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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of alcoholism and sexual attraction in the culture of the Farah. They explain that the issue is heavy and complex, and that individuals must be cautious when entering into relationships with someone who has a history of drinking or sexual activities. They also mention that the culture of the Farah has a history of "brink" and "brink" actions, which are considered evil and will affect one's behavior.
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This one if a person break his fast through eating, or drinking, he must do Cafaro

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he must do. I'm sorry, he must make up another day. According to some opinion, he has to look afara but according to the best opinion, there is no good fodder for eating. And there is no kuffaar for drinking. The Farah exist in the last word. The last one is having sexual relationship with, with the spouse. When somebody does it, it breaks his fast. And that's the strongest violation, you know, to the virtue and the value of Ramadan, going against Ramadan could be

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done in many ways. This one is the greatest one, when somebody approach a spouse and his his family, you know, approach his wife, sexually, or the wife or the husband sexually and they broke the fast because of that. In this case, the first thing is God. And they have to look at Farah they have to repent to Allah smart Allah and they have to look how far the FARA is to free asleep. If this one is not possible to fast for two months, 60 days if this one is not possible, then to feed 60 needy people.

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That's that's the godfather. As you can see the issue is very heavy.

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And this is too much.

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And this caller said we should be very careful. Not mentioning Faraj to be governed.

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I mean, not mentioned in circuit Faraj for something doesn't necessarily means that this is a very simple thing to be done. You know, we should take it lightly.

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Say we're gonna say you've said call them bingeable Allahu La Rocha Farah from Rouhani. Anything that you see that you can make a photo and go out of it? Most likely the issue of this thing is simple in comparison to others. That's why you can settle the case here. That's why you see certain sins Allah swatter do not make a Farah for them. So that person will go every mother thinking of what to do and take it seriously because a list this one you know that when you do the Kafala the case is closed, if you're sincere, but that one you're not sure what exactly Allah subhanaw taala is going to make your situation be what will be your situation what is your situation now in a note,

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you have to keep making a stick far and ask the last one to forgive you.

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So it's a very big issue for a person to break his fast in the deal from above, whether with eating or drinking, or having sexual relationship with the with the spouse.

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And also, if a person did not have sexual relationship with their spouse, but he causes himself to discharge the money that break his fast. For instance, this evil act of masturbation

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and is wrongly rejected by the vast majority of the scholars teach it is from the Quran. And the Hadith of the prophets of Allah Allah Who sama that says the last quarter has granted as a way to relieve ourselves but he did not mention this to be to be one of them. So let's say in the month of Ramadan, somebody does that. And he broke his fast intentionally. He doesn't do the Kafala according to the best opinion because there is no diva

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but he lost the fast and he has to make up another day and repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala