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The life of Sa'ad Ibne Abi Waqqas R.A

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Biography Ikram Sanaullah

Ikram Sanaullah
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Mufti Ikram Sanaullah was born in 1990 in India where his initial study on memorization of the Quran began. He moved to Zambia and completed his memorization at the age of 14. For the next seven years he went on to study Arabic Tafsir, Hadith, Aqidah and Fiqh at the well known institute of Jamia Islamia in Zambia, and thereafter studied for one more year in India in Darul Uloom Islamia Arabia (Matliwala)

He traveled around Southern Africa for the purpose of Dawah and occasionally as an invited guest of graduation ceremonies at Institutions of Islamic Education.

Having studied under senior ulama from Africa and the Indian Subcontinent and receiving ijazah from them, he went on to teach and carry out Dawah work, initially in the fishing port of Mpulungu, Northern Zambia, and thereafter at Darul Yatama Orphanage in Lusaka.
From then to the present he has been serving under Makeni Islamic Society Trust where he was granted the opportunity to visit and learn about rehabilitation programs with R.A.U.F and chaplaincy work under the National Muslim Prison Board of South Africa with DCS National Functionary, Molana Mohamed Azeem Khatieb and Molana Shabbeer Asmal -which provided the headway for officially recognizing Muslim Chaplaincy in Zambian Prisons for the first time.

Mufti Ikram Sanaullah frequently addresses Islamic topics on social media and in Friday sermons. In addition to heading dawah and social welfare distribution programs throughout the country, he carries out and delegates Spiritual Care activity in the Correctional Facilities around the country.

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