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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including the use of the "house of Islam" to encourage people to come to the church and avoid harm. They stress the need to avoid comments about one's behavior and ensure proper clothing and foot prep. The importance of being part of one another in the face of evil behavior is emphasized, and proper etiquette is emphasized. The speakers also emphasize the importance of not giving discounts and not calling embarrassing questions, educating people about the importance of fulfilling Islam's five times a day, and not being afraid to attend events.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Wa Salatu. Was Salam Mahabharata Allah Allah via Vijayawada Allah.

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We commenced by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala sending blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his entire household, all his companions, may Allah bless them all and may He bless every single one of us and grant us all, every form of goodness. I mean,

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beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, it is important for us to know what the environment of a Masjid is supposed to be like.

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Because the masjid does not belong to me, nor does it belong to you. It is the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala, free for every Muslim to come to and even the non Muslim who is inquisitive about Islam to come to

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many of us do not know this. Yes, if there is a non Muslim who is inquisitive about Islam, and they would like to come and see what it is all about, on condition that they are dressed appropriately and quite clean. They may enter and they may actually ask questions, they may even listen to what is going on. And this has been happening from the time of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. For that reason, in this Masjid, we have allowed for the non Muslims to attend the Jamaat in a specific section, to listen to what is being said and to listen to the talk. And in many instances, we have had people who have reverted to Islam, seeing the good teachings of Islam, and getting their

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questions answered. So we as Muslims,

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we should never ever feel for a moment that the masjid belongs to me as an individual, nor should we even for a split moment be from amongst those whom when we attend the masjid. We give others the feeling that they are not supposed to be here. This happens in many massages. And the reason is, we have forgotten that it's the house of Allah. People who come here are searching for the Almighty. They are searching for closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala How dare we make them feel that they are not welcome? This is why some people stay away from the masjid because as soon as they come into the house of Allah, they have a dirty look from someone, they have a frown from another person. They

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have a question sometimes that oh, this person lost himself today we have had this happening even in our own society. And therefore they feel very uneasy. Whether I know you or not is besides the point.

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The fact that you have come to the house of Allah you can be rich or poor, black or white, you can be tall or short, you can be fat or thin, whatever it is, I love you for the sake of Allah. This is the attitude of the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala I need to make sure that my approach and I'm talking obviously not only about myself, but as as Muslim in my approach when it comes to the way I deal with everyone who comes to the house of Allah is exactly as a Muslim should be dealing with one another. We make them feel comfortable, we should smile we should greet the etiquettes of a Muslim outside the masjid even more so to be to be implemented in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala if I

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smile at you, my brother, if I make you feel you are a part of me, and you make me feel that I'm part of you, you will make me feel like coming for the next salon. You will make me feel so wanted to kind of love I am part of your family, you are part of mine, you might have a few issues, I may have even more issues. Some you may know some I may not know and so on. So this is why never look at someone and say that man is a criminal. This man is a disaster. That man's going out to this person. This guy's a drunkard. That guy was in the nightclub yesterday. What were you doing there to find out he was there.

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But the point being raised is they are searching for the almighty just like you are and you know what they may get to the almighty before you do so Pamela This is why love one another for the pleasure of Allah. And I want to draw today's talk upon one narration of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which one might feel is not related but I will show you how it is related. In the hadith of Jabir ibn Abdullah the Allahu anhu, which appears in Sahih Bukhari the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speaks about food, and he says man akella tomb and our Basilan funny yet Xena only at dinner when we have coffee, Beatty, whoever has eaten. Whoever has eaten raw onions or raw garlic

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should stay away from us should stay away from our Masjid and should stay at home. Wow.

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wash their mouth thoroughly, and until they have cleansed themselves when they can come to the masjid. Why is this the case? Because we are taught not to harm people even by an offensive smell. Allah

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Cuba, if you come to the house of Allah and people are standing next to you and they have this offensive smell of something that a lot of us would consider quite tasty. That's onions and garlic Subhana Allah not only that it could be healthy. And yet we find the Hadith says if you're not prepared to wash your mouth thoroughly after having had raw onions or raw garlic, don't come to the masjid stay at home it's better for you because you better come here and for the next Salah perhaps people might not come thinking I don't want to stand next to that guy didn't want it was a punishment. Imagine how deep the teachings of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam have regarding the

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masjid another thing when we come into the masjid, we should make sure we are blessed with the best of our dress. Listen to the verse of the Quran. Yeah, Bonnie Uzi Nina Takuma.

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msgid worku. Noah shabu Allah to seafood, boo,

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boo, dreamy, oh Children of Adam, the shows that it's going to do with everybody, all children of Adam.

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Take your adornment, meaning dress in your best dress, when you are going to the houses of Allah to the place of sujood the place of frustration, wear good clothing, make sure you are adorned properly, meaning dressed appropriately. And you may eat and drink but do not be wasteful For indeed the almighty does not like those who are wasteful. That is the verse. So with us, if we were to be concerned about a Salah prayer 30 minutes before that prayer, and we are to at least you know, put on a little bit of perfume, wash ourselves properly made sure our feet are clean, perhaps you know dressed in a nice neat way, and then come to the house of Allah five minutes early, two minutes for

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you know, 10 minutes ahead of time and so on. This is the proper etiquette of the house of Allah. Some of the scholars have always said, if you want to know the situation in your house, your own house, look at how you deal with the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if you deal with the house of Allah in appropriately, your house may become inappropriate. If you deal with the house of Allah in a manner that you you recognize his greatness and who he is. And you take pride in how you get there. And you make sure you bring people together and you make sure you make people wanted. When you get to the house of Allah, you make them feel like they are muslimeen as well trying to end the

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pleasure of Allah your own house will be in order. This is why many societies and communities may or may not protect ours. And may He protect the oma at large people who are not bothered in the house of Allah, they look, like I said with a dirty look to others. What are you doing here today? That's roughly what your eyes say sometimes. And if that is the case, you just need to go back home and look at how the disaster occurs in your own home. Because you could not respect the house of Allah and the big family that comes to the house of Allah. What do you think Allah is going to allow that respect to seep through to your own family? May Allah protect us. And let's go now to another point,

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when we enter the house of Allah never used the opportunity, never used the opportunity to strike deals, obviously, unless there is something absolutely necessary Once you are finished when you're walking out, and perhaps there might be a person who's very close to you, you might want to utter a word or two, but walk out of the house of Allah before you talk about your deals. Very simple This place is to prepare you for the accident, and to help you live this life in a way that you will earn the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah that if you are going to come here and look for discounts because the big businessman, it's hard to get an appointment with him, but I'm going to see him at

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the most kick, he might not want to come here the next time. He may think to himself, you know what, when I go to this house of Allah subhanho wa Taala people are nudging me and saying, I'm going to come for this and this discounted keep me one of this, and I want this business and I need that and this week, we are in San we may do that. Do not do that. Not in the house of Allah. It's wrong. It's the wrong place. You will be discouraging people from coming in. Another very interesting point is when we meet people, we should never ask them questions that they will feel embarrassed to answer. But I heard you've got a major medical problem. Can you tell us about the biller he won't come to

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the masjid again. It's got nothing to do with you. If you are really concerned and you treat him as a family member, you will raise your hands and make dua for him. You will read

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Li heard something Allah help this man, Allahu Akbar. This is what you call the Brotherhood of Islam. This is the environment of the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala how do we come to the house of Allah and ask embarrassing questions to people?

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So we will be chasing them away and Allah May chase us away from his mercy as well. Another point Yes, we do. Come here for Salah we come here for obedience. We come here for the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Let me mention to you a hadith

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of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam One day, a Bedouin man walked into the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala in Madina munawwara he walked in and he decided he did not know the etiquette of the masjid urinated in one corner. So as he's doing his business, the Sahaba de la got up and wanted to beat him suddenly, obviously, who would tolerate urination in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam realized, this man is ignorant, this man doesn't know. Listen very carefully, because the point is very serious. What we will do, we will teach him we will educate him. So instead of shouting, screaming, getting violent, becoming, you know,

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emotional and so on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam instructed the top companions of his who were involved in that. He says, Let us know, leave this man alone. Don't make him cut his urination because he will become sick. Imagine.

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You know, I wouldn't like to say this, but it's in the ideal match and one of us urinating and suddenly we had to block it and stop it. I don't know what would happen. So the Prophet salatu salam is very, very conscious of this. And he says, Don't stop you let him finish. It's over. He's already started it. It's done. What you do all of you go and collect a pail of water, get a bucket of water, and whites, they were all gone quietly between the two of them. He says, You know what, you've done this now, but this is the house of Allah. It is for Salah it is 14 hour it is for the remembrance of Allah, the recitation of the Quran and good deeds, etc. This thing here, you should not do it here.

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It's not supposed to be here. The man now was comparing between this beautiful statement of the best of creation, who's just come to him and spoken to him with such respect, and the others who are about to beat him up. And he says, Allah humma Hani warham Mohammed and Wallah Taka mana

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O Allah have mercy on me and have mercy on Mohammed

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and don't have mercy on the others.

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Look at how the dua He was educated and came out of his heart to say yeah, Allah have mercy on me and this man, and then Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam wanted to teach him a game that you can't say that so he says,

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You have made narrow something that is very broad the mercy of a lie encompasses everybody. He was quiet, which means the second thing we want to teach you is don't say don't have mercy on them unless mercy can encompass anyone that everyone may Allah have mercy on all of us. Look at the beauty this man Do you think he would come again to the house of Allah? Indeed he would. And indeed he now knows and indeed he felt so loved when he was taught why we say this The point being made is we see sometimes people making mistakes in Salah they might speak loudly a mobile phone rings while lying I'm one of those whom when a mobile phone rings at that time, don't say anything. let it pass,

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finish the salah and carry on one day, you find the fact that the mobile phone rang from my pocket is such a big embarrassment that that it on its own is a lesson that's what I believe such a big embarrassment. And to be honest, if sometimes Yes, there is a lecture and it is being mentioned and hamdulillah but when the mobile phone rings from somewhere in the middle, and the whole must keep turns around what will happen to that man, I don't think he's going to have the guts to come back for another Salah. Why because he's gonna be somebody might say, you know, you've got no shame so on how can you bring Bollywood into the machine and what the man knows everything. It was an

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embarrassment allow that to happen because he this young man or whoever it was needed to learn the lesson. So the lesson is learned. I'm sure we all learn lessons of that nature. If we are to collect the person whose mobile phone rings in the worst manner that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam collected a man who urinated in the masjid, we actually haven't learned the lesson. This is something amazing. And this is why I want to now draw a very, very important point. We come to the house of Allah for Koran, for salah and so on. Don't ever force others to read Salah when they come to the house of Allah that which is extra and above. So people come and they leave their phone and after they say

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Brother, why didn't you leave your sooner you must come here and you must read your sooner you know you're going to hellfire. He won't be there for the next Salah or if he comes he's going to be having a ducking and diving attitude he won't want to see you Is this the environment of the house of Allah. When you come to a Masjid, we will never pressurize you to say do this and do that you come you know you've come to come close to Allah you will read your Salah properly and thereafter you will engage in voluntary Salah voluntarily voluntary activity in the masjid voluntarily we will have talks we will have a tally we will have whatever else in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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it is voluntary, the day your spirituality fields you will attend you will attend. If you do not want to attend we will not look down upon you. You have used the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's not mine. It's not yours. It belongs to Allah.

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If I were to put pressure upon people, Brother, why don't you sit for this lecture I have now after Salah to Asia, but brother I finished my father and I've done it and I've got some time

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The legend the man will go away but tomorrow and others tell him you know we set yesterday for 10 minutes and we learned so much it will encourage him to come. So we need to encourage people positively when we put pressure on people why don't you do this? Why don't you do that as soon as you're walking out of the masjid you find three guys with you saying brother, Mashallah, you've come now you need to start growing your beard, and that is not going to come again. Or they come and say Mashallah, you've come now you need to do this and do that. He will say to himself, I don't need to see these people I know of people who stay away from the masjid. I've spoken to a lot of people,

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especially the young, and they say when I go there, I feel out of place. When I go there. I feel like people are putting pressure on me to do so many extra things that I'm not ready for. And this is what has prompted me to speak about this today.

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So my brothers and sisters, we need to understand and realize this is the house of Allah, not mine, not yours. When we are here, smile at people, you earn the reward of asuna. Greet the people a ceremony can look into their eyes, and ask them how are you perhaps How is the family and that's it. You don't need to go into further details. You bought this cow? I see you. Where did you get the money from for that? Why do you want to say this?

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My brothers and sisters, we have such a beautiful religion. And really Allah has instructed us to fulfill Salah five times a day, if we were to come to the house of Allah in the correct manner. And we were to greet people properly and make them feel like the environment is so serene because of the way we are with them. Believe me, we will earn a reward for others having come to the house of Allah, they will say, you know what, I entered this house of Allah, and I felt so calm, I learned something. And I worked out in such a short time, and yet I felt spiritually elevated.

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What would be the sin of a person whom on the day of piano? He comes? May Allah forgive us? He comes and he's asked by Allah subhanho wa Taala my slaves came to my house in order to come closer to me, and your actions and statements chased them away from my house? What is your answer? Look what Allah says in the surah. Allah, Allah says,

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tell me and

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do you see the one who stops a worshiper? When that worship is engaging in prayer. This was obviously revealed regarding a Buddha and his actions against Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But the lesson is for all of us, someone wants to pray, and we don't correct them properly. Or perhaps we utter a statement or even the attitude we have is so smelly, that perhaps it would chase them away. What answer Are we going to give Allah subhanho wa Taala imagine you in your home have a VIP guests coming in. And some someone inside the house, perhaps a worker or a family member, you know, answered the bell in such a way that made them turn around to say, you know what, he's not

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here or whatever or said something did not open the gate for them. And they went, you would probably get so upset, I was waiting for this person. They are coming to me and I was actually expecting them through and now you blocking them, you will get upset with Allah subhanho wa Taala. He waits for every one of us to get closer to him. And like I said, bottom line, my brothers and sisters, don't get too proud of your religious achievement. Don't become arrogant. What that means is you need to be happy when Allah has accepted you to do good deeds without a doubt. But when it develops an arrogance within you, you start thinking I'm better than the others. Your BMW might slow down once

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the other person's Toyota might overtake you, because you had a puncture somewhere down the line. If you heard me say this before, you would understand what I said. But for those who might not have let me explain. Some people spiritually they are in a BMW, they move very fast. Others are slow in their little Toyota's and carrying on. We don't laugh at them because you just have to hit one little rock on the road. Your car is aside and this matter the Toyota will be made in a day.

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us now. Allahu Akbar, Allah subhanho wa Taala some people come to Allah slowly but surely, and some people take time. And sometimes they can overtake you. I mean, like I say, when you look at a person coming into the house of Allah, look at them with the eyes of love, with a heart of sincerity with the heart of a believer with a soul of goodness and inshallah you will be able to benefit from their attendance of the masjid rather than becoming a person who has chased others away. And perhaps like I say, when they come, they may become spiritually higher than me and you in no time. May Allah subhanho wa Taala opened our doors really, this was a topic that had to be discussed because they

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are massage it sometimes and Mashallah we have this machine This is our policy. We would not like to pressurize a single person who attends the masjid in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala in any way whatsoever brother we love you for the sake of Allah sister we love you for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala if there is anything we can do and hamdulillah if we cannot do excuse us, if you have any good points, let us know if there are any further

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Example recommendations or positive criticism, please let us know this is the attitude and this is how inshallah we will improve. If you attend the house of Allah and you're feeling in any way natural or you're feeling any way put pressure upon, please let us know who is that who is putting pressure upon you. You are meant to come here with utmost respect you are a VIP, you are a guest of Allah subhanho wa Taala and we are so proud to be able to serve you proud in the sense that we are happy and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to help us to help one another. For indeed if we help one another we are part and parcel of the aroma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam who will be

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fulfilling this role and May Allah subhanahu wa taala bless us all until we meet again or sallallahu wasallam or Baraka, Allen Amina Muhammad

Jumu’ah, 24th May 2012

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