Mufti Menk – A Great Loss – The Death of a Scholar

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The loss of a scholar of Islam in South Africa is discussed, as well as the negative impact of people telling uncertain accusations of alcoholism and the need for discipline and compliance regulations. The importance of strong character for one's life is emphasized, along with advice on achieving it through proper language use and avoiding mistakes. The speaker also emphasizes the need for mindful language use and respect for oneself.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Bismillah he will hamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah He was happy at mine.

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My beloved brothers and sisters, it is a sad day indeed wherein

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we all know that we have just lost a scholar of Islam.

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A very knowledgeable, hardworking scholar who has credentials that are very great and at the same time, he has quietly served

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the oma

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more so the Muslim communities within South Africa

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mowlana Mufti pa Quran Rahmatullah la passed away in the early hours of this morning.

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And it's very important for us to make mention of the fact that every one of us should be feeling the loss. When a scholar passes away.

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Come what may, no matter what differences he may have had with others or others may have had with him. He was a scholar with credentials that were recognized. A man of note wise, great etiquette, solid character conduct, he had the OSI need and the chains of narrator's for the knowledge he could prove, went back to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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Many times we don't realize who is in our midst until we lose them.

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Then we begin to say, Oh, I didn't know too late. My brothers and sisters multiple alamy Thelma to LA to subdue

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the death of a true scholar of Islam is a gap that's created that won't be filled exactly as it was and why we say this is because as much as there are many scholars in our midst, we need to know.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam tells us one of the signs of the hour is that knowledge will be snatched away because people won't appreciate the knowledge they won't want to know. At the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they had a habit no matter what was told to them, they said submit in our button. Immediately they said we have heard we have obeyed Imagine if the prophets are seldom came to us now and told us alcohol is prohibited * is prohibited gambling is prohibited Riba is prohibited many from amongst us who fulfill Salah five times a day or more would have an issue with him and disagree. Now the builder we would say a but you know, it's like this and

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it's like that. And there's something this way and that way. That is why we are not Sahaba That is why we are not companions. The companions were those whom when they had a little bit of alcohol coming into their mouths, they would spit it out and they have spat it out. As soon as a messenger came to them, telling them that the prophets are seldom said this without initial verification. What did they lose by spitting it out today? when people tell you be careful? This is not certified halaal will say it's okay as it is they have disputes amongst them. I am just going to Ciao, that's the word.

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I'm just going to eat. May Allah forgive us. You want companionship of Mohammed Salah Salam in the Akira? Yes, I want to how do you achieve it? At least discipline yourself, at least fulfill what instructions Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came with and respect those who are known as water that will ambia whether you disagree with them or not. You watch the scholars watch the scholars look at them, you will find the distinct difference between those who have sound character and conduct together with their knowledge and those who don't. Many times it's got to do with whether they have a mentor or not. And if the mentor happens to be a father or a family member, you

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will notice a distinct difference, a cut above the rest by the will of Allah not in all cases. But in most cases. When an alum has great character, he becomes a mentor. When he has a beautiful way of speaking he becomes a leader for the for the Ummah and there is hope for the oma but when the Ola ma have lost their character, their conduct, they abuse with their tongues those whom they differ with. It's a sign of the hour. It's a sign of the hour, you are carrying something more valuable than anything. You have a whole lot of diamonds and gold you don't need to swear anyone else who perhaps might not have the same diamonds and gold. You just need to know you have it and you need to market

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it in the correct way with the best of words. May Allah grant us a good tongue. What was the point of those who swore and yelled at others? A day will come when we will meet Allah subhanho wa Taala what answer Are we going to give Subhan Allah

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us and grant us goodness learn the lesson. My brothers, my sisters.

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character and conduct is what you will earn jhana through according to the hadith of Rasulullah Salaam, over and above your Eman and your acts of worship. But if you have a man and acts of worship, and You have no character and conduct you have lost all those acts of worship to someone else because you're going to pay them with those deeds as a payment on the day of piano for having wronged them back bitten about them abused them where did not be Muhammad Salah seldom call another man from amongst those who uttered the Shahada, a dog or a cow or a pig or anything else. But we have people in our midst with huge beards, who will never miss the hug Jude who call others dogs and

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pigs and cows and cattle and they make they make it as though they are justified to do that. It's a sign of piety never, ever, we are not embarrassed to say it's not a sign of piety. It's a sign of shaytans trap. Having entrapped you, which has to be called another Sahabi, an animal or a Reverend or whatever else it may be a pundit. Why use such cheap words when we have the knowledge of Allah that we need to disseminate? Who are you and what do you think you're doing? It's enough my brothers and sisters, we will never ever let that happen to us. Because we know

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we're in luck Allah Allah fool. Okay, now mean you are indeed upon the highest level of character for you to come over here. Oh, come. Aha, Sunoco McClurkin? Never the professor solemn has said indeed the best from amongst you are those with best character and this is why you have some people with a lot of knowledge and information about the deen but they don't have the wisdom to spread it. Allah did not choose them to spread goodness, but chose them to spread fitna because of their arrogance because of their pump. Because of them feeling they are better than others. Allah chose them to do the opposite, but they are knowledgeable. They have knowledge. It's a lot of information.

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How do you pick it up? No wisdom, no character, no conduct, they don't respect those whom they differ with.

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If I differ with you, surely I should be able to reach out to you in the most beautiful way to explain the difference so that my aim is for you to come on board or maybe I'm wrong. The aim would be for me to correct myself But no, I can never be wrong. I have a beard longer than yours. How can I be wrong? No ways. I'm older than you I can never be wrong. Yeah, but in

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any mean in Mima Mia tick for Brittany dicalcium

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Oh my father, knowledge has come to me that did not come to you follow me. I'll guide you in the right way. Ibrahim alayhis salam guided his father who was double his age or more at a certain point Subhan Allah, did he speak with this respect? Did he not use the greatest of character conduct and wisdom yet he was a newbie of Allah sent to his own father and the community they did not accept but he did not lose his ways. Did he say oh my father, you're a dog. Oh my father, you're an animal. You're a pig. No way. Never ever. I learned the lesson from the death of Maulana Taha, he stood for something. He knew what he was standing for. He was backed up totally by knowledge. And he presented

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it with great wisdom. He never ever turned to the side to respond to the naysayers Not once. He never ever bothered about those who swore Him. May Allah grant me and you and all of us the strength he never ever wasted time. He used to say we have more important things to do. Here he is already presenting his deeds in front of Allah. And where were we? We saw him we shouted at him. We mocked at him. We made a joke of him. We laughed at him. We printed pamphlets about him and what did we achieve? La hawla wala quwata illa Villa, where is he for us to go and seek forgiveness from him to say, you know what, you were actually right, we were wrong. Or you were right on five things. We

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were right on the other five. But we were not justified to call you the dirtiest names Allah blessed you with a Friday. Allah blessed you with such a blessing of death. My brothers and sisters we need to know the oma is bleeding. The pandemic is real. And by all means we will differ as to how to deal with it. No problem. But that's your brother. Love him with the difference. That's another scholar. respect him, even though you may respectfully disagree and you may strongly disagree, no problem. He is a scholar. He is a man of Allah. You don't know his relationship with Allah in a kurama come.

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The money at Cancun. Indeed the most honored from amongst you are those who have Taqwa closeness with Allah who knows that only Allah knows that. Be careful. My brothers, my sisters, you might lose your Hera. Just because you spoke about someone you did not know was close.

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To Allah but might have made a mistake so what mistakes are permissible for a banner law to add? In?

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Oh Allah, our ob, do not hold against us our forgetfulness and our errors. Allah says no problem I did that. It's that that's okay. I will not hold against you your forgetfulness and your errors. What about us? If he made a mistake we purposely without making a mistake, swore back insulted back said the most demeaning things for a man who is today sitting very calm and so beautifully and amazingly, with Allah subhanho wa Taala. May Allah grant us such a good death.

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May Allah Almighty bless us remember, I'm mentioning this because it's my duty to let you know don't mess your tongue. Please don't ever mess your tongue about someone else. You have a life you have family, you have agenda to go to. You want your Salah to be accepted God your tongue, that's the most important thing. respect people, you will find those with character and conduct are the true mentors that you're supposed to follow. How can a chef be your chef when he himself needs help? Because his heart is filled with hatred and jealousy and malice. He is no chef. He's actually someone who needs help himself, no matter what he comes to you with. Remember this so if you have

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someone you're looking up to remember they are no longer that level that they used to be in this woman some time back.

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They would also make mistakes. I will make mistakes. I make him every day. It's up to you to identify this is a blunder excuse him. If I get a chance, I'll tell him If not, at least there's a lot of other things I've benefited from Alhamdulillah that is the oma my brothers, my sisters we are one we are one we love each other even if we differ with a few matters, no problem. And this is why I want to mention the Hadith that I started off. Speaking about. The prophets Allah says a sign of Yama is that knowledge will disappear. But how will he take it away? He won't just cause it to disappear like that. In Allah to Allah leyenda zerolemon designe enter zero humanness wala Qin into

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zero who be Motorola Moto E. Allah will not just * the knowledge away like that when people turn away and people are no longer interested. Allah says we take the scholars away, you didn't appreciate the knowledge. We start off taking knowledge by taking the scholars away one by one by one and you find the caliber that is left no longer scholars May Allah grant us at least an entry into being a student of knowledge to begin with.

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Either Lima there will come a time when they will not be a single true scholar remaining. It turns out the nurse who sang Jo holla for sui lufa after will be really mean for Balu.

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They will come a time when the people who will consider someone who knows nothing as their leader, someone who doesn't even discipline them. Someone who doesn't teach them the knowledge of Allah in his resume. They consider him a massive scholar and what will happen they will ask they will receive an answer wrongly so this person is misguided and they will miss guide others that's a sign of PMR so I want to tell you as I end these few minutes of a short talk to say my brothers and sisters, appreciate the scholars around you appreciate them don't bad mouth them when you bad mouth them you have lost the coming generation because they will not just bad mouth them they will beat them up.

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And they might even do more than that. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. Learn to teach your children to respect a scholar no matter who he is and what side he is on. Learn that because this is the deen of Allah, we are carrying some goodness. Who knows tomorrow in the eyes of Allah you might find out you were all wrong and that one person was actually right. Then what? Allahu Akbar? May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us? Do you care about your ophira? Do you really believe that there is a day when Allah is going to question you? Do you really believe that is a day you're going to stand in front of Allah? If that's the case, men can you know Billa he will do me a favor if and

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only whoever truly believes in Allah and the Last Day and the accounts and standing in front of Allah and giving the deeds should either say that which is beneficial or remain silent.

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May Allah grant our home Jana to for those May Allah make it easy. May Allah make it easy for his family. May Allah protect us all and help us to fulfill the duties of those who have passed away we make dua, we ask Allah we change our lives, we benefit from whatever has been left behind. There is great work that was done by molana Baja, go and check it out. Go and see go and search. You will find some

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Some of the things he has done, nobody else has actually done. You might wonder what is it I'm not going to tell you right here right now, you must know you must learn you must appreciate and that is when we will really understand who are the scholars of Allah? Who are the scholars of this Deen of Allah.

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And then again we all need to develop our character conduct whether you're a scholar or you're whatever else you may be just a normal human being. Develop your luck. Develop your of love and if you are teaching others the deen learn a little bit of wisdom. Talk to people with utmost respect, respect even your enemy because tomorrow he will be your brother. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive our shortcomings Apolo Kohli hada wa sallahu wa salam ala Baraka ala nabina Muhammad

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