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AI: Summary © A branch manager of an exchange company discusses the importance of reciting and practicing the Quran in keeping the faith of Islam. They stress the need to remember the names of Islam and to focus on the importance of being the company of those who care for the world. The manager also emphasizes the importance of being the company of those who want to have more success and not those who want to be the ones who have lost their minds.
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Yes, Brother

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Salam was my approach and I'm the branch manager of one of the exchange companies. My question is, can you please give us few tips on increasing our faith so that we realize this life is Last Chance.

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But there has asked the question, a very significant question. What are those few tips or the pieces of advice that our scholars have given, in order that we may keep our faith, our Eman intact, in a manner that we may react and reflect now for the last chance? Brother, ignore him, one of the great scholars of Islam. He said many things he said about at least 10 things that can empower our faith that can empower our airmen that can keep us steadfast that can keep us form. Some of the things are number one, reciting and reflecting upon the Quran.

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In reality, why are we away from Allah is because we are away in a real sense, in a practical sense, from the kalam of Allah from the Quran. From the Quran, as I mentioned, we are made for honors just merely the book of Baraka.

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And one of the significant tools or the way that can keep us intact and remind us keep us reminded about the last chance is the reflection upon the Quran.

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We need to read it, understand it, practice it, promoted judge by it, if you do not all do all these things, ignore him he says

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giving the explanation of Surah Furqan surah number 25 is number 30 in which the Messenger of Allah Wallah when I read when I yo when I listen to this, I have the Quran my heart trembles you know why? The Nabhi of Allah Our and your our Habib Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would complain about those people who had neglected the Quran. Allah says in the Quran recorded this complain off rasool Allah in Surah Furqan surah number 25 is number 30 in which Allah subhanho wa Taala he says we're calling our rasuluh Yara B and on that day, the Messenger of Allah would say, in Omaha zoo Hodel Khurana Maha Jura more certainly Oh my lord, my people, my own ma my own nation, they have

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migrated from the Quran. They have gone away from the Quran and this is the cause of our lack of reminder about the last chance.

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If we do not listen, read, believe practice. Remember, memorize, promote and judge the Quran. We are as if migrating from the Quran. So the first thing is attached to the Quran, be the companion of the Quran and that will keep you reminded about the last chance. The second thing is reflect upon the names of Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty has given all these names. Ask Allah with all these names, ask Allah as the word Ottawa, the one who accept repentance, forgive us, as and go for the one who forgives, ask Allah repent, repent, reflect upon the names and attributes of Allah, the more and more you know Allah, you will be reminded of Allah and the more you are reminded of Allah you will

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be get closer to Allah and you will become the Beloved of Allah and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Allah Almighty, listen to this, mark these words, Allah Almighty, He will never throw a person in the Hellfire whom he loves. So be the Beloved of Allah by reflecting upon the names of Allah. Also, another way is whenever there are there are two matters in front of you want to please Allah and to is to please the people or the situation or the things, please Allah give priority to Allah. Another way is that being the company of those who care for the hereafter, who reminds you about the hereafter not of those who are in the desire to have more not of those who

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compete with each other in the matters of dunya not about those who boast themselves in the matters of the world.

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and keep yourself with these kinds of people. Inshallah, Allah subhanaw taala will help us all in terms of utilizing this as the last chance, we hope and we pray to Allah Almighty to give us the guidance help us, help us to be the one who utilizes this life as the last chance of that answers your question