Life Is A Test

Ismail Kamdar


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So in the previous video, we spoke about how life is a test. And I'll soon expand upon this to help us understand this a bit better and to help us make sure that the test of life don't affect our confidence. Why should we handle what Allah has promised us in the Quran that he is going to test us? Right? In surah, uncoupled, Allah says, Does mankind think they will be left alone of one thing we believe and that they won't be tested? So a rhetorical question it means, of course, a way to test you. Right in Surah Baqarah, Allah says, I will definitely definitely test you. Right. If we look at the Arabic religions will another one now, the Lamb at the beginning means definitely and

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the noon at the end means definitely double definitely, I will definitely, definitely test you with fear and hunger and loss of life and loss of wealth and loss of profits. I was promising us that in our lives, we're going to be scared, we're going to be hungry, we are going to lose loved ones, we are going to lose money, we our efforts might get wasted. This is a promise of Allah. And Allah says give good news to those who have struggled those who are perseverant, and persistent and resilient and patient when these things happen. So as a believer, the test of life should not affect our confidence. Right? When we face fear, Allah promised us that was going to happen when we face loss

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of wealth. Allah promised us that was going to happen when we face a loss of efforts meaning we worked hard at something and he didn't go our way we didn't get what we wanted from it. Allah promised us that's going to happen. Instead of losing confidence instead of losing hope, instead feeling despondent, we focus on doing what Allah told us to do in that situation, which is to say in Allah, He will entirely Rajan, we all belong to Allah and to Him we will return anyway. And to be patient and persevere and to keep focusing on working hard and trying to achieve our goals. And so a believer faces life with sub upward patients, a believer knows things aren't always gonna go my way.

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When they go my way allege testing me with success, and I need to make sugar. I need to use this good in a way that that is pleasing. Allah subhanho wa Taala when things don't go my way, then I need to have sobor I need to be persistent. I need to work hard. I need to seek Allah's help. Along with helping after that. Either way, life's a test or less promise to test us. So why should we allow tests to make us lose confidence? This isn't something personal, it's just part of this world is part of life. It's part of being in this dunya it's something we should expect. It's something we should prepare for. And it's something that we should not allow to affect our confidence.