround it and that can be increased upon it, by the shape on, it becomes important for you and I of course to then combat the sinful impulses that abound within our lives, that try to bring us away from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and make us from those who are seeking the base desires of the dunya at the expense of what it is that we can attain in the coming in the coming days, years of our future and into the next life. May Allah grant us its protection Allahumma Amin. So we're continuing and hamdulillah with the third installment now we're going to begin speaking about cleansing the

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soul, which means that we are of those who are initially admitting that as human beings we find fault and folly within ourself, we have a state of knowledge and understanding that there are things that we will do that will move us off the path that require a tough sphere, and that Ischia and I want to speak about those two words, which are interchangeable at tests via the cleansing or test Ischia, which is a purification both of them are important standards that you and I seek to continuously regularly practice. The prophets I send them says in the authentic hadith,

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that telephone at attack daddy food you set yourself alight, meaning the things of your life are going to put you in a place where Hellfire will be your residence, film, metal saloon, fire Buddha uncom then you fulfill your prayer, your federal prayer, and that which you have done that which was displeasing to Allah cools off you and becomes something that is forgiven for you by Allah filma that that hoonah tariku and then you begin to live in agitated life, and you begin to inflame yourself once again, through metal saloon and then you pray towards Allah Subhana Allah to Allah seeking His mercy and bounty and forgiveness to Buddha uncle and you call yourselves down. That very

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concept of knowing that we are putting ourselves in danger and needing to come back from the brink and from the edge of the cliff becomes the key to salvation. It is toss fear, to cleanse away, remove away or take apart that will

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We know needs to be removed. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam endured various levels of tests via and teskey. We know with authentic hadith, that before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ascended to Surat, El Mirage before the nine journey and then ascending into the heavens, by the divine order and will and power of Allah in the means that Allah knows that we are unable to comprehend as it is a matter of the unseen. We believe that in the Hadith gibreel open the chest of the prophets, I sell them and remove the dark spot. So there's this tough sphere cleansing, there was a dark spot that was removed. Allah tells us about these dark spots and sort of tomato food,

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mobile phone photography, excuse me, Kela Bell, Ron Allah Palooza him, in fact, there is a rusting and there is a corrosion that envelops the heart. The prophets I sell them says in the hadith of Lima Muslim, that whenever I've never been a human being commits a mistake that their heart has knocked out so that a dark spot that covers it. And as the dark spots begin, it begins to increase it and make it hard so that the light of faith cannot penetrate it. All of these are things that we kind of spoke about in the previous two sessions. And if you haven't heard them, go back and listen to session one and session two insha Allah. Our aim today is to speak about the importance of the

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tel sphere, the test skier, the cleansing and the removal of obstacles that can keep us away from gaining enlightenment and he Daya all of us we ask in our very first door I have dinner a sirata must Allah guide us. So why do we find if we are making these drops 17 times a day in our prayer that guidance at times does not arrive or we assume does not arrive. It's either we're not worthy of Allah increasing us in guidance which is found in a mysterious area in the Quran. When levina tetto those who follow the guidance they already have zinna home I increase them in guidance. And therefore when your heart turns away from Allah, Allah turns your heart away from him. I'll repeat

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that. When your heart does not seek Allah does not seek Hillel does not seek what's right does not crave the sooner when your heart is distracted with and how can we avoid the amassing of Fortune amassing of things that are distracting you from your very essential nature of showing Allah God all our Lord Almighty that you are his servant, you are his slave, that you you have made him the king whose law you follow. And the Lord who you adore and worship in life when your heart has lost that focus. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah then sort of Allah who Luba home turns their hearts May Allah not turn our heart away from him the Hadith of the prophets I seldom used to make this regularly.

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yarmulke level pollun yam what's up beetle? kulu Oh Allah who makes hearts firm? Oh Allah who turns hearts? femme bit calbee Allah Dini, make my heart firm upon your path upon your way upon your faith in you Oh Allah subhanahu wa to Allah.

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Therefore, we must understand that there is a requisite cleansing and Ischia. You know, sometimes when you're at home and you think everything kind of, I'll speak for myself, alright, I'm not going to put you into it. You know, sometimes Allah sometimes I'll cook in the kitchen, and my wife and I think I've cleaned up, like I've cooked, and I've wiped down the place I've cleaned out, I think I've done I thought it's clean. And then my wife comes home and she goes, Yeah, why is the place so dirty? And it's just kind of Allah where's the I don't see anything. And then she goes, Well, here and here and here and here. And this is and then when it's pointed out my heart, then recognize that

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my eyes recognize that I become more attuned to it. And one of the greatest dangers in life is that you have messed up your kitchen but you just have don't know that it can be cleaner than what you assume it is. And therefore procrastination and assuming life is as good as it gets. My Eman is as good as it can be. My Salah is as best as it can come. my reading of the Quran can be improved my relationship with Allah through the relationship I have with others. It is what it is, this is the best I can do. And I'm just gonna stagnate and remain in it. That is the first moment you need to wake up and I

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Understand that there is a concept that we have called Pesci, which is to clean and to purify from that which is necessary to be cleaned, even if one is unaware, the word desica in particular, it's referring to that the deep cleaning, not the surface cleaning. So it's the cleaning that Mashallah my wife can do to the kitchen, that me as a husband fails to do at times until I'm actually instructed in in the way that it should be. SubhanAllah

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and I want that to be kind of something that you kind of think about that there are different levels to clean different levels to pure different levels, to Emad different levels to assign different levels to Islam and our man our deeds within it. One of the clear words is the word zecca. Of course, it comes very sounds, sounds very familiar to Ted Ischia. Zika, of course, is the purification of our wealth, by sharing a section of it that doesn't belong to us, that is withheld by us on behalf of a law to be delivered to those who are law said it belongs to. And that's a powerful thing somehow, like you earn the money, but it's not yours. Why because there are certain

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indulgences and excesses you had in earning that income, that may make part of it really not yours, not earned in the purest sense. And therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala and his immense love for us cleanses us hookman and worldly him saw the potential dahiru take from their wealth that which will purify them Subhana Allah.

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So we said that Ischia is meant to be a cleansing and a purification, but what it results in is an increase. And the second meaning of the word zecca means it means an increase and rebirth. And, you know, as zyada, an addition and a compounding to what you had. So when Allah asks us to give the cap, it is seen outwardly that we are losing money. But in fact, if you look with your soul, it will put blessing in what remains that it lasts more than what was taken. So kind of a lot. There were days in my life, where I was able to live off $100 for a month, you know, when I traveled to, to study, and you know, I'd be, you know, there were moments I remember this clearly, I traveled to

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Medina and mecca for oma and for $100 that I traveled for a number of days from place to place. And a lot put Baraka in something small, that I had, that had I had more may have distracted me from the purpose of the knowledge that I was seeking, or that a bad day that I was there to perform. And therefore I want you to put that in your mind that deprivation loss giving away from is not actually the same in the spiritual context. And therefore when you cleanse your soul, you're actually strengthening your soul, purifying your soul, enriching your soul, and providing in it vigor, health and strength. When Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded,

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that we make the other than at the time, your asala to how you

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sleep is better for your body is better for your mind. It's better for the day's work you're about to perform, it's better for your email, it's better for your deeds to be elevated and accepted, it's better for your dog that will come to be answered. It's better in 1000 ways other than the one where you sleep a little bit longer and feel what you think mistakenly is rest but actually took away from your strength. So Pamela, the Hadith of the Prophet, Solomon Bukhari and Muslim where he says, that when a person wakes up and they make these three actions is they call that that Corolla they immediately made mention of Allah and hamdulillah 100 lay lady here now for example, that adema

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emmerton at what you need him to show you remembered Allah. Number two, total harvest so that you purify yourself you make your evolutions your will do. Number three Salah that you make your prayer you pray to your phage you gain the strength of a stallion, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, unlike if you remain the sleep seeking the comfort that was in your bed, I'll Salah hydrometeor now, so outwardly, it's strange people will say, you know you're waking up at 430 in

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The morning to pray and then try to get a couple of hours more sleep before work, that can't be good that can't be good for your productivity Subhanallah it is it's the opposite, because we are believers in a metaphysical presence, that the actions of our spirit can influence our physical strength and opportunities that are gained there in insha Allah so that teskey to nefs is a cleansing but it's also an increase, increase in your health, increase in your site, increase in your wealth, increase in your prosperity, increase in your relationships, what good is having a good sleep and a good rest. But when I wake up, I'm angry with my spouse. And we're hostile to each other

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because there's no Baraka in our home. What rest is there in that regard? Subhan Allah, may Allah subhana wa tada fix what is between us because we fixed what is between us and him. Jell O Allah to Ischia, de Ischia to nefs the purification of the inner soul. Now there's a photo the aspect of it photo is a compulsory aspect that all of us must perform, and that is to enter into an Islam and to avoid the sins that are mentioned within our Deen as much as we can to remove them from our character so that we are not held in our lowly light in society. And before our Creator, Allah subhanho wa Tada. So one group of scholars they have said that Ischia to nefs is far too I mean,

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it's compulsory, you must know what are the things that are derogatory that injure your soul that let make you lose disrepute that are harmful for your character, so that you cleanse them so that you are in good standing in front of Allah, others they said it is followed keep it up, that it is a obligation to know as much of these sinful things as we know and as we can, so that we cleanse them from a heart as much as possible, and that we seek from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah strength in the things that we are unaware of. All of us agree that it becomes an individual obligation to learn about the things that will bring us to humiliation, I want to say this, and I hope it's understood

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inshallah, most of the humiliation that a person endures in life is self inflicted Subhanallah What do you mean self inflicted, you've done something that has resulted in that humiliation being fitting for you. And this is even for the scholars of Islam. One of the most profound statements is the statement of Sophia and authority or amateur lyerly. So vianna theory is one of the seven tabea in there were seven scholars from the students of the Sahaba, who were noted for their scholarship for their piety for their love everything about that he's one of the seven. Some say he is the Emir of the seven.

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So Fianna 30, as he exited the masjid One day,

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a man of low status, not a scholar, not a student of not just, you know, a commoner who wasn't known for anything significant setback, who began to curse him and abuse him with choice words of ridicule and condemnation. The students hundreds around, so if you had authority, they step forward and say, Hey, don't you know who this is? You must be mistaken. This is the great Imam Sophia and Sophia and immediately silenced them, and said, Be quiet.

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Do not make mention of

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shutting them down or asking them to be quiet. Let him continue. And the men increased in some of you know the words that he said. And then Sophia and Raja Rahmatullah Allah. He says, I know the mistake.

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I know the mistake that was said, by me, or the error that I did in my personal private life that caused that caused this to happen to me today. And that this is something that I asked a lot to make a purification of that error of the past that I had forgotten up until this moment. So Pamela, what a beautiful way to look at some of the experiences that we have in life. And you might even see some of the comments here where you'll find some people who at times in, in their zealousness

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for correcting or for sharing information, they fail to understand themselves that it is better as our older man say, to Alan cobbler and data read, learn a little bit before you seek to put forward contradictions. A couple of days ago, there was a brother I

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I had put a photo of, you know, the body health challenge on my social media and I was on a rowing machine. And one brother was quite vicious Subhan Allah

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and said, I can see your knee. And I thought okay, Mashallah, I'm glad you focused on the knee part.

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That's how I would write and this and that. And of course, our dear brother, who may Allah Subhana, Allah increase him in good increase him in his love, wanting to correct I guess, forgot to actually learn first that most of the Imams do not actually consider for the men that knee as being part of the hour. In fact, what they see is that it's between the navel and the knee, and doesn't actually include the knee in and of itself. And that's actually the minority view amongst their older man. But there is this presence at times, where you find that the correction that comes is a good thing. It's even if the person is wrong and how they do it, or why they do it, or for whatever reason they

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do it for their own, you know, sake or their own glory, just al-mulla head. But what it does is that it humbles the individual who's receiving it. And that becomes an important aspect of how we look at the Ischia that every opportunity that we receive in life every encounter that occurs in life, whether you're getting stuck at a red light after red light after red light, I remember I was a translator for my chef, may Allah have mercy upon a chef, Mohammed safwat nota de and as for Allah hula or Gemma Anna BTV, jannetty name Mandela, you know, so the Athena was Shahada, it will slowly feed what hacer una una ecography ha Olam, Angela upgraded Leah our norwin foods Hatter was so rude.

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Jazz he will certainly Santa, whether Joe was on the sejati or hamara Hemi for Allah who Lana weather who will examine it early Jamil muslimeen. Yeah, I'll hammer I mean, I will share I was sitting next to him and we were in New York City.

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And there was a brother who was driving us to the venue where he was going to give a talk and I would be translator. And so Pamela we were a little bit late. And every light that we will get to was a red light. And the chef turned to me and he said yeah, hey, Yanni, Mr. Rila. How about we ask Allah subhanaw taala forgiveness since beginner stuff, bla bla bla, bla, you took three, this is exactly how we said it, that Allah May undo the path and the hindrances in front of us. And in my hearts of handla, there were, you know, I was maybe 1718. At the time, my heart began, you know, saying, does he think I was like, did something wrong? Or is it like is he trying to, and he turned

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to me, he goes a little lost out for a lot of stuff for a while the Mullah de la ilaha illa, who will heal for you want to lay stop for a while all the malaria. So I began to say, red light, red light, red light. And then he says, Only the hoonah tell our brother, the driver who didn't speak Arabic, tell him to join us with his defile. And the brother turned he goes, No, no, what light shift I have will do. I remember the brother I have, although I didn't do anything wrong. And the journalist said no, no, just make it. Maybe Allah will open the path and so panela Green, green, green green thereafter. And, you know, the chef, he turned to me goes, I love forgave my sins, it

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says polite way of saying, I wasn't accusing you of anything or the brother of anything, but this is how we look at the world. Right? The Sahaba. They used to say, I know if I have erred between myself and Allah, when my animal troubles me, in my writing with it, so you know, they used to have a camel, sometimes the camel or a donkey or horse, they get stubborn. So the Sahaba they would say, when I saw my horse, get stubborn with me, my camel get stubborn with me, I would begin in the fall and say, I must have done something wrong, that has resulted in this occurring, they would hold themselves accountable in that sense. So the remedies of course, is that we need to identify some of

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the things that we need to purify out of our life that at times we have allowed to creep in unnecessarily.

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And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. You know, he taught us of course, the importance of the the process of Ischia. The intent to seek to purify which is the aim of my discussion we'll talk about the techniques in the coming in the coming days, but that we know that we need to purify our existence, purify our homes, purify our habits, purify our intentions, purify our advice that we give for each other, purify the recommendations purify how we receive advice, how we receive condemnation.

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How we are silent when we are in a place where we don't have something good that can be said or shared with others. All of those are things that are a part and parcel of that Ischia, which Allah has made a vow about in the Quran in sort of a Shamsi. Although Haha, called the F lammens, aka, Allah Subhana. Allah says, indeed, the one who will succeed is the one who seeks to purify their soul is always looking for improvement. And that's the way I like to frame it, that you're a proactive fixer. You're trying to fix the things that are there that you know need to be fixed before they become bigger, bigger problems, you want to catch it before it becomes something major.

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know for a fact that none of us will enter Jenna until our heart is selling. And until that we remove from our souls the agitation Mullah says when Xanana fucile do remain real. I will remove malice and anger and hatred from their heart, if one and that they become brother and brotherhood of humanity. In general Fidelis, Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah nazjatar

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men hoffa, now karma be what I had nafsa Anil Hauer, final Janata heel. And as for those who are fearing of their Lord, fearing the meeting and standing in front of them fearing the magnificence of Allah, and they restrain themselves, they hold their souls to account, pain nanogen netta, he'll met where then paradise definitely will become their home and abode. Now Allah Subhana Allah tells us in the numerous relationships, in that art studied by us in the Quran, of those who let their relationships come to ruin, on account of them not restraining themselves from that which was indecent, and that which was held on May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah protect us from this Allahumma

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mean, we should be regular in our drop in understanding that with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah alone, his success, salvation, happiness and contentment. Those who are listening, live at Yahoo Brahim comm forward slash live, you are able and chat a lot to send a group messages to each other. You're also able to send me questions that will pop up on my screen, that I'll be able to look through an answer in sha Allah, some of the questions that have already come in.

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How do we stop overthinking about our state of Ischia? For some of us? The problem is we're always self critical or too self critical. That's an important question. I want you to know that there are two answers that I need to give here. One answer is a clinical mental health answer, where I say that as Muslims, at times we assume something is simply West West, you know, the shaitan kind of putting things in our heart making us overthink our will do and so on. And it's not West WESA rather it is an obsessive compulsive disorder. It is something that is very treatable if a person intervenes early. If a person seeks clarity seeks to learn techniques to be able to rein that in and

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to gain counseling and clinical clinician help, it is something that is important for them to do. So I'm not going to offer you a spiritual cure for something that is a physical ailment. Then there's another type, which is a spiritual West WESA where it's not a complete obsessive compulsive disorder. Rather, it is somebody who has become too self critical. And I want you to know that the prophets I send them would say how when I leak NF sec, take Liberty with yourself more than you are taking self critique. Don't be too hard on yourself in a measure that was not meant to you measuring your scales when the best way for you to do those become more and more acquainted with the laws of

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Allah with that which is Hillel. And that would just have to study the map posit the aims of our study, and to understand the mechanisms of school, how things are put together for us to understand our issues. For example, I had one brother I saw him saying to another Muslim brother, who was left handed, right, the Muslim brother was left handed and he ate something with his left hand and brother next to him

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I think it's haram to eat with your left hand. Now, none of the Imams of Atlas sooner have said that it is her arm to eat with the left hand, unless the person doing that is doing so, with the intent of defying the Sunnah of the prophet Isaiah. Rather, it is seen as a mcru. Or it is hot on Lehigh IE, something that can lead to harm, if you are following the Hanafi school, but it is not Haram in its essence and the words of the prophets of Allah, it was a limb of highly discouraging us and of saying, Do not eat with your left hand. It is a self purification and protection for us. But there is no listed punishment for eating with the left hand the punishment that is assigned the

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disobedience in it is that you know, the prophet said to eat with the right and you say, I don't care. I'm going to do what I want to do. So the brother who was eating with his left, he said, I haven't yet learned how to eat this food with my right hand, and I'm gonna spill it everywhere my brother, so make dua to Allah for me, the other one still said, No, it's how long it's better for you not to eat Subhana Allah.

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That mentality is one that is of greater harm, greater illness, greater sin, then for the person to have eaten with his left hand with the excuse that he had, I want you to pay attention to the importance of us being careful with being a little bit too obsessive in trying to follow the sunette in a way that Miss guides us from the sooner that leads us off the path of righteousness. May Allah protect us from this era.

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Why did the prophets heart need purification because he's a human being. And every human being has the capacity to make mistake. The mistake of the prophets I send them in the prophets of Allah are not our mistakes. the mistakes of the prophets of Allah is that they wanted to do something good before it was asked of them. So they were too earnest, like Moosa attaining to the Mount of Sinai without his people, he hurried before them, ideally to La karabi later I came, so that you will be happy, Allah it have been threatened. Now follow go back, because your people have been tested. And now they've been led astray. So behind Allah. So all of the prophets of Allah would make us default

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and ask Allah for forgiveness. The mistake of the Prophet of Allah SLM is that there were moments in his life where he was not in the mention of Allah, his whole life was an act of worship, but there were moments where he would pause. So one of the reasons when we come out of the bathroom we say a style Villa style Villa style Villa is because in the bathroom, you're not supposed to speak, you're not supposed to make mention of Allah Subhana Allah or make mention

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of the words of Allah. And because the Prophet was always consumed with the vicar of Allah when he was in that state, and he hadn't mentioned Allah The first thing that he would say thereafter was stuck for Allah I asked you Yeah, Allah for forgiveness. How?

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How do we notice the importance of Ischia in one day more than another or to perform teskey in one reason for more than another? This is something that you need to become more aware of the processes of teskey are that they are an unending process, you will need to cleanse yourself and to keep this in your mind for the rest of your life in a way that is positive. And that leads you to doing more good rather than just staying away from wrong. Most people the failure in their process of Ischia. They think it assumes I have to stop bad things. No, it is you have to increase good things that will help you to stay away from the bad things May Allah increase us in our MLS salia the final

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question in chat Allah as I don't like to go past 30 or 40 minutes for these sessions.

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Should we then assume that anything that bad happens in our day to day life, that it is because we are mindless of Allah or we have seen the great imams of Yannick Marina Rahmatullah la the great amount of Hadith? He is of the tabular in the students of the Sahaba would say, Isla Vina Covina la Yes, la Hilah Homer, Bina Covina nurse. If you fix what is between you and Allah, Allah will fix what is between you and others. And he says us Let him be NACA fee us less ciroc. Yes, the hella who Allah neotec fix your private life with Allah. Allah will fix your public image in your persona. And therefore it's important for us to consider that there are things

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We do in our life that do bring us to disrepute and bring us to humiliation. In the same way there are good things we do in our life that bring us protection and honor us from humiliation. May Allah give us the balance between the two Allahumma amin, Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah, I pray is Generous and Merciful to you and I and then He grants as good in this life and in the next also Lila Hama wasallam was it robotic is Aegina whenever you know heavy now Mohammed Salah Allah How do you sell them? wherever that awareness and in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Subhana Allah Aloma vmdk Shadwell Illa Allah and as Africa to like, with Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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