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a sign up. Some of you who are going to be want to talk about karate

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when I was

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growing up

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when I

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want to say it aloud

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we got Sherlock

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Holmes welcome over Kenny

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Coleman sudima, Shelby, AMC

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We spend a Sunday you're gonna mind your dear friends, my beloved elders because of the students.

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Firstly, we need to understand that from the time a lot of power has created this world and created the system, according to colorations, approximately, plus minus 6000 years and pass in this 6000 years, different nations different traditions, different cultures, different communities came in and made

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a few of which we know about, and a few of which will not be the few which we know about is because of the mentioning of Milan, and through the narrations of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, one thing common in all these nations and tradition was then they disregarded

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and they degraded the female gender

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and things that according to the Roman Empire, equals allow for the husband to lawfully killed his wife, and there were no SQL questions.

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There was no issue today because the husband to kill his wife lawfully.

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According to the tradition of missiles, there used to be a market and a woman used to be sold in this market, each and every part of her body was explicitly exposed mentioned, this does auction and then there used to be sold.

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Of course, according to the time,

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the environment

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Come over here. And when there are people in the clip tiny of a female child, yeah, faces change, and they recover at

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home, and they start hiding themselves from the people or the society. It comes in nations that environment was such that the people of their time used to take their violence in the jungle, Pika trench. And when she was she was about to deliver a child, they would make the mother lie down near the change. And if it was a female, straight into the trench, if it was a male and congratulate each other,

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because they used to think that we will have no use.

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They are fatherless, they can assist us in half naked, they can assist us in battle, and we invest in them in the end, they get married in someone else's house. So so there is no this this investment is not fruitful. That's how they used to be. It comes in nations that was

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was asked regarding because well it doesn't have to be as visa

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is received same feel john was asked before what Cindy you can do my father

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mentioned once he came to the message of Allah, and he said, Allah, I killed $8 of my political life.

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Gave me and he said a lot is on replay.

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But now whenever a scene was to me his incidence of ignorance,

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never commanded anyone to expiate to pick a farm, but on this particular occasion,

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on Monday, that's a hobby that go and three. Excuse me, Dr. Bonilla, to the sovereign nation they were profitable economic slaves.

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Wasn't scheduled

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to go and do it again, in exchange

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for this weekend and the same recipe of the same

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according to the people on the island worshipers, because they used to marry daughters, sons with the same mentality that we are going to invest in our daughters in someone else's house, so rather use in your own house.

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That is why there's this famous story of Coppola. It was

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a famous, a famous father, the teacher, the mom.

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A long time ago, I was the teacher.

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And the students came up to me. So I would like

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to seek any ceilings during the process that allows them to

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go to a certain place and find a man by the name of Rob, and give him the time that his house is going to be next to me in general. Now, this is what I have to speak of.

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When he wakes up, it's a command.

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So he starts digging, and he reaches a place. And he finds out about this metal rod. And upon finding out he gets to know that abroad is juicy, he says, I don't know why she was so

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shocked, then I really wish she was next to the house of the prophet of Judah, How's this possible? Again,

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he's. So finally he goes to the house of brown. And I'm wrong, because he was the leader of the place, if you can tell me that immediate behavior scholar, he says he visited me. So he welcomes him. And then he also was a US citizen. And of course, I mentioned solutions and questions in this. What good D has done

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is given to this rectangle. So he mentions that I married my daughters with my son. That is the reason why I mentioned this also because they regarded it as an investment that I made my daughters to my son, because boxing is what allowed you know what tradition they came up with the reason so many years

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from Brown replied when I married my daughters to my sons, I invited the whole of Cindy for eight days. And I tell everyone oficiales, the rich the poor,

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the male's the females.

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What is the when I was returning to home, I heard a voice of a woman who was crying in the house whenever you close and asked her The reason. She informed me that?

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And I said yes. She said she said to me that although you have been giving all of the Society for the past eight days, but since eight days there is not a single most of the way in my stomach, or in the some of my daughter. She was a widow

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mentions that I don't know what happened to me. I went home, I got all the food. I got all the money. And I came and I gave it to her at that particular moment, that small young female child said that give your house nation the profit of Atlanta. So I must have accepted

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their policies Yes, that might go

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wrong says I'm going to leave

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a lot.

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So this is how a female child was regarded in the past. And the reason why I'm talking about this today is because Today is October. According to the United Nations General Assembly 11 October has been declared a day in which

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awareness regarding female gender is false marriages and falling and falling below children. So what I want you to understand that there are some people outside who think that we serve as a biased religion if someone doesn't speak about gender equality.

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First of all, does raise gender inequality from

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a period is a period of equal each birth, American not give birth. That's why you go to any place, any place, you will find a different portion for men.

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What is the gender equality,

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this gender equality that we should be calling gender equals gender equality. Now what does this all say regarding does it sound good that seems to be the children. Yes, it does. Let us think about we are going to look at three concepts. Firstly, the spiritual concept Secondly, the economic concept and thirdly, the social

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It comes with the spiritual concept.

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When a person has to do a good deed, well in some way or a fee, Allah soprano in general

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appreciates the efforts of both males and females. But the confusion comes in when people have started misunderstanding the verse rpgr

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alleges on analisa that males are superior, they claim is not the meaning of PRP

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is to help responsibility of the feminine,

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that may are responsible for their family

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that made us feel men are responsible for the offender for women,

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currencies and this verse which is misunderstood outside, then someone might ask that, okay, if Islam says there is gender equality in spiritual aspect, then why there are no female messengers, why they are no female prophets. If you have to look at the profit industry, you know, the five main messages she was asked to lead is that promises demands sacrifice, and he demands physical torture. You you look at the stories of Prophet Muhammad, he was, he was tortured physically.

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Look at the story of Rosario,

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this, everyone was talking to someone is giving us respect to the female gender, that they are not supposed to go through that project. This is why you will always find messages in the past. So straightaway we are

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looking at the economic aspect. When a woman gets married, or before she's married, deliver after Mary is now has given her the right to remain with her father's name. The hospital cannot force her to change her surname

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is subsistence

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is a when a woman gets married, and she comes into the family who's responsible of the house, whose responsibility is the male financially is the mayor. Woman is not demanded by Sharia to spend a single family in the household

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is available supposed to spend, it is the man who's supposed to take care of the woman in the case of divorce as well. To get a waiting period period as to finish, the man is supposed to take care of his finances. In case of divorce, amazing jet the charge of the child has rendered.

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So in every stage of life,

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Allah Allah has led her to person to take care of herself and no one else. And that is why you will see that when it comes to inheritance, a man is given two shares. And a woman is given one share why? Because in every stage of her life, she doesn't have to take care of anyone, but how many every stage of his adult history of his mother is taken the sister is take care of his daughter, and everyone

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from the social aspect.

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When the woman is in the role of the daughter, what is the result of

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that a person has a daughter, and he does not insult her and he does not lie, and he takes care of a child and God is going to drive the agenda.

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And he has two daughters and he takes care of them. Then

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he and I are going to be together like these subpoenas in general. If a person has to take copious notes.

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you will find most of the time people saying that it doesn't allow our daughters to achieve knowledge to go ahead and gain knowledge.

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When it is mandatory upon every male and female to achieve knowledge is one person. What is doesn't allow is to go and achieve the same knowledge in an environment which is full of equality and modesty. Apparently no strikes. We are empowering our daughters, but spiritually we are changing there is really some resonance.

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Now when the same female as you play the role of Hawaii, what happens?

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You find people asking you that why is it alone for men to marry a woman

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and not allow a woman to marry for men

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Firstly, because if a woman has married more men, is going to be confusions in the lineage, whose child, the child is going to be born, Whose child is going to be counted? Who's going to be the father?

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Secondly, why is this old say that a man can marry one.

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But now

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there's many, two, three, or four, we will have your choice for tomorrow.

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If you got to deal with all of them with justice for a while, there's only many one. So literally, if you can't keep them with justice together, and only many 111.

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No, looking at the American statistics,

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you will find that there are more than 8 million more women than men in America. The reason why, why are people using this example, because it was easy to find the essence of six, there are a million more women in America than men. Now, if all too many, one woman, 8 million women are left without a husband, the problem gets bigger. When you get to know the 55 million men are solo once again,

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the problem gets bigger.

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And it gets worse when you get to find out that 98% of prisoners are males.

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So the solution to the problem is run a walk over to me and deciding

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mainly to be a book. And this was only revealed after the Battle of

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when many Sahaba lost their lives. And they we know that children were left behind this was this was was the beginning in order to take care of. So this is the gentleman he really taught by itself.

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If we don't understand Islam deeply, then we might fall prey to the same phrase which is being said outside Islam needs to be reformed. itself doesn't need to be the form itself needs to be understood

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as understanding okay.