40 Hadith of Two Words – 02 Hadith 1 – The Evil Eye is Real

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AI: Summary © The Hadith Inshallah book is a popular book that appears in tweets and ad placements, causing some to have doubts about its real significance. The book is a holy eye and is linked to suffering from evil eyes. It is not okay for any Muslim to have any doubt about its real significance.
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See me

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he said start

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he didn't say start right

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillahi na Meadowhall when a start Pharaoh who will now who will be now human Shruti fusina Women say Dr. Dr. Molina.

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Me the law who Philomel the learner homing Doodle for law, the law

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by shadow and ILA in Lamar who is the WHO Lashley Kara

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why shadow Anna Mohammad Abdullah who was solo Salawat Allah He was cinema why they eat screaming good Fira. I'm bout to fitna Hallo Callum Cunnamulla he

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will hail Houda Houda Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are shallow more Martha to ha will coulomb desert and Buddha atone. What could be the Eitan do Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Tim finna come to the first Hadith that we memorized last week collectively the Hajj utterly identity because everybody memorize it a test people here and there. And that is the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam Alain will happen align happen.

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And as we mentioned, many times the Prophet mentioned about himself sallallahu alayhi wa Ana it was setting them birth to be Jawan and kill him. I've been sent as a messenger and I have this thing that is called God why me and kill him. That was the ability that he had to say something that consisted of only a few words.

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But it had far reaching implications. It had a lot of meaning connected to it. A lot of I can bruise connected to it. A lot of ad dad mannerisms connected to it. Joanne l Kellem. So we're going to do these 40 Hadith Inshallah, that only consists of two words, but they have far reaching implications will lie. And the one that we're dealing with today and is not okay for any Muslim who is concerned about himself about his family to sleep on it and to be lackadaisical in this issue because it is

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serious to words and yet it can touch everybody here if it's not touching you already a lot if he's not going to touch you in the future when so Allah Allah I feel sent ama align happen. And I you know, happen.

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The meaning of that is that the evil eye is true, and it's real. And then it's not okay for the Muslim to have any doubt about it being real and true. And about it even afflicting you.

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You have to understand this, the evil eye can afflict the person, whether they are white or black or Arab, could afflict the grown person, the grown man, the grown woman, the old man, the old woman,

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it can afflict any and everybody.

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A human being can give you the evil eye.

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A gin that you can see can give you the evil eye.

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Someone you love can give you the evil eye, someone who you hate, they hate you, they can give you the evil eye, a relative can give you the evil eye, a non relative, you can get the evil eye from someone on the other side of the world. And you re here in the UK.

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The person who's curried can give you the evil eye and the person who's on the other side of the world, can give you the evil eye you put that

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pictures of your children on the internet. You take pictures of yourself going out to eat driving a car, you go to Turkey or you go here you go there and you go to the Burj Khalifa and you take pictures of yourself and you share that with people people don't even know you can give you the evil eye.

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The Muslim can give you the evil eye the non Muslim can give you the evil eye the Hadith says Elaine or happen

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it is not okay for the Muslim to have any

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type any half of that any Schuck no doubt

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about accepting this because our minds can start to say how why when where, like the people of Aleman cannon and Moon Kenema lay the land the highest level never stops. Those questions never stop. How would Allah azza wa jal give the evil eye and allow it to happen by his permission to a newborn baby? A newborn baby? What did the baby do?

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You cannot use your intellect like that. Because there's no kneehigh there's no end to that. Shape. Bonn literally physically poked everybody in the sign of his stomach when he was born, causing everyone to scream out into shout, with the exception of 87 Romanian and his mother Mariam Salawat Allah and he went up the Allah I know, someone will come and say, how and why? Well, it was the way that you bliss is declaring war and everybody I'm here to destroy you and you an innocent baby and

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I'm trying to destroy you from day one. You come into the dunya.

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The person says how can you get the evil eye in his little baby? How can you get from Allah's cover from Allah's wisdom? He allowed me several money in the touch everybody, you're going to deny that as well.

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So we have to make sure that our intellect stays within the realm of questioning what is permissible to be questioned. Not it doesn't fit right. I can't understand it. And that's why he says blah, blah, blah when he was sending this simple Hadith, Alain Hakon it is real, just as real as I'm sitting here right now, I love who I am. People sitting here may have evil eye, all of us, some of us, half of us, the majority of us.

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Evil I can cause you to become sick, not be able to have relationships with your wife, not get along with your relatives lose your job, constant migraines, you can't function if you hit it.

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So we want to take this opportunity to rehearse between ourselves and to understand this hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa it was seldom

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evil eye is established in the Quran and Sunnah. So if anyone is a Muslim, whatever comes to us in the Quran and Sunnah we have to stay we have to take it when my into court and in Hawaii in Hawaii Illa why you knew he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does not talk based upon his desires Whenever he speaks to us is a revelation that has been sent to him so the Quran and the Sunnah, shows us this evil eye first ayat is the IFM sought use of Surah to Yosef in the story when Cole was telling his

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sons who had to go back to Egypt in order to fetch the brother Binyamin and to also continue to look for Yosef Salawat Allah He was sin myt. Allah will tie they mentioned, we'll call a Benia that Holloman Babban Hayden what Holloman Eber wagon moto for written your code said oh my sons, when you go back to Egypt, do not go into the same door collectively at the same time. But choose different doors to go through you go through a door you go through another door to two you go through another

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door don't go all together through the same door.

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And this proves the importance of taking precautions. Taking precautions and not throwing caution to the wind.

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away is the Deal of wisdom proof the connection of this and the evil eye. The connection is that Abdullah ibn bass, the Twitter G Man of the Quran, who the Prophet may do offer Allahumma ylim who will Al Quran, teach him the meaning of your book, Abdullah Abdullah bass taught his students Mujahid and Qatada and at the heart as Sunday, all of those scholars from the self

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said the meaning of this ayat is that your call was a free for his sons. And being afflicted, free for them being afflicted by the evil eye. And that's because they were nine of them. That group were nine. They were close to each other in age, all of them were attractive and handsome. All of them.

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So them coming into the city, through the same door, nine brothers looking the way they look. Bodily prowess, looking handsome, the way they look, the way they dress, people seeing them is going to draw the attention to people. It could be your enemy, it could be not your enemy. Evil Eye comes as a result of someone who has has said, he has envy on you. It's also coming from someone who just has a job, he's just impress you, he doesn't know you. He doesn't mean to harm you. He looks at what you

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have. And he says, whoa, wow, or something like that.

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So if you can imagine and most of us don't have nine sons, if you can imagine having nine sons. All of them are strong, all of them handsome. All of them look alike. When they come into the spot. Everyone's going to get their attention. So yeah, cool. Told them. Don't all of you go into the same door. Now, what's the point here that Abdullah Abdullah bass, this is his Tafseer where we get that just make that up out of his head. And he taught that tafsir to those scholars from the tambourine.

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That's the first dealio the second deal from the Quran is even clearer than that. And it's from Surah to column Surah two column. Allahu Taala mentioned in surah two Karim we're in Caribou levena Kapha ruler use, the Hakuna could be Abba Saudi him, LEM Semeru a vicar while your coloane in the whole image known.

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The prophets of sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was reading the Quran and the non Muslims heard him reading the Quran. They used to have different responses. They used to make noise. Some of them will put their ears, their fingers in their ears, some of them will make air rather than turn away and roll out. But this is tell them what they did. Allah said, Verily, some of those people who disbelieve they will cause you to trip up with your eyes looking at you. Yeah, Muhammad. When they

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hear this Quran being read, and they say after hearing it verbally he's made known. So that verb and NZ lap to slip,

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slip how? Because of their eyes.

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This is the ayat of the Quran that Jim Hoare of the marvelous land use to prove Elaine is in the Quran. We're in a car do a levena Cafaro

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they usually corner could be upside him they are about or they will try to make you slip up slit with the eyes looking at you, when they hear this Quran being read. Now someone comes and they have a problem. They put their mind before the Quran, the Sunnah, and they'll say, Well, I think this Tafseer is talking about they'll cause you to slip up in your recitation. You that's what you think.

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Well, listen, we don't believe in in Hurriya, before the Sharia. We believe in the Sharia, a willen were appearing all the time all the time. And we look at what Abdullah bass said, we don't look at what you said. Were you talking about slip up with your recitation. So that's the ayat. As for the Hadith, then there are many a Hadith from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said in an authentic hadith, what kind of shaitan saba qu al Qatar, Lhasa kattiline. If there was

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anything that would have preceded the cover,

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there's the cover, and everything is written, everything was written. And if there was anything that would have come before the cover, it would have been the evil eye that there is a cover, but the evil I could have, if anything, had the ability to be outside of the cutter.

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But everything is with the cutter and everything is inside of the cutter, you're moving and rocking back and forth. Every word, every kennemer, every action, everything is with the cutter, when you're going to die, where you're going to die. All of that is in the cutter

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and nothing is outside of that cutter as it relates to Allah's creation. But if it was something that could have preceded it

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And Ben outside of it, it would have been the evil eye showing you how serious this thing is. Whoever wants to buy into it and take it seriously, let him do it. And whoever wants to just live his life like oh Kevin living my life I don't feel like I had the evil eye. We're not connected to Allah religiously like that to know has it affected us has not affected us

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that evil is powerful.

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And it only can hit somebody for Liza Jong allows it also from the authentic Sunnah of the prophets of Allah what He was selling his dad he said airline ticket, or Raju, I'll cover were to travel German al Qaeda. He said the evil eye will cause a man to enter into his grave it can kill you be in Manila.

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The cutter the evil eye can cause a man to die to enter into the grave, and it can cause the camel to wind up in the cooking pot.

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There were some tribes from Mecca, a Serbian Maleeha very, very attractive, nice looking kid that had a dimple in his chin that enhanced his and embellished his looking the way he did because that's a sign of beauty with the Arabs like it is in most cultures. dimples in the sight of