Maryam The Chosen – The Incredible Power Of Seeking Refuge in Allah

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The transcript describes a woman named Mary who is trying to achieve her goals of being a woman again and regaining her father's love. She describes a woman named Kari who was approached by a man who she doesn't know of and hesitant to say so. The transcript also touches on the importance of seeking refuge in Allah's "Art of the beast" and the need for a route to seek refuge in the media. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being patient and grateful for blessings and gratitude, as well as the difficulty of a moment in someone's life due to mercy from Allah's "century of subhanaw taala."

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What could fill keytab Imodium interval that's been at Lehigh McAninch sharqiyah Allah Subhana Allah says and recite or recall or mention in the book, oh Muhammad medio Allah Subhana Allah data says remember in the book the book is the Quran, Miriam. And part of the reason why many M is being the province of the licen was being told to remember media is because this is a woman who accusations were levied against and the Quran is what clarifies those accusations against her and leaves absolutely no doubt. And so she's being mentioned. And we're being told the province level lightsome is being told to mention Mary, The verse continues, Allah says what's good food good that'd be

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Medea. Interpret that's mean Alia McKenna sharqiyah and mentioned O Muhammad in the book, Mary, when she withdrew from her family to a place towards the east, what caused him to withdraw from her family. And where was this place towards the east, Eman cathedra. And his stories of the prophets mentioned that she used to withdraw from the masjid during her cycle, or when she would have a particular need that she needed to fulfill. And when she was in one of those moments, she was east of a messenger that OXA and the angel arrived on Earth we mentioned that it actually happened in the masjid. And when Allah is saying that she withdrew from her family, it means that she withdrew from

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her family to the masjid and that she was in eastern part of the message when the moment happened. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best. The Quranic text is general we have no conclusive evidence as to where exactly she was other still held that she withdrew east of the messenger to worship Allah subhanaw taala that's why she went, she didn't go because of a particular like, worldly need. But she actually went to practice that spiritual seclusion. Allah Subhana Allah continues saying Fatah that's been doing him hijab from Sunday Ed how to Hannah for the method and how vigilant so yeah, she had chosen seclusion from them. She had actually placed a hijab a hijab is a barrier. So whether

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that barrier was a wall, or whether that barrier was a curtain, or whether that barrier was a mountain, whether that barrier was in there, and they mentioned all of these things Allah knows best, but there was some sort of barrier between her and people. She was in complete privacy from Santa la hora. Oh, Hannah. So then we sent a messenger from manga from us. Literally, the word roar has been used spirit indicating that it's Djibouti Fatah method, Allah, masha Allah and so we and he took the form of a bishop, he took the form of a human being, so we are a perfect man. So we literally means equal. And so he is translated as well proportion. But so he also means symmetrical.

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You know, there are lots of aspects of beauty that are cultural. But one of the things if there's anything that's universal as a symbol of beauty, it's symmetry, whether its facial symmetry symmetry of your body, you don't have any muscular imbalances. You don't have right you're symmetrical. This is all indication of perfection, and you breed it Saddam comes Michelle and Sophia, so she is all of a sudden she's in this private place, and she sees a very, very beautiful men approaching her and perhaps this is something that she used to do frequently that she used to go and be off secluded and worship and remembrance of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and perhaps her family

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didn't think much of her absence because of that. Now, some,

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you know, talked about how this was some sort of, you know, final test for Mary. And that people you know, Allah sending this beautiful man to come and tempt her and things like that. And her responses in Yeah. Oh, that was mighty Minka. I don't believe any of that. I don't believe any of that. I don't believe that for a single solitary. Second, Miriam's response you're talking about one of the greatest ever, and one of the greatest woman ever. I know people in my life, that if a person came to her who was attractive or something like that, she would be like, Get away from me. What are you doing? I'm completely uninterested. It doesn't matter. So to think that medium it has said that

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someone would someone would be able to come and tempt her in that moment after she had lived that incredible spiritual nourishment from Allah subhanaw taala. I find that to be incredibly far fetched. I think that her reaction in Yoruba Rama anemic and Quinta Tia was not something where there was any sort of hum there was any sort of inclination, but rather immediately she's putting him in his place. She's creating that distance. And she's saying, I seek refuge in a man from you. I seek refuge in a man from you like I fear of why I'm encouraging you in Kentucky. Yeah. If you have Taqwa of Allah subhana data, so she's invoking fear of a man. And she uses that particular name of a

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man and we actually see a rock man play out in a number of places and sort of medium actually a lot. It's not mentioned anywhere close to as much in sort of medium or throughout the Quran as it isn't sort of medium. It's mentioned 16 times at 57 times, in sort of medium. So there's a secret to this name of Muhammad, but she says a little bit about how many Minca I seek refuge in Allah Hackman, like Have mercy on my weakness, have mercy on the fact that I'm alone here. If you have Taqwa of Allah subhana wa that and also if you have inclinations, Allah Subhana Allah, Rama, like if you're coming for something bad, no matter what your lifestyle is, no matter what your crime you know, rap

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is whatever it is that you've done before or you are intending to do in this moment. Allah is the merciful to turn away Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will forgive you. That's including her saying, I seek refuge in a man from you if you have Taqwa. But this person, this being that's in front of her is not coming for any of that. He says in the metamodel. So Lubbock says, I am only a messenger from your Lord, the ability of wisdom and Zakia to give you the gift of a pure child, my name is response is not

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different, is not dissimilar from the response of one of her ancestors use of it his set up, finds himself in the exact same circumstance, except whereas medium is in the open. Use if is locked in a room. And whereas medium is approached by a man that she doesn't know use of is approached by a woman who he knows very well. And his response, however, is the same. He says, My if Allah says, I seek refuge in Allah, and Medion when she's approached by that match, he says, I seek refuge and Allah showcasing to us the incredible power of seeking refuge in Allah subhanaw taala. When presented with these types of possibilities, use of it is set up he knows actually that this woman

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is up to no good medium doesn't know what this man is up to. But either way, their natural recourse the natural recourse of both this great man and this great woman is to seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala. So what that immediately needs to teach us is that we need to make a route to be Lana, something that we just see when we were scared, we see a video that scares the biller. But when we are tempted, or when we see something evil in front of us that we're afraid will affect us religiously that we seek refuge in Allah subhana data. And Allah subhana wa Tada says, we're in millions of a Nicomedia shaped by Nina's one festetics Beenleigh. Allah says whenever an evil

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inclination comes to you seek refuge in Allah, seek refuge in Allah from Shaytaan verily He is semi an alum, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is all hearing it all knowing. He says, I am the messenger of your Lord via the lack of wisdom and Zakia I am the messenger of your Lord to grant you a child. Now this scene is in sort of media. And I know we're going back and forth from scenes from it and Milan sort of media, but we have to complete the picture and the different wordings that even appear also are important. So in Surah, Maryam she says, and nya Cornelia gulaman Well, me obsessed me Bashar when acaba Leah, and how can I have a child when I was not touched by any men? And lemma? cooperia I'm

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not unchaste whereas an ad and Milan remember it? I didn't. Milan she was visited by the angels was a group of angels. And this is many I mean, her old world this is medium. When she's growing up, and she's in the chamber and she's, she's great. She says, Please says, in Milan, she says, How can I have a child when, when no man has touched me? That's it. But in sort of medium, she says, and she's approached by God, she says, How can I have a child when no man has touched me?

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And I am not unchaste that addition, even though I am not unchaste is included in let me access new Bashar, it's included in I was not touched by any men, right because being touched by any man can be either in a chase situation or it can be in an unsafe situation. So both of them are accommodated in that phrase, but she adds when I call Berea and I was not unchaste why because it sort of media them facility and say because what Maryam also has the scene where Benyus right, you accuses her and so sort of medium has that additional clause that additional emphasis that maybe MIT has set on was not in Chase, that Mary was not in chased Japanese responses, Kedah Lika, Carlotta buki who Allah Yang,

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your Lord has said it is easy for me when in a dialer who I attentiveness and we will make him a sign for the people what I have emitted me now. At a mercy from Us. What can a Milan monthly Yeah. And it is a matter that has been decided. It is a matter that is now was this matter? Do you think easy for Maria.

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It's obviously going to be very difficult. Allah subhana data still calls it Rama 10.

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Is a mercy from Us. At least it is and is a mercy He says arrival is going to be at Mercy. So the question that I have for you. The question that I want to hear from you is what was a moment in your life? That was incredibly difficult. But you realize looking back that it was in mercy from Allah subhanaw taala. I want you to comment with that moment. And I'm looking forward to being inspired by the moments that we share with each other. Every prophet, every prophet is a mercy.

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Every representative of man is a mercy. Every representative of Otto man to this earth is a mercy and the province of Elijah is the final messenger to mankind Allah says will not offset naka de la Rahmatullah Allah mean we have not sent you except a mercy to the worlds and his OMA

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are to be a mercy to the world by carrying that message and demonstrating it. And that message in our lives and the lives of those around us. And as little solar loss on the lightness and limb of the messenger Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was the mercy to the worlds, that boy that was about to be created without the agents of a man was going to be a mercy to the children of Israel, it was decided. And when Allah subhanaw taala decides, all you are now required to do if it is something that is good, is to be grateful. And if it's something that's challenging to be patient, the province on the lightest and in a beautiful narration, he says raffia at a club, which effort is

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sort of the pen has been lifted, and the ink has dried, the pen was commanded to write everything until the Day of Judgment. It wrote and wrote, it wrote the Adam would be created in fashion by the hand of God that he would inhabit paradise and be expelled. It wrote that Noah would build a ship that would deliver him and a few of those who believed in him to safety from flood that would drown the height of mountains it wrote of a mother in fear. Yeah, with unbelievable courage, placing our baby in a basket in a river and that baby growing under the watchful eye of his Maker to save his people from unspeakable horrors, it wrote that David would be a king have a son named Solomon that

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he would be carried by the wind make minions of the jinn and that he would have a kingdom the likes that the pen would not write for anyone after his dominion. It wrote a miraculous birth under a date palm tree, a baby speaking to his mother's accusers. His first words are written, I am the servant of God, it gave me the book and made me a Prophet, it really his name Jesus, the son of Mary, and that he would be marked for death. And it was written everything that they would say about him.

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It will have an orphan boy, who became a shepherd who became a merchant who became a prophet. It wrote his name to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he wrote the names of his enemies. He wrote the names of his friends How blessed are his friends that their names be written by his era of incredible feats of his OMA Bata cabins Ziad entering a land that would capture its imagination for 1000 years, Salah had been a stone's throw away from Jerusalem Imam Ahmed emerging from prison, the most famous man in the world. It will have incredible lows, the sacking of Baghdad, the accusation of Ayesha the killing of Mr. 12 million dreams being shackled on ships traversing the Atlantic where they would be

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decreed to die with some dreams don't die, they transform into songs that are sung on the breath of slaves who sing songs of kings from one generation to the next until freedom rings, a row of colonization in the world that would come to be a row of the lightest love and the heaviest grief tucked up, blinding rage and incredible generosity. It wrote with everything in between it wrote the names of my parents, stories of childhood mischief and how they would meet and all of their seeds in a row my name and it did the same for me.

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So I neither long for days of past glory, nor fear Days of Future last week.

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As everything that is written shall come to pass. Instead, my job is to be patient upon hardship and grateful upon blessing and that I'd be in one stage or the other until my journey is through because the pen has been lifted and the ink straight