Nouman Ali Khan – Choices In Relationships

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan beautifully shares with us some very basic things about relationships within the family and some widespread issues which are plaguing all families Muslim or not. There is a major misconception that we as Muslims are somehow immune from the problems of the modern world. This is nothing but a mere deception. 

the first topic of discussion in this regard is about education. What is that we consider a good education and why do people get an education? The two fundamental reasons for which people pursue an education nowadays is either to get a career or to gain some respect in society. Further discussions ensue which makes for a very interesting listen.

The next topic that is touched base upon is that of parenting skills in society. How to raise our children and how do we openly communicate with them and that forms the focus of the next part of the lecture. Another topic that generates ample interest is that of marriage which deserves an intent listen too.