Logan Paul Rubs The Buddha For Good Luck – Dr. Bilal Philips Responds

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So pretty much it's not like Burger King Have it your way, it's not a buffet, that's to be God's way. It's his will be done. Not our will our desires pretty much. Exactly, yeah. And the next video clip, we see your other stomach for good luck.

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And good things happen. Good things can happen. You know, you know, people, whenever they play with these matters, you know, they're getting they get trapped when good things happen. Because

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they assume that there's a connection between the rubbing of the Buddha's belly, and the good things happening. Oh, wow.

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That's Big Buddha, you rub the stomach for good luck.

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And good things happen. I'm not Buddhist. But it's nice.

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But that's not really the case. You know, good things are happening around the world, without people doing anything.

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The ultimate

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understanding should be that good and evil,

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are under the control of a loss.

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That if we want good to come to us, then we should turn to God is the ultimate source of good and it is by his permission, that certain evils happen in this world. So if we want protection from these evils, we should turn to him because he is the only one ultimately who can prevent evil.

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Let me just run