Do Not Exhibit that Which You Do Not Possess

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Don't have

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outside of your ranking,

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don't put a show to don't

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to the people

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something which you're not, that is basically the the sort of beautification

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because through beautification cannot happen without the building being some

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stable, because how could you be unified without you know, having a foundation, it could fall or collapse or could you be on fire without facing the building itself,

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you know, solid doors,

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that comes later.

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Some people cannot hack outside of their practice

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is basically a mere act

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without choose to.

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So, it is a

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an exhibition of something they will not possess, that's why the practice of

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yoga cannot be seated very zoo,

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he who shall not be Madame Yamato, he will exhibit stuff that she has not been given

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is like someone who wears two garments of Folsom, somebody who cannot receive federal benefits and motors mprb madam your club, he will exhibit sufficient he does not possess cannot be seen like someone who wears salby Zoo to garments of false.

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now, because there is a very fine balance here,

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in this curve, you should not be understood Congress to mean that you should not practice that which you do not deserve. Because earlier we said the profit or loss I'm set

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to handle and we're

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to serve you.

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So in tandem, very becoming knowledgeable is by learning

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or intimate hidden with the handgun in the coming for bearing is like practice practice on for their company at a hardware company who seeks good for the given what he saw when he attacked his shop, you can be who avoids evil will be spared of evil, you will be spared, probably. So,

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Photoshop, you're the madam You're the one who exhibits that he does not possess is not someone who is practicing for the pleasure of Allah to truly acquire the swalot is someone who's taking it for the pleasure of the people.

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So I'm acting patient in front of you. But in reality, if I can stop you over 611 some people do this. So you act very humble and very nice and so on. Because you're dealing with your superiors, you're dealing with, you know, people who are more established than us stronger, wealthier, you know, in a position of

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superiority. So he actually nice and you're so quiet, but then, you know, whenever the first weaker person you encounter, he will press them and you, you transgress that isn't the subject matter. So when he acts like, you know, humble and nice, he is exhibiting that he does not possess or you come in front of the people and show a level of clarity a level of water that you truly did or practice, such as when demand set to 100 ship, may I use your input

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to have your one on one is not at that level? You know, don't you don't have to, you know, when you reach the end, when you avoid all the harm, then you could tell me show the user but because the students amongst themselves, they use each other. You know, you brought your own light pencil in the US and of your neighbor without asking because it used to be like something a little bit that students would extend to each other. So this man is sitting next to me and he's like, should I use your input?

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them you know where they are? You will not there?

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Certainly was there are

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but he said the man so that he

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The president, he was the man. So he sent him my word on your word.

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So don't ask, just use it. And don't put on a show. So there is a difference between practicing, practicing to actually acquire the quality for develop the quality within yourself. So you're walking a certain way to teach yourself to be humble, you're not walking this way, the exhibit that puts you do not possess

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a huge difference. It boils down at the end to

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here, why are you doing so if you're doing it to develop the quality so that you can earn the pleasure of Allah, and you become forbearing. And you earn the pleasure and the love of Allah

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forbearance and loves those that are forbidden. And you know that you're about four bearings for your transports yourself, you say to yourself, Well, this time machine says that to me, nowhere, you know, if they bother me, or if he bothers him, she bothers me, then I'll try to be for you. And your volume inside, which is a trilogy. So

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we just go through the assignment

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and then impatient yourself. If now you're here, you're really practicing your love for beer. Because if you're a forbury, you will not be boiling so much inside. But you're practicing for beers, next time it will be easier for you to control your responses to reactions, and the next time of time it will be even easier and so on. This person is seeking the pleasure of a loss by trying to acquire and develop this good quality code for periods. But someone who puts on a show or you know, does this in front of some people because he fears because he seeks the pleasure. Marvelous pleasure is the person that is getting livable