Ikram Sanaullah – The Almighty loves those who give charity

Ikram Sanaullah
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of giving charity in Islam, including the negative impact of giving money in the present tense on personal health and personal relationships. They also touch on controversy surrounding the use of DRAMs in the media and the negative impact of giving money in politics. A woman describes her experience with Islam as a way to protect her money and her reputation, and how a man named Muhammad sallahu threatened her with burning her money and subhanho her body. The conversation also touches on the history of Islam and the responsibility of individuals to reach out to others, including records of the Holy Quran and pressure on people to give money to charity.
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hamdulillah Alhamdulillah I

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mean Obi Wan

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Julian fusina woman sejati Amanita Maya de la jolla woman you

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Allah Sheree Kala wanna shadow nessa

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rasuluh amar altavilla homina shaytani rajim Londoner the Rotten Tomato a boon walmartone Zippo Minh shading find a lhaviyani sakoda de risk respected a satisfy cara, my dear friends and my beloved elders in Islam. Allah Allah says in the Holy Quran cannot be rotten, tomato a boon, you can never achieve the righteousness of piety until and unless you have to spend in the path of Allah what is most beloved to you? There is one of the Mohamed Salah bhawani wasallam said earlier

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a giving hand is better than a receiving hand. And that is why upon one occasion, when I

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was gifted with hundred thousand deram by the honey for her time, she was fasting, she called the worker and she said to her, they take this hundred thousand dyrham and give it into charity. The worker goes donates and comes back and the worker says that I shop you would have left a little bit of a loan from 100,000 era in order for you to break your fast saw that Ayesha says to her. Why didn't you tell me before we would have done it. Nevertheless, it is done. It is donated, done and dusted. That is That was the condition of a Muslim at the time of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam when it came to giving charity, unfortunately the Times have changed. Every weekend, we

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will go out with our families and we will spend money worth 700 800 sometimes 1500 quotes on a meal and then we give hundred or 200 kwacha in the masjid or in any Islamic projects and we prayed about it. We are happy about it. They also give us the right understanding of Deen let us have a look at the aspect of reward when it comes to giving charity in the back of Allah. What does Allah say? Allah says in the Quran, masala Nina Yun una mano de la cama de la

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Asana Villa fee coolie somebody may Allah

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Sha one long, it's a long verse, but the gist of the verse is that if you have to spend 50 cents 15 way in the path of Allah, Allah, Allah will multiply it for you by 700 times 15 when the path of Allah, Allah will multiply for you by 700 times, as I

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was sitting in the house, a beggar comes begging, and he asked for money or for other details. Hassan Hassan, Hassan go tell me john, go tell your mother to take out two DRAM from the six DRAM I gave her 1000 comes back with a reply that oh my father, mommy says that didn't you give this six DRAM in order to buy something to cook food. Now this was against the honor of the family of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam money has become Beloved. So the party says oh Fatima, give all the 1600 to this poor person. The poor person takes 60 and he goes

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outside there is nothing in the house to cook is waiting what's going to happen next. A stranger comes with a camel and he says that oh Ali, do you wish to buy this camel analysis that yes, I would love to buy this camera but on load. I don't have cash. So the stranger says okay, fine. Take the camel. Give me 140 dyrham later on, and the stranger goes other Tali ties the camel in is waiting outside. Another stranger there Ali, do you wish to sell the camel at the deli says yes, but I will sell it for 200 and on cash. The manicurist attorney takes 200 and he sends hundred and 42 the first owner he takes 60 DRAM 200 fathima he gives it in the hands of other 30 mine he says oh Fatima

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Haven't you heard what Allah says in the Holy Quran? Mangia Ahmed Hassan who is wrong. When a person comes with one good deed Allah tala will multiply it by 10. You gave six determine the path of Allah, Allah since 60.

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That is the reward. When we give in the path of Allah, Allah tala

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mode, staying in the path of Allah before the angel of death has to knock your dose. Why? Then you will say rock panna cotta Allah Allah chillin curry Allah keep us some more time

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leeway, so that when you give us life we can spend in your path but it will be too late. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked the Prophet Muhammad Are you Satyapal which is the best of charity? Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam replied, oh come on Allah salat wa salam, he say that the best charities that charity which you give in the presence of your mind, while you're still young, you still have love for that money and you given the path of Allah, not in your last moments of life, when you start seeing reality. When you start seeing reality, the relatives are seated right next to you. Now you're saying this land for this month, this land for that madrasah, and the

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relatives are insulting that he spent his whole life using the same well. And now as he's going he's donating everything. So Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the best charities that charity which you give in the presence of mind, when you still have the love for money.

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It comes to the narration that we

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say that there are two angels who do nothing other than one supplicating and one cursing whenever a person has to spend in the form of a lot the one angel says

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Allah give the best substitute to the person who's spending in your path and whenever a person has to hope something is stingy. The angel curses Alomar Ki Moon secant Allah, Allah tala destroy the wealth of this person and Allah subhanho wa Taala destroys is when it comes in another generation Mohammed Salah said when Allah tala created Chanda Shaka, Fiona, Allah tala caused the river to flow with Allah fie hakima and then Allah subhanho wa Taala held fruits in gender and then Allah addressed gender and he said the economy agenda speak to me the agenda say the minute Allah What can I say other than fortunate is that person has to reside in me was to stay in me. So Allah subhanho

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wa Taala said, Bobby is a tea which Allah de ma you job

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by the author of my treasure and honor, I will not allow a stingy person to stay in you. I will not allow a stingy person to stay in you. It comes in console mode. There was a man who was famous for his evil action. Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is mentioning this nation, he was famous for his evil actions, what he used to do that there was a nest of birds, whenever the bird would lay, and hatch the A, he would come and create the newly born bird from the parents. In the heated the, the birds addressed a wall and they said, Oh, I love this man is being oppressive to us. So Allah subhanho wa Taala reply in our soloqueue if he has to repeat what he has done, I'm going to

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destroy him. Time passes by the men comes again. He finds the nest the eggs already. And now he finds a poor person passing by asking for a piece of bread. The man gives him a piece of bread. And then he grabs the newly born bird again, the birth address Allah subhanho wa Taala and they say

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Tana and to believe in Allah.

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Allah tala, you promised us if he has to repeat that action, then you're going to destroy him. But he's okay. Allah tala replies alum Lama de la

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casa de young Minnesota, young birds don't you know, I cannot destroy or harm a person was to give charity in a day was to give charity in a day. I cannot destroy your touching. I'm not trying to advocate or teach injustice. But I'm trying to inform you that the best way the fastest way to get your sins forgiven in the court of law is through Toba and then charity. Another narration comes in comes from Omar at the time of Hassan Hassan there was a man who was famous for his evil actions. The people of Hassan Hassan came and complained that all he saw this man has been troubling us. And he has passed on his limits. He saw the Salam cursed him. And he saw the Salam told his people that

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he's going to die tomorrow. The next day comes, the man is happy and he's walking nothing has happened to him. So the people come to the salad salons No, he says cast him but he's still alive. As an Allah subhanho wa Taala heard your prayers. json calls the man and the man is carrying a bundle of wood on his head. He tells him to put the bundle down and he tells him to open the bundle. When the bundle is open. There is a venomous snake inside.

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Sorry Sam says that according to my to our Allah subhanho wa Taala has charged his snake to harm you. But why didn't he tell you what good deeds

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You perform today. The man says that I do not know of anything. He says think properly. The man says that as I was coming, I found a big on the road I gave him a piece of fruit. So when a person has to give something in the path of Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala alleviates calamity. Nothing Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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Allah, giving charity in the path of Allah alleviates calamity. Take this example. You have 10,000 kwacha in your head. You give 1000 per child the path of Allah you come home with 9000 potshots apparently it looks like your wealth is decreased. But by the customer of Allah, that 1000 project in the path of Allah is protecting your 9000 kwacha and another 90,000 kwacha to come forward. And on the other hand, you have the 10,000 kwacha in your head, you're not giving it in the path of Allah, you come home, you're waiting for medical bill, advocates bill, lawyers pill panel beating etc etc. You will spend more than 1000 questions there is no reward. So why not give it before Allah

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tala is not in need of money. But what we have to understand as Muslims is that we are supposed to give charity because it is a kind gesture.

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respect to the others and friends how generous our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam used to be, upon one occasion, a non Muslim scholar and a Muslim scholar. I having a debate, the non Muslim says that I know of a man who was more generous than the Prophet Muhammad, the Muslim scholar questions who was so the non Muslim says hockey

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because Ty had eight dogs in his house How many? Eight dogs and upon one occasion abeka masking, he came on the first attempt I gave him something second dog same owner and I gave him something third dog Simona I think I gave him something till the eighth door. I kept giving him what he wanted. So the Muslim scholar says according to according to that our Prophet Muhammad is more generous, because Allah if prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at eight doors on the first door of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam would get so much so much that he that person wouldn't have the need to go to the second third in a row on the first day he would be satisfied. That is how

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generous he

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was. Now I'll go to the point why I've been screaming and shouting about charity for the last 13 minutes. We have all heard of the condition. Zambia is facing right now there was a tough few months ago and certainly they are not in certain areas. as Muslims It is our responsibility to reach out to them. There are two records in the Holy Quran which talks about charity. And then Allah mentioned in the in the explanation that we are supposed to give money in the park of Allah, not out of favor, not because we want someone else to accept this love, but because it is our responsibility. We are supposed to give out to them. And that is why McKinney Islamic Society trustor hamdulillah has

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started this dry way. It just started collecting millimeter pads. a millimeter baby 73 kwacha respected elders and friends, there are more than thousand brothers in this machine Oh 500 or 600. If one bag comes from each person, who will do so much for the oma will do so much. If Allah subhanaw taala is gifted someone with mobile, he's supposed to give more in the path of Allah. At the time of the tumor, the toddler who there was a drought in Medina, and other tomorrow, the amount Allah who wrote a letter to all the governors of the time, that send food and money to Medina, camels after camels used to come with food, and the people of Medina was assisted by the people

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outside in 1840. There was a famine in Ireland in Ireland, and a message was passed off to assist them the Ottoman Empire empire of that time, Abdul Majeed, he decided to give 10,000 pounds of their time, which is equal to a million or more dollars now to send to Ireland. And the queen of that time, Queen Victoria sent a letter to Abdul Majeed that we have only managed to gather 2000 pounds, if you give 10,000 it will be a shame on us. So why don't you give 1000 there was a time when this muslima was requested that give less, you're giving a lot

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that was the time in this room and we belong to the same respected elders in France. So do we all make intention of giving towards this cause?

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That looks like only 100

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not even hungry, do we all make intention of giving towards this cause inshallah. inshallah and my talk with, with the with on a lighter note, on the story of stinginess, you know, there is this man mentioned in the books of Arabs hashima a sham I don't remember the name properly. He was once traveling. And he was hungry. So he found a tent

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He goes to the gym, he finds a lady inside. So he asks for food, but the lady stingy. So she says that you think this is the hotel outside? Now it isn't the Bloods of have to feed people. These days, they were very generous, but this lady didn't fit. So the husband comes, and he starts arguing with the wife that you this is what correct. We are supposed to give. He cuts a gold and he makes food, and he gives it to this visit. So in this scenario, the woman is stingy. And the husband is generous. The person starts, he reaches another place, and now he's hungry again. He finds another 10. And then he goes in the house asking for food. And there is a lady there. But the scenario is

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opposite. The lady is generous. She she cuts the goat and she prepares the food. And she she gives it to this man, this visitor, the husband comes in he starts shouting, do you think this is our tail? So now Hashem starts laughing loudly. The man asks, Why do you love? He says that on the previous occasion on the previous destiny as I saw destination, I saw that the woman is stingy. And the man is generous. And here I am seeing the woman is generous, and the man is stingy. So the man says, Do you know who they are? The woman who stingy is my sister. And the husband who is generous is my wife's product. So sometimes stinginess runs in the family, you have to break that. You have

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to break it and this is the right time. Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the ability to practice practice on whatever has been said amin welcome

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