Rejecting the Truth

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is a big word yes, I don't have Surah Al Anon is a very big word Jehovah. And Allah says about Prophet Moses and all the signs nine miracles, physical tangible miracles atio The Pharaoh and his people say what you had to be what do you how do we have what stays on it? For so whom Whoa, whoa, whoa, the rejected all these obvious miracles, yet they were certain that Moses is a prophet

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was a prophet and these are miracles he just denied it. Why? Because Bulunan were all over because of their wrongdoings and Lulu is that arrogance Nice. So because of their wrongdoings, they were unable and that's why this verse that he recited earlier to say that,

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who and the cleaner it proves to you that if you are engaged in the remembrance of Allah, it is because Allah has invited you to do so. Allah its effect because if Allah says we are the ones who made them oblivious of our remembrance, that's why they are oblivious. But the opposite is true. If Allah brings you towards Islam, and that's why they say, ask Allah for guidance. ask Allah for guidance. Don't just rely on yourself work towards him and keep asking Him for guidance.

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But no, you remind me of the verse in Baqara, you know, you do Lubyanka here and here, many Allah leads

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many he guides but then Allah says, well, might you build up Ill positiveness, but he doesn't lead a straight except those who are interested in going astray. And then you know, just the point you're making about ignorance is not the issue. It is knowing the truth and rejecting it. You know, this from the Moses side. Reminds me of that one minute Shaka Zulu member of the Maccabean Allah would you know, those who oppose the Prophet after guidance is clear. You know that you are now responsible because you know what you're doing. And that's the group that Allah says He punishes you