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Talking shop mark for those of you watching on my social media

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I said I'm wanting

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to welcome back it's your brother. Yeah Hey Brahim. Once again I'm joining you from my home here in Perth, Western Australia, in to your homes and your screens in different parts of the world may Allah Subhana Allah continue to facilitate the good of Islam channel UK for providing this important service especially in these days of Hajj a lot of them I mean, I know many of us have been accustomed to watching Islam channel during the Hajj season, you can see the hijab performing their Hajj. I remember two years ago I was interviewed from the top of a building with a cabo was behind us as, as we were answering questions and so on doing what we're doing now, I pray that Allah

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subhanaw taala gives us that opportunity. Once again, Allah mean that we can watch the throngs of that would judge up close and be a part of that journey ourselves, you and I the evening law data, we began speaking and this is our second session now about Ibrahim alayhis. Salaam, and about lessons that we can learn we said first that we can learn about the importance of embracing ourselves as a nation at times where we are a minority and we are not a large grouping of people who have a lot of political or economic or socio

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geographic power or even military power. But being a minority was not ever something that was troublesome for those who had a belief in a commitment to Allah. The second important characteristic that I want to highlight before we take our break for the intermission for solo to do in Mecca, mocha Roma, and in fact for Sonata method appear for me in Perth in Western Australia, in short line about seven minutes but you've been learning to Allah.

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And the second important point that we can learn from Ibrahim is to love Allah completely love God, absolutely. Be conscious of that love, be intentional, that love be purposeful in that love, and have a commitment that goes beyond just doing the normal routines that are asked of us by our faith. And Allah speaks about Ibrahim in the fourth chapter of the Quran. I'm sort of convinced that verse 125, Allah Subhana, which Allah says, with death of Allah, Who Ibrahima Leela God Allah chose and took allowed Ibrahim to to become hallein. Now the word haniel is usually translated from the English into the English language to mean as a friend but in fact, an Arabic could come from a

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lender or define lella for something to add for that deeper meaning for something to intermingle. So what is it that's intermingle? Well, what it means is that the love of a love was so powerful in the heart of Ibrahim, that it saturated him, the best way to describe definied is saturation, that Ibrahim was so in love with the love that he overflowed with his love for his creator and his maker, with loving him, fearing him and hoping in his mercy, some kind of honor. There's a narration that's found in all of the books of Tafseer about the incident where Ibrahim was being thrown in the fire by his people for having believed in God and rejected their, their idols. And the narration.

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Although it's not established in a hadith or a chain of narration back to the prophets, I seldom, it's found in many of the books of heavy, many of the books of Tafseer that as Ibrahim was being entered into the fire, the Angel gibreel asks him, what can I do to help you and Ibrahim alayhis salam says, if it is from you, nothing for all I need is a lot to have a voice to Allah. Now that's a deep love. That's a deep commitment to a law that's a deep sense of serenity and peace without one has with a loss of kinda want to add up. And in fact, the word has to be a law who, whenever men were killed, is the word that was spoken by a lot has to be Allah, Allah suffices me when the family

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were killed, and how good is Allah as my protector, my advocate, my friend, my assistant my

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support in any time in any difficulty and that

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Word has to be Allah when admin wiki is the same word spoken by the prophet but I'm mental the law it was set up in the most difficult moments in the Battle of L 100. In the Battle of the prophets, I send them in the difficulties that he would experiencing would be commemorating and reminding ourselves as an old man of the moment of weakness or the Brahim and the Savior that comes with that word that has been out there or they might call it the husband. Where you say has to be Allah. Allah suffices. Allah is enough for me I don't need anyone else has to be a lot when they haven't been lucky and how good Allah is as a protector, and as a friend, when others may deserve me. And

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whenever anyone is in oppression, whenever anyone feels injustice, whenever anyone's in a problem, there is no greater drop, no greater request of foliage of opening and giving and success then that word has to be Allah who I never met lucky. It is one of our records is so high that said as they return from the Battle of hood, in the NASA general lack of talk show who Allah says that people that hypocrites were saying to the Sahaba all these people have gathered together the Confederates, the Azov have gathered together in the Battle of 100. They've gathered against you from all sides, you are being invaded in Medina conda will be near met to meet Allah, they returned to Allah they

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return off to the day, they return in the Battle of conduct. They returned in any moment of disappointment. They say, well, who has wound Allah went down Milwaukee, what a great deal for you and I to maintain our mornings and in our evenings requesting the power, the permission, the strength from Allah subhana wa to Allah and what a greater way to assure our heart intermingles with love, with fear with hope and devotion only to Allah in a capacity that is absolute. Ibrahim loved Allah subhanho wa Taala so much, that is love that the love in his heart overflowed it was saturated and became inseparable with Allah subhanho wa Taala if this is the highest degree of love that

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nowadays, many of us struggle to find because we have competing loves that our hearts are attached to in a way that is greater than a lot. We're going to take our break for solando and for myself to pray a lot of methane continue watching the prayers from Mecca mukarram alive. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah returns us will take three more lessons from Ibrahim but he is sent in delay to Allah See you back again to your brother Yeah, Brahim was Salaam on equal law he won a cat

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