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Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of donkey milk as a cure for severe colitis and how it has been shown to be beneficial in various countries. They also mention that donkey milk is notMVally drinkable and that it is not commenced by the Prophet. The speaker emphasizes the importance of staying away from false claims about the effectiveness of donkey milk, such as the use of goat or sheep milk, and the need for testing to determine its effectiveness.
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beauty products and soap made from donkey milk. It's the new phenomena people are using and they're saying it has amazing results. But is it haram? Or is it halal? Even in some customs people use donkey milk as an allege as a cure. For example, they say if you have a very severe cough and you drink donkey milk that it will go away. And this has proven the general principle regarding what type of milk is halal and what type of milk is haram. The scholars mentioned that whatever is had to eat its meat, then the milk which comes from that animal is halal. And whatever type of meat is haram for you to eat, then the milk which comes from that animal is haram. And Donkey meat is haram.

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Therefore, donkey milk and everything that comes from it also is haram. This is according to the general principles. However, when I saw this, this phenomenon really any many countries around the world, people are ready, especially the sisters that are focusing on using this type of soap. My wife received this as a gift and Muslim countries. And you see in the Gulf, it's widespread and other Muslim countries and even in the west where people are buying this type of these type of products and they say no, it works at the the black traces that people have under their eyes. They said they use this soap that removes it. So I decided to dig a bit deeper and look at what the

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scholars had mentioned regarding donkey milk. When it comes to drinking donkey milk in all of the four schools of FIP. It's haram it's not permissible to drink donkey milk. However, when it comes to using document as a cure, there is a difference of opinion between the scholars. Some of them say it's permissible and they have a general principle that using images or that which is impure, and they mentioned an example like using different types of urine. If there's a proof proven cure in it, then they say it's permissible. However, the more authentic and strong review and shallow Tada of our scholars may Allah have mercy upon them all, is that it's not permissible to use Nejat

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impurities or other haram things when it comes to cures. Therefore using products which have donkey milk in them, whether they're beauty products, or different medicines, it's not permissible It is haram and that is because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he made donkey meat haram therefore the milk which comes from the donkey is going to be a haram as well. And secondly, and another Hadith he said Ali salat wa salam in Allaha Lamia, JAL, Shiva comfy Muharram Alikum that indeed Allah has not made your shifa your cure, and that which He has made haram upon you. And the fact that some people say that it actually really works, and it's beneficial, and it's been proven

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to do this and that, that doesn't make it Helen and hamdulillah there are many other Halal alternatives. You have products that are made from goat milk or sheep milk, which are halal and also proven to be beneficial. So we focus on that which Allah has made halal for us, and we stay away from that which Allah has made haram for us. It's a test to test you now if people say it's beneficial, but It's haram. I'm gonna stay away from I'm not going to mess with something that has been made haram in Islam, even if they claim there's benefits in it. And Allah knows best Allah Allah, Allah wa Sallim wa barakaatuh to be Muhammad

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