Ismail Kamdar – Legacy of Mufti Taha Karaan (RA)

Ismail Kamdar
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You know

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what it means to be here at the walker Valley. And not only be laughing shrimali and fusina when we see it Amanita

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we are allowed to put up with de la comida de la

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have all the other people running the gene.

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But I will be logging in as a guardian working. For Bastion you saw varying alleles so but we'll see what was in the lab.

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Today we will be taking a break from our series on Alexa to discuss some lessons for the passing away of a great man.

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We are dealing with multiple problems at the same time, we wanted to do a series of goodbyes on Al Aqsa because we know what's going on in the Holy Land.

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But at the same time, we are dealing with a pandemic, which is now in its third wave.

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And one of the great

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amount of this country.

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Cool who was responsible for helping us work out our solutions for how to deal with this pandemic passed away this morning from it.

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So today, I want to discuss some important lessons that we can take from the legacy

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of Mufti mowlana takakura mahalo.

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You know,

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it's difficult to talk about this topic, because

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one of the things that frustrates me really frustrates me about our community

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is that it's only when someone of this status passes away, that suddenly everybody talks about

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a year ago,

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Facebook was full of vile comments

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aimed at this roofie and the organization for encouraging social distancing,

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for telling us to close the masteries, during the height of the pandemic, people accused him of all kinds of things for passing in saying that we should social distance, saying that we should take out precautions. But he stopped by his father, because he knew that that is what is best for the community.

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That is the kind of man that he was he was a man who stood by his principles. And he wasn't afraid of what people will say about him.

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what frustrates me is that the same people who a year ago would be attacking him for this bathwater. I know talking about what the Greeks called the laws.

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It's not the first time this has happened. Though we have this problem in our country, where we don't appreciate intellectual giants amongst us until they upon 20 years ago, we saw that same vileness and harshness and bad attitude towards the nature of Medina.

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Wherever you go, people used to talk bad about him. And people used to put him down. I used the pipe anywhere else you'd go in the world, people used to praise him.

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And people used to wanting to visit the country people used to wanting to lecture when he came back home to Dublin.

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community was against him with a few exceptions.

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And he when he passed away, everybody was doing for the janessa. And everybody was praising him. Everyone was talking about how much he contributed to the Dow, the same people saying don't do dow like me talking about how much he contributed to the Dow. And he wasn't just him. Over the past 20 years, we see the same pattern with great person of the great post in this committee any time. So Africa produces a thinker, who is able to think outside of the box and contribute to scholarship in any field, while remaining within Sunni Islam. We find a way to put him down. He can be someone in the field of our electric car from a dealer. It can be a giant in the field of vehicle and it can be

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someone who contributes to Islamic economics, whatever it is, we find a way to put them down and we find ways to talk bad about it. We don't give them the support that they need. And then when they passed away, we all see results shocked. So said some of the comments that I've heard this week, he says Africa lost a hidden gem. Why was he hidden? Why was he a hidden gem? He was here for 20 years. Why was he a hidden gem? He should have been front and center everywhere. Everyone should be knowing everyone should have been taking knowledge from him. Why is he a hidden gem? People said that we lost an overlooked spot. Why was he overlooked? Everyone knows how much knowledge he had. Everyone

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knows what the elegant, elegant

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Speaker he was, everyone knows his contribution to scholarship.

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Again, the difference between other countries in South Africa. Last year I was studying a course with with scholars in London.

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And we were studying muvico his writings, because it was a man that did appreciate his writings

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get through getting outstanding with Africa, nobody wants to talk about, nobody wants to talk about it.

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And when we go overseas, everybody appreciates. And people came from America, to visit him, and to spend time with him and to learn from him.

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But we didn't do the same.

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So I wanted to take a lesson from this lesson is that we need to learn to appreciate people while they are alive.

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Because I've noticed that amongst us, Allah keep sending to this community, amazing individuals, and they emotionally go down one of three parts. The first part is the realize No one's going to listen to them and to just stay quiet.

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Just be quiet. Nobody ever hears what they have to say. Because they are so afraid of losing their jobs, they are so afraid of losing a position and they are so afraid of what the community is going to say that they never say what they need to say. The second thing that happens is they leave the country. And I personally know so many of my friends and teachers, people who have done amazing work in South Africa, people who have contributed greatly to helping us grow as a community. But this committee shall then call them names, through labels out there refused to give them jobs refused to give their positions of authority. And now they are in Malaysia, they are in Canada, the USA, they

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have huge machines, they have big followings there, they are very happy

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those countries game with our laws. And the third thing that happens is that they work for other people to travel the world to give a lecture overseas, and they come back home and nobody knows, as was the case with the leader of Makita. For him,

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we need to start appreciating.

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And we need to start giving them the time, the freedom and the resources to grow and to do the work that you need to do. Because someone that goofily thought if he was born in America, or in Canada, or in the UK, he would have been given a lot more resources. But hamdulillah for the past few years, he had the choosing. But in those countries, you will be given much, and you'll be given much more, you will have to deal with what we deal with in this country. And really, this message needs to reach everyone, we need to stop being violent towards each other. Anytime a difference of opinion pops up, go on to any Muslim group on Facebook. And there is so much harshness and so much judgment.

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It's as if we don't see the other person without running. All we can see is the most negative things about them.

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And very often, it's people who have no knowledge of fake criticizing or people who have no knowledge of doubt criticizing the people who have no knowledge of either criticizing the Akita expert, we need to appreciate people's knowledge, why they are the light, and not wait until they pass away. To appreciate them move on, one of the lessons we can take from his life is how to be grounded in your mouth hub and still be an intellectual giant. You see, one of the big debates of the 20th century was Do we need Muslims. And this was the big debate of the 20th century. So the old Salafi movements sprung up, because one group of people said we don't need Mother Earth anymore. And

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that became the surface. Another group said, No, we just stick into a must have no matter what. But as time went by a middle part solution, one, we stick to our must haves, but in other inserting issues, for practical reasons, we take knowledge from the advisors, and $100 from that perspective, he was a great Shafi swallowable. But he took knowledge from all the reserves. And he showed respect to a lot of all the reserves. And he was able to know in this issue, the hanafy view is better and that you should give us better and he showed us that way. You don't have to reject them. You don't have to be fanatical about the muscles. You can respect them and treat them all as bodies.

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And so we learn from him the proper attitude to have towards the house. How do you how do you become a scholar of a muscle? He should be

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a scholar of a most of our role models should be people that will be taught.

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Another lesson we can take from him is the importance of being outspoken.

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When you know that you're calling us to do something a year ago, he made his video calling us to socialism, telling us to close the masjid for a few months. And people said what he said and people attacked him and people posted vile things about MJC and about him and people said all kinds of things but he stopped

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because he knew

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For the sake of our health,

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there wasn't the first time that happened. You know, the first time I heard

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was when a certain group called him a deviant and a coffee, because he said women are allowed to cut their hair. And they literally wrote a 300 page book, so called refuting for that a very secondary issue. Are you willing to vilify a man for taking a very logical approach to fail. And that's when I learned to appreciate it. But this is a man who's willing to stand by his motto even when people are talking about them. So we as a community, we can take a lot of lessons from the life of this great scholar was pastor.

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And he passed away at a relatively young age.

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And the lesson I take from that and that we all should take from that is that none of us should feel that we are so important that Allah is definitely going to give us a long life.

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Because someone as important as him, is gone. And before he people greeted him regularly young age, we study the lives of people like him and now he has to be very young. Omar, Abdul Aziz passed away when he was 37. Most of people are male, one of the greatest Sahaba has to be in his 20s they will if they will guaranteed a long life. Why do we do we are guaranteed

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to we should live the best life we can live our lives are pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala lives are grounded in the service of Allah subhanho wa Taala said if our data comes to us early inshallah we meet Allah in a way that is pleasing to Him. So these are some of the lessons we can take from the life of this great man who has passed away. We also love to put your problem with your good deeds, and to forgive him for any of these mistakes, and to allow us to follow in his footsteps or to add any good disability to his skill as well because for most of us, he has influenced us in some way or another to handle obesity whatsoever.

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In 111,

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zero, meaning widow Colleen rudia Christina from Ethiopia hygiena yummy his

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inner circle, love

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comedy simple love while he was telling

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one very beautiful lesson that we can take from the debt the passing of the dollar, he passed away on a job

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during the last 1/3 of the night, the 100 night

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from a disease we inshallah will be accepted as martyrs.

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To die on the Juma is a good day to die in the last 1/3 of the night, inshallah going to die from COVID. As a believer.

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It's a good thing. The prophets assumption that the plagues are the mercy for this oma is a means of our sins being forgiven if we die from

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a triple over good debt.

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What's the lesson we take from

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the lesson that we take from that is that we should live our lives in such a way. In insha Allah we also have a good ending.

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Very often we forget about the importance of a good ending. We focus so much on now. We will think about in what state you live in this world. We are so caught up in enjoying this moment, enjoying what we have right now that we don't think about when I leave this world will I leave in a way that is pleasing to Allah?

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So what can we do to make sure we have a good ending? Well, first, we live a good life. In general, most people pass away based on the lifestyle that you choose to learn Allah, Allah would otherwise have whatever he wants. There are some people who live their whole lives in sin, but Allah gave him a good debt and forgiveness for themselves. And there's some people who live their whole lives in apparent righteousness. But because of the disease in the heart, the only Allah you're about to die to discuss this case with it definitely exceptions. The no audience, if you live a good life, sincerely for the sake of Allah, Allah will take you in a way that is a good deal. There are people

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who are attached to Salah often pursuing Salah people who are attached to the Quran have a pathway inside the Koran, people who are attached to the books of Islam pathway when reading or writing a book. These are things that happen. And we seen throughout our history, even with the Sahaba, the great Samuel Smith,

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who was known as the man of the Quran, and he was known as a man of fasting. How did he pass? He was murdered while fasting while reciting

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that is a good ending. That'd be the good ending martyrdom. Why do you have to do it?

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So how do you get there? Well, if you look at

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The life of postman radiallahu He is a man of the Quran, that famous studies, the best of you alone to learn the Quran and teaching who is the narrator of the postman. He was known as a man of the Quran. He was known as a man in foxit. Often, and Allah took him took his life at the time and he was bossing every psychic, who does triple if you consider martyrdom as well.

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As anyone can achieve this, anyone with the power of the hope of luck can achieve a good ending. We do it by number one living a life that is pleasing to Allah. Number two, by asking Allah for the good end. How many of us may do awful Good, good. How many of us ask Allah to take us in a way that is pleasing to Him?

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How many of us when you making dua for the elderly, for those who are close to death, for those are the dead kids have you got to make your own or give them a good ending?

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We don't think about this, we only think about it, because it's a scary thought. But guess what, if you have a good ending, then that's not the scary thing. That is the beginning of eternal happiness, it becomes the best thing that ever happened.

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If we come to the fulfillment of the promise of Allah, at the end of surah module, it will immutable verses that we hear very, very often. In some parts of the way a lawsuit were handled as in the

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in the injury law became rodya, tomato. Oh, that's so that has attained in a piece, return to your Lord, happy and making alive, returned you a lot in the state when you are happy and alive.

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For the full 20 Gentlemen, so enter amongst my stretchy servants, you will enter

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a lot of a handle on his promises throughout the Quran. In other words, as well, the first of all, not only, that, the angel will come to them at a time object and tell them don't be scared. But Angel will give you good news at the time of the death. If you live your life in a way that's pleasing to Allah, then the angel of death, you know, many of us if you think of the angel of yet we think of the Spirit because it's going to come and traumatize us. But the Quran says if you're righteous, the Angel of Death will come at how you relax and calm down, sit

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up the conference. And the angels will take your soul in a way in a state that you are happy and alive. But to get you to get there you must live our lives in a way that is pleasing to our creed.

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And so this is a lesson that we can take from the passing of this great man, you know, life is getting ready, unless you grant him the highest levels of gender. Allah grant us a next generation of hula, they continue with these legacy because really, one of our big one is how is that for why our community has not been producing

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at least that Hello. And we have lost so many in the past year from this pandemic. We wonder what's going to happen to the next generation. Make the order Allah, whatever he has taken from us he replacing that widget better he has taken from us great scholars read the next generation of scholars even better. We our students and our our children and their generation have even greater scholars amongst them, who will lead this move forward and allow us to grow the community and allow Islam to grow in this country to reach its full potential. One of the things that mosquito hobbies to talk about is that Allah sent his religion to dominate and one of the features

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we have to play our part in making sure that this becomes the dominant religion.

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And one of the ways that we can do that is by ensuring that we follow this religion properly, we practice it properly and we teach it to others properly and then we represent it properly. So it can grow then more people will convert to Islam and more people will accept Islam more people will grow to love Islam and become part of this community. So you can once again be what it once was. For the bulk of our history of Islam dominated. We live in one of those few times. We will not allow us to see a time when we can do future with Islam once again becomes dominant and becomes the global power that you want. It was a lot of hate in a way you know Russia in our home. Was the meaning of

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fiddling with

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green wood which

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is nice enough Donna robina.

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but I'm not the modern company to handle because they have it was

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just a quick announcement before we

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