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Al-Anbiya 1-29 Word Analysis and Tafsir 11-20

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rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim lesson number 164 SoTL ambia. Let's continue our lesson. Welcome fasab nirman Arya 10 and how many a city we have destroyed, we have shattered,

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what city can at lower limit and which was unjust kasana from the root letters are sought me and also my Yakumo is to break something into pieces. It is to shatter and destroy. Think about it. Many times, things are broken in order to be destroyed,

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isn't it So, things are broken down in order to be destroyed. And sometimes you break things out of rage, out of anger. It is said, awesome Allahu wa sallam that may Allah shatter May Allah break the back of the oppressor, meaning May Allah completely destroy him.

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So when something is shattered, when something is broken to pieces, it's completely destroyed. You cannot put it back together. Can you

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know, for example, imagine a vase that is made of crystal that fall to the ground, it shatters to pieces. Can you put all the pieces together? No. Whereas if a table if one leg breaks, maybe you can fix that. But if something is completely shattered to pieces, shattered to pieces, there is no way of putting it back together. It's a useless activity. So we'll come have some namun earlier than how many oceti we have completely destroyed cannot lolly mutton that was alima meaning the people of that city were unjust. How by committing code for by committing ship, we're unsure and we produced by other after it, Coleman hurting other people.

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Meaning so many nations in the past have gone they have been destroyed. Their buildings have been demolished. And their belongings they have been inherited by who by the generation who came after them.

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in sort of a slot at number 17 we learn welcome like laminam curonian member the new worker fabulous bkv, the newbie rebel de hubbie rhombus Lila, and how many have we destroyed from the generations afternoon, la sala. And sufficient is your Lord concerning the sins of his servants as Acquainted and Seeing.

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So all that they gathered all that they amassed in this life, what happened to it, it went into the hands of later people were unsure about their own body, other people were produced after them.

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For them has to be at center. And when they perceived our punishment, who the people of the town that were punished by

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that before being punished when they perceive the punishment when they sensed it. The hustle from his and his his what sense and has is to feel something to perceive something through one senses. Like for example, you can hear someone approaching, you can see someone coming, you can smell something. So a headset is to perceive something through one census to find something through one census. So when they perceived our punishment, meaning when they sensed its arrival, when they realize that it's close, it's here. Whether they saw it coming or they heard it sound they saw it's approaching signs either home than at once they were men have from it meaning from that punishment,

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or from the Korea from their homes from their cities. Yakubu they were fleeing, they were running away

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from the rotators law catalog, and Rick is to run quickly. It's basically used for the galloping of a horse. Literally the word means to hit a horse on the side. Why? In order to make it run faster in order to make a gallon. So either will mean higher Kowloon at once they fled from their homes. They fled from their city hastily. Why, in order to save their lives, the same homes that they were so occupied, that they loved so much they were so dear to them, Lariat and kuruva home because of those very homes. What happened when the punishment came when death came? They ran away from those very places. They left them they abandoned them. But what were they told? Letter kobu do not flee. The

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angel said to them at that time in reproach that do not play at this point. There is no use while jeru and return Ilana with drift on fee to where you were given luxury. wama sarakiniko aunty

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Homes, go back to the places where you're given so much luxury, and go back to your homes, why not come to alone, so that you can be questioned, so that you can be interrogated. So that you can be given your Recompense. Return go back home, in ama, or thrift, thrift, Amazon newsletter style offer. And it off is the narrow antenna.

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It is when a person has been given many, many blessings. And he has also been given the enjoyment of blessings, that it's not that he has a lot, but he also gets to enjoy them, he also gets to use them. So in a manner alternative to fee, meaning go back to the comforts that you were provided, go back to the luxuries that you used to enjoy the wealth that you were engrossed in, that you boasted about. Why are you running away from it, go back to it, and go back to your must second that you love Do you own You are so proud of our local alone, so that you can be questioned.

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So at that time, their houses, their wealth, their belongings became insignificant to them.

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That was very homes that they loved so much the same homes they ran away from in order to save their lives. But were they able to save their lives? No. What do we see over here, that many times a person is distracted from his purpose, from preparing for death, by what? By the blessings of the studio, by what he has been given in the life of the studio.

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But when death comes the same things, they become meaningless, the same luxuries, they become meaningless, which is why we see that sometimes when people are extremely ill. And even if they have to sell the most expensive things that they own, they will so that they can pay for their treatment. They'll give up anything to get their life back to get their health back.

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And when disaster strikes, for example, a tornado is coming, a flood is coming, a tsunami is coming. Then those same homes that people were living in, what happens? They run away from them.

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What do we see that when Alexander died? Did he take anything with him? No. Was his wealth very important to him at that point? No.

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All his wealth, where was it left behind him? And when he was to be buried, what did he say? That lay me down in my coffin such that my hands are extending out so that people can see that I'm going empty handed. So this dunya a person chases his entire life. But when death approaches the same lunia becomes meaningless. It doesn't carry any value, any value whatsoever.

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Think about it. All those things that distract us from our solar, all those things that distract us from fulfilling the purpose of our lives. Will they carry any value when we are being taken to our graves? Will they know when the engine of death comes? Can we say Please take it and leave me No.

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Kahlua while Anna, they said over to us in canals oily mean, indeed we have been wrongdoers at the time of death. When the punishment approach them, they confess their sins that Yahweh Allah now over to us we have been doing so much work. But we see that confession at that point, it is of no benefit. Today, we're not ready to accept our mistakes. We're not ready to change our ways. But we see that at that time. A person will want another chance a person will try to repent but it will be of no use as a loss as firm as elective cutter where home and that declaration of theirs did not cease had a noun until we made them hasley then hommy Dean as a harvest that is more down

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extinguished like a fire

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from a zealot zealot from say yeah lamb save the world from the same root which is to cease to exist. So Mazda it did not seize it did not stop meaning they continue to say terracotta while on this there are a lot of there's the statement of there's this declaration of there's what declaration that in that Cornell's it, they kept on saying the statement had better alone has lead and harmony until they were completely finished heslin household debt and has lead is used for such field that has been mown down before time.

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What does it mean it has been destroyed by for example, if you have a plant on which let's say tomatoes grow, and the tomatoes are very small, they're green. If at that time you take the tomatoes off, or if at that time you cut the plant off.

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What good is outlined? It's of no use, it has been destroyed. Whereas if

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When the tomatoes have turned red, then you take them off. And when winter comes and the plant has produced all of its fruit, then you pull it out of the ground, then it's meaningful. So how sleep is destroyed. Field, a field that is destroyed, it has been mowed down. It has been cultivated before time. Therefore it is laying chopped up broken, bruised. And Jaime Dean, Florida, comet hammoud is the extinguishing of the fire. And you see when fire has been extinguished, everything becomes calm and quiet. Still, somewhere there was so much life where there were so much energy, where the streets were busy, they were full. They were people going here and there so much noise, so much

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light, so much heat, all of that gone haami the death did not spare them. Their time was not increased, the angels did not show any mercy. The fact is that when death comes, then the Angel of Death only leaves after taking the soul. No matter what a person does at that time, whether he confesses or he tries to make a deal with the angel of death, or he tries somehow to escape from that, no, he cannot escape. The Angel of Death comes only to take the soul and he does not leave until he takes us all with him from as Allah tilka Well, Hector Allah who has written comedy. So what are these Ayah show to us that the same lunia the people are so engrossed by this dunya becomes

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meaningless when death approaches a person, the same donia that has distracted a person so much, it will cause a person great regret when he dies.

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Well, mahalo can SMS or will Alba and we have not created the sky and the earth, while Marina Houma and whatever that is between them to Larry bean as one's at play, there, a bean is a plural of live and who is live, one who is busy playing from the same note is a word larva which is used for a doll. So we have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between the two just for play. No, the heavens and the earth, what is between them is not a play of the one who plays this has not been created for amusement. This has not been created without a purpose. It is not the result of a play that is destroyed at the end once the player is over.

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Like for example, a person goes to the beach, he makes a sandcastle and before he leaves, what does he do? He breaks it down himself.

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They haven't done the earth and all that is between it's not as meaningless as that sandcastle. No. All of this has been created for a purpose. So don't think that if people live and die, this is just a play. This is purposeless. This is without a reason. That if people feel happiness, if they suffer loss, if they suffer from grief, if they experience so many emotions, if oppression is done, if justice is done all of this as a part of a play, it's meaningless. It's purposeless. No. Don't think that the Hereafter is like someone who has been playing for a long time and once their plays over, they finish what they were playing with. They put an end to it. No. One aha lacuna summer A while

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ago, my beta Huma Larrabee lo Aradhana. If we wanted a Nadella one that we should take some level, that we should take a diversion to distract us, to occupy us, then what would we do? Let the husband at home in Lebanon and surely we would have taken it from us? Meaning that we would have done something else in canal feridun if we really wanted to do meaning, then why would we make you? Or why would we make the heavens and the earth and give it to you to play? No. If we really wanted to amuse ourselves with something, Allah subhanaw taala then what would you do? He would have done something that would really amuse him, he would not have created the earth and made it subjected to

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human beings, then he would not make people and animals and various types of creation, who go through life and death, who go through happiness and misery who go through good times and bad times. No, Allah is not unfair.

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Allah subhanaw taala made all of this for a purpose. And if there is a purpose, this is why there's paradise and hell. And he did not make all of this uselessly. No, there is a reason behind that. It's far above his majesty, that he would make the heavens and the earth and finally he would make a day of judgment, and then he would make paradise and hell all just for a play. No, there's a reason behind all of this. But NACA will help parallel belwin rather, we dash the truth upon falsehood, knuckled info from the root letters of that both and both of his two hurdles

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I'm going to draw something, Flink to dash to launch. So we launch will healthy the truth against what against the false.

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And when the truth is launched against the falsehood, that what happens, fire demo who who then it nullifies it, that it frustrated, the other mobile from the real factors than me my demo. And demo one literally is to strike the brain, it is to hit the brain. And you can imagine, if the brain gets hit, then definitely it's going to be a fatal blow, the person is going to die.

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Because the brain is so protected inside the skull, which is such a hard piece of the body such a hard bone, it's fully protected. And if somebody manages to go through the skull and strike the brain, then a person cannot survive. So the MRI edmo is used for a fatal blow a violent blow.

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So by luckily for Bill healthy, idle, battling fire the mother who will launch the truth against the falsehood, and what does the truth due to the falsehood, it completely destroys it, it nullifies it, it invalidates it for either who was there, and then what happens to false or one that has been nullified? Zach, it leaves it disappears, it passes away, when a one way loop and for you is destruction matters, the phone because of what you ascribe because of how you describe a loss of time.

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How do the people describe Allah, that he created the heavens and the earth, just for play? He created all of this for no reason.

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So when a person says something like this, this is attributing wrong things to a loss paradigm. And this claim a lot refutes it.

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How that will help. The truth is at a loss of planetary created all of this for a reason. And falsehood is that people claim that it has been created without a reason. So Allah launches the truth against the falsehood, and the falsehood is invalidated. And then it must leave welcome when whalemen matters.

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What a human face somehow it will up and To Him belongs whoever is in the heavens and the earth, He is their owner. He is their Creator. And they're all servants to him. Women are in the who, and those who are with him. Those who are near him, meaning the angels, layers that we honor and a bet that he they're not arrogant from worshipping Him. When is the wrong? Nor do they tire. The angels those who are more caught up to Allah subhanaw taala layers that we learn about that he they're not too arrogant to worship Allah. Where's the human being? What does he think? He thinks is too great to worship Allah. He thinks he is too great to follow the footsteps of the Prophet sallallahu

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sallam, that he should believe in the Prophet, that he should follow the commands that Allah has given. But those who are more common love, those who are so high, the elite angels, Allah describes and he says they are not arrogant. They're humble. When is Darcy rude? Nor do they get bored of worshipping Allah?

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Yes, that's their own Islam has seen and hustler. What does that mean? Regret? And is there sir, is to feel tired to feel rundown, to feel fatigued? What's the connection between regret between hustler and to feel tired? You see, when a person who gets too much doesn't become tired? He does. And when a person has been tired, when a person has done too much work, and he gets very tired, and at the end, Doesn't he feel regret? Yes, that why did I do so much I'm so exhausted now. That I can't even do the basic things. So is their cell is to feel fatigue, it is to feel bored, to feel rundown.

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So last Thursday on the angels, they do not become bored of worshiping Allah, that despite the fact that they do so much better, they don't feel bored. So in this ayah, a normal quality of the angels has mentioned that despite the very high rank that they possess, what is a very high rank that are in the hole? They're near him. They're not arrogant. They do not refuse. They do not think that they're too great. On the contrary, they're always worshipping Allah and they never ever tire

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use of beehoon and later when the Hara they exalt Him, they glorify Allah when during the night and also during the day, the night and the day What does it mean endlessly, late afternoon they do not slack and they do not take a break. You have to learn from the root letters fatter and fatter is a gap for throttle where he what is the throttle body, the gap that was between the way between the revelation so they have to room they do not take any

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breaks, they do not slack and they do not slow down. Rather, they engage in the worship of a lot on interrupted Lee. They do this be as easily as we breathe.

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So when there's so many angels who are worshipping Allah does alumnado worship? does Allah need our ibadah? No. So don't think that he created you so that you worship him because he needs your Rebbe. No, he does not even need your brother. What happens to us, if we worship Allah during the day, we cannot stay up during the night if we stay up during the night and we have to sleep during the day. But the angels are behind and later when the how we are limited. We are weak, and our worship compared to the worship of the angels is so less so limited.

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And sometimes what happens we're worshiping, we are reciting the Quran. Perhaps we are praying for that. But our heart is not involved. We get bored. We get tired. We read the font and in the sooner we get bored, but the angels that is late afternoon

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tourists Allah Nieto or bother at all he does not if we worship Him, it's for our benefit.

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wanna follow up on us?

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You said before,

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we think

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that the angels do not do a cigar. And people they do as well which people it's the non Muslims, people who don't believe in a lot of people who don't worship Allah. They're arrogant to worship Him. They're arrogant to prostrate before him. But we see that many times it's even within us Muslims, that there is a stigma when it comes to the worship of Allah, that we think what we're doing is enough, what we're doing is sufficient, and we don't need to worship more. This is a stick well, because if we truly believe that Allah is a kebab, that Allah is the Greatest, then we would remain constantly in the worship of Allah, we would not think that what we have done is enough, and

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we don't need to do anymore.

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What do we learn that what color of Boko Moroni, a statue will occur, that your Lord has said, Pray to me and I will respond to you. And in the Latina is takuna and revathy saya de Haruna, Johanna modality that those who are arrogant from worshipping Allah, they will be admitted into Hellfire based and humiliated, if you notice, first do is mentioned and then refusal to worship as mentioned. Allah tells us make dua to me, and those who don't do to our to Allah. This is a part of arrogance. This is out of arrogance. Because a person who was really humble before Allah, that he will pray to Allah for the littlest of things even. But unfortunately, we think we don't need to pray. We have

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everything. What did we learn from the story of Zachary alesana was his state not known to Allah? Of course, it was known to Allah, but still he mentioned it. Why? Because it's a part of Nevada to make the raw to put out your state before Allah, to show submissiveness to show humility to show that Oh Allah, I need you

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So now you're stuck with Luna and reality. The angels are not arrogant from the worship of Allah. There's a great lesson in this for us as well, that the angels lay a star seed on laughter they constantly engage in the worship of Allah. And what do we think? We do the smallest of things, and we think we've done such great things, and we don't need to do anymore.

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We see that people, they're busy Larry bean, Lariat and Kuru boom, and the angels, they're busy, worshipping a boss.

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And we also see that where the human beings they must worship Allah for their own benefit, because they have been created for this. For them preserve is coming still, they're turning away the angels, is there a cell for them? Is there accountability for them? No, but still, they're worshipping Allah. And remember that when a human being when he visits himself in the worship of Allah, when he becomes a righteous servant of Allah, then his rank becomes higher than that of the angels.

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There are some angels who from the moment they have been created, they are doing such they're never to get up. There are some who are constantly in record, never to get up. Constantly. They're engaged in the worship of Allah. They don't say it's been so long, I'm so tired. Let me get up. Now, let me do something else constantly engaged in the worship of Allah. And on the Day of Judgment, when they see Allah, they will say, we have not given the Huckleberry.

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Despite the fact that for all of their existence, they were in the worship of Allah, then what do we have to say?

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You see, when you do something as a chore, then even if you have to do it for two minutes, it becomes very difficult. You get bored after just two minutes, when you take something as a chore when you take something as a burden. But when you do something from your heart, then even when you spend hours, you don't get bored, you don't get tired, you will forget to eat, you'll forget to get up, you'll forget to lie down, you will not want to sleep because you're so busy in what you're doing, you're enjoying it so much. So when we're doing our lesson, when we're doing our work at that time, also, we should think that if I really take it from my heart, if I really value this, if I

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really enjoy it, then you will not become a burden for me, then doing my lesson seven times will not be a chore, I will enjoy it. Thinking that every time I read I'm getting reward.

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If you think of it, the time that we had the seven times less than as a group activity that everybody had to do it. And if one person would not do it, then everybody would get affected by everyone was so particular, doesn't it? And I'm sure even when you retired, even when you were exhausted, you did anything that you could possibly to make sure you were doing your lesson seven times. But when that phase is over, now what should we go back to doing it as three times two times one time, if you really do it as a vida, remember, it will not be a chore. If you do it from your heart, it will not be difficult. Right now perhaps you don't see the need. You don't see the

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importance. But remember that after the course you will realize the importance, you will see the benefit.

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Because those who used to do their lesson seven times regularly, even now if you ask them they know their lesson, even if many years have gone by, and those who did it two times three times one time, yes, they got by the course. But later on, they have forgotten. They don't know the Quran as well. If you do it from your heart, you will enjoy every moment, every word, every letter. And if you don't do it from your heart, it will be a burden. Even one time will be a burden even two times will be a burden seven times a huge burden. So we should take a lesson from this, that the angels are stuck. We don't they don't think that they don't need this anymore. Similarly, we shouldn't think

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that we don't need it anymore. Lay a star Ceylon, they don't get weary, they don't get tired. They don't get bored. Laughter they don't become lazy. They don't slack off. Why? Because the heart is involved. And when the heart is involved, then what you do becomes extremely easy for you