Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Make The Most Out Of Ramadan

Ibrahim Nuhu


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The speaker discusses the importance of not letting someone become the Loser and the need to address the culture of fear and dread. They advise individuals to reflect on their past experiences and make decisions based on their intentions and attitude. The goal is to bridge the gap between them and their Muslim brothers and sisters and to be prepared for the upcoming crisis.

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He says, let this person be the real loser, the one who reached them of all but unfortunately his sins are not forgiven by Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And I can understand that and I guess everyone can understand that because if he says every night there are people that Allah's mantra is making them free from hell, they will never go to hell every night. What does that mean? The first night Allah azza wa jal opens the door and you miss it Shala not you but somebody miss it. Second they also Allah opens the door and somebody miss it 3030 chances have been given to this entity and he burned them all. You remember that is not that Allah asked me to give him two or one or two chances no 30 times the last one is opening the door and he's missing them one after the other.

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What else you you want for this person?

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You can understand why this person is a real loser because all of the chances and ability have been given to him by Allah Asma, Michelle Pina Chino, you know, the dose that can lead a person to evil or restricted. You see, Ramadan is so blessed by Allah Squanto even the wrongdoers also they try to monitor the activities in the month of Ramadan

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so that you will get motivated right, the month of the month of April. So brothers and sisters, they're allowed to be said concerning the mantra from Yvonne. And as such, my advice to each and every one of us is to reflect upon that which I mentioned earlier, that life is not guaranteed.

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And this life is temporary. Are we going to leave?

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Allah who eagerly

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hundreds if not 1000s of people 1000s of people used to be with us last year, but they will not be with us. You know how many days left for Ramadan? One or two days right? Believe it or not? Only Allah knows how many amongst the Muslim they smell it but they will not see it you know?

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We didn't know whether we're going to be amongst them on our winner no Allah here some people died right under the Ramadan begins you know, they see it and then they go

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we also were like that and as such

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a smart person should see.

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Let's me make this Ramadan as if this will be the last Ramadan I will see in my life because it is enough for me to learn the lesson from my predecessors, those people who witnessed the last Ramadan but now they couldn't see it.

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A smart person should make this decision. And as such Member Assistance you should be prepared for that.

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You should be prepared to set in from now. Fix your intention. Fix your attitude, cleanse your heart, make it appeal. be righteous do everything that will bring you closer to Allah subhanaw taala close the gap and the barrier between you and your Muslim brothers and sisters

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intensify the amount of ability in Dawa to bridge the gap and to maintain the unity among the Muslims

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and be prepared for that.