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the true worshipers of the Most Merciful when people address them in an arrogant, ignorant manner in a harsh way, they just say Salaam and peace. Don't argue with a fool. Don't create debate with someone who is harsh and abusive in their ways and in what they say and so on. I want to tell you something more powerful today for you and I to take heed, although what Allah has said obviously it stands It is the highest. Allah says, When the ignorant address the worshipers of mine, they should just say Salaam and move on. Are you an ignorant person who addresses others in harshness, or with harshness? If that's the case you have something even bigger to correct.

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It's easy for me to say when someone abuses you walk away or just say Salaam and keep going keep it moving. The damage you will cause is more the damage you will cause is more by responding sometimes. But what is more important for you to know is are you one of those cursed ones who abuses people. Are you the one who hurts and harms others? If that's the case? Oh, you need to work on it today. You need to work on it today. I don't want to use my tongue to abuse anyone. Don't talk about this one and that one especially you don't know who is close to Allah