Abdullah Oduro – Morning Reminder 20-05-2023

Abdullah Oduro
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From the Lahiru behind me, so Allah who sent him a bag and then beat him Hamid while Ernie, he was in Audrina, my

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most proud of what the artist says in the chapter of Shura, which was decided in the first record

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is what he has legislated in regards to what he is legislative for all of us. And it's two things, while also painting what Dan had mentioned, the advice that he's given to all of us through the prophets, where he says after all the blemishes on our gene shout out Ikumi Mina Dini, Mel Asami he knew how and when did he Oh, hey, not you like Oh, Mel seen him he Ibrahim Musa ASA and again with Tina when I took the federal coffee

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last month Ah, there's legislative for you.

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When shot shot, demon wants to be knew what to do. Hey, now,

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it wouldn't last $1 is legislated shutter alikom for all of you. What he has given to Nora and the ones that are to newer and to all of you and to Ibrahim Musa Issa and Hakim wood Dean, to establish the Dean what letter to follow Kofi to establish the deen and to not separate. So within the legislation of Allah being that he is the Shatter, he is one that legislates he has given us components within this religion of that which brings us together as a community. And that which individually gets you closer to Allah subhanaw taala as well. So here he says an Hakim with Dean, where he is legislative for the prophets, is an Hakim with Dean one letter for Rocco. So the first

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thing is establishment of the establishment of the religion. Now when we think of the establishing of the deen in the religion, it is we automatically may think community in establishing a comment to Salah But firstly, its establishment of the religion in your heart and in your mind, establishing the religion in your heart by understanding who the shouty is the legislator, Who is he and what does he deserve? And what is your relationship with him individually, how are you establishing a relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala individually with individually within yourself, knowing who he is knowingly says he is not understanding that and based on that relationship of when you

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think of certain aspects of who he is, it increases your closeness to him. And different aspects of worship, as we've talked about from love, fear honor.

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That's the establishment of the religion within oneself of knowing Allah subhana wa Tada. And then that establishment of the religion will bring us together. So for instance, now you establish that relationship with Allah, individually by getting up at 535 o'clock, to come to the masjid and to pray Gemma, so the fact that you've established the religion within yourself, is the strongest means to establishing the community. And that establishment of the community which is founded and anchored in the establishment of your relationship with Allah individually, is the strongest way to come together collectively. So that is the ultimate Istat ultimate establishment of the deep within

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ourselves, which will eventually be the establishment together as a community. And with that, we will not separate the strongest means of unity of a community is that which is founded in the relationship with God. So if there is a relationship with God individually, and it is strong and it is consistent, when they come together those types of people, there was no tougher rock. So when Allah subhanaw taala says an Hakim with Deen will letter to Farah coffee, to establish the religion and to not separate and in in in result, the establishment of the religion individually and collectively will lead to lack of separation. But when the establishment of the Dean individually

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and collectively is compromised, weak or is not there, there will be separation. So may Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that established the religion in our hearts by understanding Allah subhanaw taala our closeness to him our relationship to him through the different means of showing us through that in the beautiful framework of the religion of Islam, and may He allow us to have our hearts together as a community through

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I'd separate to have that rippling effect on those around us individually the world in the light data

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from benna X and after dunya has now failed. He does he has no opinion either but not along with Finland, the novena or kefir and sejati network telephone Emma and Oberon Allahumma Jana, Adnan Quran and the look, of course it took care of galantamine along a lot more so one in animals to Dafina if he couldn't be mccannon female Sharia cattle all do Mohali behavior. I mean, with a bit up or down whom Yeah, Robin Alameen wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina. Muhammad was an early he was on me

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