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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu li nagging Meadowhall when a stain or when a star Pharaoh when ruled will be lahemaa in schoharie phocoena women say dr Dr. Marina Mayor de la philomel the Nana woman do the little fella had the

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why shadow and La ilaha illallah wa to La sharika why shadow a nun Mohammed and Abdu l solo who Salawat Allah He was sin mo Annie, un levena amla doc la haka, Takashi Minato tuna in lava and Tomas mamoon. Yeah, Johan acid taco Robuchon allele Hala Kakuma. nafsa wahida 10. Mahabharata min Hanzo. Were both of them in Houma, rejoining kathira manisa What taco levy to set a Luma D What are ham, and nulla can on a camera Kiba Yeah, you are living in Amman, Taka la kulu kaolin sadita you slay raccoon amalco we actually look on the new backhoe we're making Nutella what also level *er the faza falls in our vema I'm about to find the halo Canon cunnamulla he will hire Buddha Buddha

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rasulillah in some amount when he was cinema was shot on Amore, Marta to her or cold, desert and beatin. What could be the Eitan balada to wakulla Gallatin Finn now, bear is known as hotbot to hijack the profits on the law while he was sending them used to teach it to his companions, may Allah be pleased with them with the same emphasis and the same attention that he will pay to teach them verses and stories and chapters of the Quran.

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It is beneficial knowledge that we encourage every brother having sister, even if you're not a theme, to memorize it, because the companions use the memorize it may Allah be pleased with all of them, although they were not given any hope bus. But because of the knowledge that is contained in hook button hijjah they still learn it. I mean, they would teach it to their children, and they would teach it to their children and so forth and so on.

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as relates to today's barrows, which is the first actual Hadith that we're going to take from the 40 Hadith of the book, The 40 Hadith of the Tao of the call to Islam, the dour as well as the color, in which to Sherif Ali has an A halaby. And every rational level tala has chosen 40 authentic hadith to bring them to the forefront for every Muslim man, every Muslim woman who is engaging in given doubt they have a concern for a dour. We're living in a time right now, where Unfortunately, because of the liberalism, because of the progressiveness and low Island, these things are called with these names and it's not really true, but because of these issues, every armor Becker, Enzi from our

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community believes that it's okay for him or her just talk about whatever they want to talk about and how they want to talk about it. And the situation is not like that, which talks about that which we have knowledge of and that which is beneficial. So memorizing this hope to hija is from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa and it was seldom The one who does it. I guarantee you inshallah, that your Eman will grow, it will grow it will go up elevate today and Charlize was the very first Heidi that the chef brought Ratan Tata, les la he will have for Lola now whenever is the hadith of Roma. May Allah be pleased with Mr. Ivanova

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he said that he heard the Prophet say sulla while he was cinema,

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and inauthentic Heidi Hadith

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The Prophet said in Nirmala Roubini yet we're in demand equilibrium man Noah from incarnate Hydra to who would have why he was ready for Hydra to what a lie he was also a woman can attend euro Tooley dunya you see Buddha are women writing and key Oh Ha Phaedra to mA Hydra Ed, tremendous Heidi.

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I might have said that he heard the Prophet say some Allah who it was sending them Verily, the DS and the actions that people do, they're going to be judged based upon their intentions, the intentions that people have when they do those actions.

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That's how those actions are going to be judged. He went on to saying the Heidi so anyone who performed Hydra, for line is messenger, with a class with sincerity, then his hedra will be for a line His Messenger, and he'll get rewarded comparable to that. And anyone who performed hedra in order to get something from the dunya, or in order to marry a woman, or anything like that, something secondarily something that is for other than Allah, if he performed hedra, for other than a lion is messenger, then his reward would be comparable to what he actually made hedra for what was his intent. There is a tremendous hadith of Al Islam as the scholars when Islam used to mention in

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the past.

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Chef Arielle halaby Rahmatullah Yachty. He rock, mutton wasa, as we mentioned in our last class, the introduction to the last class, he wrote another book, The 40 Hadith, of the Islamic personality, and it is the sister to this book that we're dealing with in this class. And in that original book, The 48th, in the Islamic personality, we explained this idea already. And we talked about the virtues of this idea already. So we're not going to go over all of that, because you can go back and shallow eyes with Joe. And you will find out what was said back then. But in reality, if someone were to do a course, not just one class, but a course, and this particular Hadith, then he would not

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have been, you know, doing something that was a waste of time. Because this Heidi is one of the Hadeeth of Ellis lamb that the whole religion of Islam revolves around the whole religion.

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So someone may ask, why did a chef Aryan halaby, Rama to lie and he in his first book, he started off the 40 ideas of Islamic character with this Hadeeth. And now the second book, he started off with the same idea. One of the reasons clearly because this is an important Holly, those of you who are new to Ellis lamb and you're hearing this Heidi for the first time, then take the time out to learn as much as you can about this idea. And those of you who have heard the Hadeeth before, everything that should be mentioned today, inshallah should just be a refresher of things that you already know enough, it should be no, nothing should be no, because we should have learned this idea

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and we should spend time making efforts to give fifth and comprehension of this hurry. Another reason why a chef alien halaby could have started this hobby for this book with the same idea that he started. The Cisco book wave is because of the great scholar of Al Islam Eman Abdullah Manama, Nomad, the rock nottoway ra is from the dilemma. The shoe have an Imam Shafi and people like that. And the Mammon Shafi has said about him, I have seen no bodies similar to him, as it relates to this issue issue of knowledge. He was one of the 10 people was considered to be a mirror mock me mean and I believe one of the 10 Mohawk the theme, who took the highest level of what can be described as

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above and a man above a half if he is called a mirror meaning Phil Hadeeth. An Amen. Up to rock many below Maddie rattler to La heeta. Allah Allah He said

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if someone wanted to offer a book and write a book, then I would advise and I would suggest that everybody wants to write a book. Let him begin his book with this Hadeeth because of its importance, because of its significance. Some of the scholars of Alice land they said the El emammal Buhari started his sights, Mahmoud Buhari just make him Baraka with this particular headache. Some people said the reason why he made this the first I defend his book is because a B, C, D, they gave their reasons. One of the reasons is people said just because of the Baraka and the seriousness of this particular Hadith, so we find many of the scholars before shake it and halaby using this Heidi as

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the first Hadeeth of the books as a way in sha Allah, not only the knowledge that entailed in the Hadith, but also to get the Baraka like the famous book from the Tula can that tremendous book where you get fifth from the IDF of the Navy song

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam very first Hadeeth in that book is in the Mullah Maru beneath.

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Also an Imam and no we Rahmatullahi to Allah alayhi bactrim in the scholar who Allahu taala has caused the oma Havel Islam to accept and to embrace his title. In fact, the books that he offered the oma they have accepted it. Like the book or Jago solly hain, the very first Hadith in that book in the mana Moto, Binya verily the deeds of the actions will be judged by the intention, the 40 high D seven mm and knowing the very high D first IDF in Nirmala Nadu. Binya is the Hadith that we're dealing with. And also Eman and no we refer to later Allah Allah He has a book called Kitab an F car F car, in which he deals with the different remembrances the F car is that you should know during

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the night and the day and doing your normal you know, life during the course of the day, where the Prophet told us to be of those people who remember Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that book Kitab al f kar le mmm and no, we write matola E to Allah, Allah He, he began that book as well with this Hadith, verily the deeds will be based and they will be judged upon the intention. So the point here is many of the minimal Islam, they begin their books with this particular idea. I'm going to show the importance of it. Now if you were to look at what the scholars of Islam had to say about this, Heidi for her death when I heard those scholars said that

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this is one of the three a high defend Islam, that the whole religion of Al Islam revolves around this one and the other Hadeeth whoever does or introduces something that's not from our religion, it will be rejected. And then the third Heidi's verily The halaal is clear and the haraam is clear. And between the two of them is the gray area that not many people know about. So this hadith is one of those I had Eve that's a scholar that Sam said the whole religion revolves around this Heidi and Eman aspnet al Eman a Chateau de Rahmatullahi either Hema both of them said that today's Hadeeth in nama nama rinneadh is a high D fat is equivalent to a third of all it is slap. And that's because as

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it relates to the actions of the slave, no matter who he is, no matter who she is rich, poor, Muslim, non Muslim, as it relates to the cast of the file the curse of the man, how people get good and how people get evil is connected to three things. The first thing is, is connected to their tongue. If they make Tao ELO law, if they make an omelet tomorrow, and man and Luca, if they make the F car, if they say what is higher, if they hold their tongue to remain quiet, and they prevent it from saying false hood, and so forth and so on. You get casp you get rewards. If you don't do it the right way you get evil against you. The second way of getting rewards is through your limbs,

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your arms, your legs, your limbs, all of your limbs, all of them, your eyes, your ears, everything. So if a person uses his limbs to walk to the masjid uses his limbs, Minh the rise of Quran to pray the Salah to make hydrogen ombre to where he jive and to go to the mother I send to do all of these things, then you'll get a reward if you do it, and you use their limbs for the wrong reasons, then you get the cusp of evil punishment and a lot of those bets. And thirdly, and finally the scholars on slam said the third way that a person gets reward is his heart, what he intends he may intend to do something that he doesn't do, or maybe he does do it. The fact that he intended it in his heart.

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He made Toba. He wanted to make Toba but he wasn't able to capable of accomplishing the thing that he set out to do. He'll still get a reward and some of the scholars as a result of that, they said that the actions are important, but the NIAC are just as important or just as important. So because the actions of the heart is 1/3 of that this is why some of the scholars said that he man I've met him is Shafi re Rahmatullahi la Hema and other than them, they said that this hadith today is a high day that is equivalent to a third of all it is slam because it deals with the issue of the heart. Some of the scholars said it is a half

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Of all of Islam, because the deeds and the actions are divided into two categories. The first category is those things the are kind of your actions the the the your actions, the first thing is you have to have the correct me. The second thing is your action has to be in accordance to the book of Allah and to the authentic student of the Prophet sallallahu it he was a lemma, so therefore,

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rectifying purifying your Nia is half of your existence and the other half of your existence the other half it entails the individual doing things the right way, the way that they had been legislated. This Hadith has been collected by emammal Buhari and Mr. Muslim and they Asahi hain. So as the highest level of our Hadith in the dunya and the narrator of the Hadeeth is none other than Mr. MNL how Bob even knew fail. Even Abdullah Reza al quraishi min Benny muffles zoom,

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Mr. Worthy Allahu anhu is and was a tremendous personality in Ellis Lamb has forgotten his monotony. I just too many to enumerate. But if a Muslim is trying to struggle to worship Allah, then definitely or not read the Allah I'm always one of those personalities that it is worth your while it is worth my while you new Muslims, you revert Muslims, you people were practicing from recent times, come to know this man. If you can pattern your Islam after a marriage sha Allah as Allah was pleased with him, Allah will be pleased with you be in the LA Hey Tyler. That's not to say that he is my assuming he doesn't make mistakes and he is a newbie in a row. So no. Prophet Mohammed said to

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me shows the virtues of Omar sallallahu alayhi wa sallam aradia love and hope Locanda by the Libyan Locanda Allah, if there was an OB who will come after me, it would have been Irma, but there is no nebby after the Prophet level Islam Salaam, la who it was seller remind me

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was one of those powerful personalities and Lj Leah. He was born 13 years after they gear up the elephant, the arm l field, and as you know in shall lies with Jo the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was born in the year of the elephant, the year that abraha came to destroy the Kaaba and that is one of the 10 last assertions of the Quran Tibet yet the abida had been uttered or the other saw the Quran Allah tala k for fire Allah Rob Booker be as hard they will feel sorry Mr. As 13 years junior to the newbie of Islam sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam to Sleeman kathira he has, as I mentioned, many virtues now is not the time to go into all of that, but I didn't speak much about

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him in the first class. And it is again something that I would like to do because again, Mr. hora de align home. If you get on the religion of Omar, he shot lies with jell O, Allah will be pleased with you. He will be pleased with you the same way that he was pleased with Irma rugby a long line from the Muna death from the monitor, and from the Fugu in Arma is that, as it has been mentioned, in this video, they call them the ameerul momineen The Amir and meaning. Mo was the first Muslim from the companions, who was given this nickname by the companions. He had another nickname which was el farrokh el Faro, because he was the one that distinguish between the heart and Dalton, what was true

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and what was false hood, he is from his virtues, the duty of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who when the Muslims would need of help, and they will need of assistance and they were need of people come into a slam that the nonmuscle of Quraysh would reckon with and a non Muslims of Quraysh would be afraid of and respect. He made a dua Allahumma Islam be the raw julaine I have been like, Oh Allah help this religion of Islam by guiding one of the two men, the one or the two that you love the most, between either guy or even a kebab or guy on or even a sham, who was none other than Applejack Applejack and allows panna tala answer the drive is Nabi sallallahu. It was Saturday

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Have any guidance Allah to Allah Islam, the companions of Assam said, From the day that Omar embraced Ellis lamb, the Muslims had honor and strength, and it never decrease. Because prior to my being Muslim, it was easy pickins for the non Muslims to harm and to persecute and to annoy and to bother the Muslims. But when Omar became a Muslim, they started to give 1000 his ad 1000 considerations, who they going to bother and whether or not they were bothered and individual so he is a man who is Aziz and allows Allah wa tada Azul, Islam abhi Allah, Anak la slam with him, radi Allahu anhu and this authentic hadith of the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam. He said

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned, a hadith that is, for the most part, self explanatory is pretty clear. There's no hidden meanings. In this particular high Hadith is from the jawaani al kelim of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and it places emphasis on the purification of one's Nia, the importance of one's intention, whoever May the intention of performing hedra and and hedger in the Arabic language, it means to abandon something to leave something just to leave something. So the people make hedger of each other, they stopped speaking to each other, they start visiting each other. That is a hedger and hedgerows from this name is from this word, and hijra, the

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meaning of it is to leave a country of coffer or disbelief for a person to go to a place and leave that place to go to a place, the country of Ellis lamb. So the Hadid said anyone who makes that tremendous journey.

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And he leaves Donald coffers. And he goes the daughter of Ellis lamb seeking allies favor allies face, he has sincerity, because of the virtues that have been mentioned in the Quran recently about the Hydra. He does it for Allah, and he does it to get his reward from Allah. That's it. Anyone who does it for that reason, then he'll get his reward, because he had a class and he did it for less panel data. And he didn't do it to show off he didn't do it for react to what he said and anyone who performs hedra or any other a bad day from the bad data of Islam, not just Hydra, you can replace Hydra with any form of rabada anyone who goes to the masjid anyone who says after the vicar, anyone

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who gets up and does the sooner prayers, anyone will give sadaqa to poor people so that other people can see him. Anyone who makes hedra in order to get something from the dunya he just may Hydra to go over there to go into business so he may Hydra because everyone is leaving this place where he was originally lived live in and now all of his customers have left so he can leave as well to make hedra for the customers and for the money or you may hydro for a woman to marry her. Then his reward will be comparable to what his knee was about. It's important very important that you pay attention right here and that is because a lot of people miss understand this. How do you feel a mix up some

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issues with this Hadeeth they say that this Heidi if the reason why the Prophet said it sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was due to a lady by the nickname of ohm mohajir. The mother of airdrop on mohajir, the mother of the one who may hedra, the mother of hedgehog. This is what this Hadeeth is called.

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Having said that, there was a man

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back in Mecca who wanted to marry this particular woman and she may hedra to Medina. And the man was serious. And he was focused about marrying this particular woman and she also wanted to marry him, but she didn't want him and he remained with the Kufa of Quraysh and she remained in the land of the polytheist. So she said to him, if you make hedra to Medina, then I'll marry you. And then the man may hatreds. Well, Medina this Hadeeth has been graded authentic by a number of the scholars of Islam like Amanda Pino hedger who explained these a hadith in Sahih al Bukhari and federal body, as well as the great scholar mm Avi Roger Callahan.

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belly, who also has a book, we explain sinal Bihari, both of them. And other than that, they said that this hadith of own mohajir is an authentic hadith that really happened. But it didn't happen because of the Hadith in the Mullah. Model do me act that had Eve. Verily the deeds will be judged by their Nia that happened for something else. And the hadith of

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ohm Mahajan, that Hadith for that lady, that was for something else. So don't say anymore. This high def is because of that situation. There is another issue we would like to bring to your attention brothers and sisters. And we hope you pay attention and go back and study this a little bit more so that it was sinking. And we can stop spreading these false ideas and ahaadeeth that are not authentic or ahaadeeth are authentic, but we're using in the wrong way. And sometimes when we use these I had Ethan arrive not I think it's a problem. Like Irma, rather yellow. We owe a great debt of gratitude to the amuro movie name or not have enough cooktop. There are a lot of ahaadeeth

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talking about his virtues. Many, you don't have to rely on any weak Hadith. When it comes to what do you want to know about Rama? Those ahaadeeth talks about his virtues are many, but they are somebody that instead of people discarding, they hold on to these weak Hadith that actually showed a lot in a negative light. So we just want the community to stop doing this. I give you an example of those Hadith with Irma. The fact that in j helia. It is said that Omar took his infant girl and bury the girl alive. And the girl was wiping off the dirt and the sand out of his left of his beard while he was burying her that's not authentic. And Irma was not like that. And to narrate that Heidi, it

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reflects negatively on Roma, may Allah be pleased with him. Even if it was in Jackie Nia, he didn't do that. Another example of those weak famous Hadith is that he heard his sister and her husband reading from the Quran and he came into the house and insisted that they show him and share with him what they were reading. His sister refused. So he hit him struck a few times and drew blood from his sister, la la vie, that shows a man in a negative light. And it's not even authentic. Pamela many ahaadeeth are like that. There are many IDs that are like that. Mr. Oh, rugby alone, I know, was an individual Whoo, he had good. He had good a dad. So if it is authentically established that he did

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something in January, that was negative, they will mention it in its proper context and we won't decontextualize it or take it out of context. But many of these famous ahaadeeth that Mr. is wrong and the lady is right and she has more knowledge and are not, is not authentic. These are hobbies are famous and they are many are not an other than Mr. ruddy Allah. I know. There's another Hadith as I was mentioning, want to connect it to this hadith of omo hygiene, and this hadith of Enderman Ahmad will be in the yard. And that is, as we said, that the incident of the man going to marry on mohajir. It's an authentic incident. But it has nothing to do with the hadith of Allah that we're

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talking about today. But there is a situation that was similar to that I want to talk about a very quickly. One of the tremendous personalities of Alice lamb is the lady who was known as own slain. She is the mother of any simple nomadic, one of the six companions that narrated the majority of the Hadith, one of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, by the Quran of tell her who was from the rich people from the answer. He wanted to marry that lady, but he was a mushrik Catherine and she was a Muslim Amina. So when he went to ask our hand for marriage, she said, No, you're not the type of man who a woman would reject to get married, but I'm gonna reject you because

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you are a non Muslim. And I'm a believing woman. I'm a Muslim, and it's something that is now permissible. There is one of the clear dealios that the so called progressive and liberal Muslims need to hear based upon the on based upon the sooner she said you are not Muslim, and I'm a Muslim woman. And it's not permissible for me to marry you. But I tell you what, if you accept a

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Islam you say, the Shahada shadow in La ilaha illa Allah, if you make that testimony, then our marriage, he said, Okay.

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He said, okay, he wanted to marry her. So he made the Shahada. And the Prophet knew about that sallallahu alayhi wasallam would it be became a Muslim, he started looking at the Muslims started seeing how they behaved, how they were being a person that had a lot of money, he gave a lot of wealth to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the beginning of Islam at a time when the Muslims needed that money as well. So he gave the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, from the best property that he had. You know how some people can give you the food that is about to spoil, or the food that is not as fresh as the other food, or they gave you money, but it's not from the best of

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their money. And it's not that they have to do that. Prophet Mohammed used to warn more either boudjellal, beware of the best of the money of the people when you take the Zodiac don't take the best of their money, but people tend to give the worst of what they have. But this man, I will tell her may Allah be pleased with him. He gave the best of his money. He gave a garden a Heidecker, a Bustan that was from the it was the best of his money, and he gave it to the Prophet p sabini. La he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Allah revealed the I make the test of him. Lenten Abu better the tongue to a bone. You people will never

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get righteousness until you give freely freely from that what you love when his ayat was revealed, I will tell her I said I love this garden and he gave it FISA be the lead. So this particular had if it has nothing to do with anomala malbun yard, nor does it conflict with enamel and malbun here, because someone may come and say, Well, what about what happened with Ableton? How did he marry on solane? g just for Ellis lamb, we say no, he married en su name because she was a good woman. And he didn't do it just for his desires. proof of that is right away. He was interested in religion. And as soon as he heard that I heard from Allah subhanaw taala as a new Muslim, he gave from the best of

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his wealth. May Allah Allah be pleased with that particular man. I will tell her and the rest of the companions of the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam. So this is a tremendous Hadith in El Islam and the man made again, he said he doesn't know any Hadith from the hadith of Rasulullah. Sooner sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is a Jima, an arena, as it relates to this benefits then this Hadith, this hadith brings more came together, it brings a lot of hate, and the mammoth Shafi said this Hadeeth is connected to 70 different Babs affect everything in the religion, whether is dealing with the icon of Al Islam, whether is dealing with the muamalat of Ellis lamb, weather is

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dealing with that rebuy, dat of Ellis lamb, whether it's dealing with the MP her getting married in Ellis land, whether it's dealing with the Tilak in Ellis lamb, this hadith is connected to a tremendous idea, and the religion of Allah Islam. And as from those many ahaadeeth and many Adela they go they show the importance and this is why check it in halaby Rahmatullahi, to Allah broth is Heidi. The Hadith goes to show anyone who's given dour, engaged in the dollar, then that individual has to rectify his knee and he has to struggle with his knee and you don't want to come yomo kiama being of those people who have been described in meaning I got of the Quran work I did. A llama

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Aminu. Yama Pm kiama. Waka demna ella ma I'm in for Jana who have admin thora Yama, Yama, that people will come with the IDS they dour, and Allah is going to make their Tao in the efforts, scattered particles because it wasn't for Allah. And if you look at those of the Quran, and you look at the history of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and his companions and the righteous predecessors after them, you see that they were people who are on cultivating the need for Allah being sincere to Allah. Allahu taala mentioned in the Quran. Woman as in the moment manifestor our wine Canada when we use Islam who is more pressive

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Then the one who while he's being called to Ellis lab, he's making up lies making up lies about whatever he is lying about. But I show emphasis Prophet Mohammed is calling him to LS lamb, and he's making up nice. Pr Mohammed wasn't calling the man to Arab nationalism. He wasn't calling the people to himself. He wasn't calling the people to be slaves of Quraysh. He was calling people to Ellis Lamb who is more oppressive than the one who, while he is being called to LA slammed by the prophet of Islam called to Ellis lamb that man is making up lies against Allah, saying that Allah has sons say that Allah has partners, Allah has a wife and all of that, I will be late.

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And from those if that clearly shows and indicate the importance of a doubt Allah, what can fuel my heat? Is the statement of a loan to other women as sunu colon men men da Illa y Mila, sorry, ha. We'll call it in any minute muslimeen? Who is better in speech? Then the one who calls to Allah from I mean, assadi Hmm. And then he does the good deeds. And he says, After that, I hear from those who are Muslims. So that is said, who is better in speech than the one who calls to Allah? doesn't call to his madhhab, doesn't call to his madrasa doesn't call to his country, doesn't call to him shares share, doesn't call to himself. His Tao is to Allah, unfortunately, many people will give him down

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to Allah. The Dow is so that people could say, look at him, he memorized the Quran. Look at him, look how much knowledge that he has looked at this individual. And that's what the goal the objective is, and others give dour and the Dow was to their group. And that's why they oppressed people for the sake of their group. They don't even necessarily all the time, believe in the positions of their group. But they toe the party line because they're down is to the group. And for the group. Allows subhana wa Taala mentioned to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Paul had he suddenly added rule in Allah. Allah will see rotten women a terrible irony was so Pamela Well, my men and

00:37:31--> 00:38:18

mushrikeen tell them yeah, Mohammed, this is my way. I call to Allah. I call an invite to Allah with knowledge. I do that and those people who follow me from the Muslims. So the sooner the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Is he a douche. And before Allah, look at all of what the prophet went through some Allah while he was sending them, feasability Allah, and he was patient for what happened to him. Some of us go through a small fraction. And although no one wants to go through that, we go through a small fraction of what the prophet went through sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and lo and behold, we become those people who were just really upset. We want to get into calm, we

00:38:18--> 00:39:07

want to get revenge and so forth and so on. So these ayat along with this Hadeeth there are clear indicators inshallah that allow the hell that anybody was going to do any action for Islam, especially the virtuous action of doubt Allah, Who is better in speech than the one who calls to Allah, he doesn't call to any madhhab. Even if he teaches the method, when the method is wrong, he says the method is wrong, but when the map is wrong, and he says that the hackers in other than his math hat, and he tries to squeeze or he pushes the hack away, and he insists that the position the men have is right, then this person is not calling to Eliza gel. He has some shell wire in his

00:39:07--> 00:39:15

heart. A person is calling to his group, some people will not accept another person has been on the sooner because they don't know.

00:39:17--> 00:39:59

So the vast majority of the people of this oma, they don't live in the city of Birmingham. They don't live in Birmingham. So if someone were to contact a Muslim here in Birmingham, and he contacted us from the outskirts of Russia somewhere and he said, I'm a Muslim, I'm gonna come to Birmingham. inshallah, can I hook up with you? We're gonna say here and you will Muslim, and we're gonna have this loved one about you. The way some people are in the sea of Birmingham is not his way in Russia. We don't know him. We don't know people way come from not he's not with us and we're not with him. That's not our religion, not our religion. We have the culture.

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

Our know why all of our intentions for everything. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam informed us that there will be a group of people who will go out and they were trying to harm and destroy the MADI and the army of the Magdi. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us companions, may Allah be pleased with him, that when they go out in order to try to destroy the mindee, they'll come to a place and the lions are jealous going to open up the earth, and the earth is going to swallow the members of that army and swallow them alive.

00:40:38--> 00:40:56

But with that army are going to be some of the locals who have nothing to do with the army and they have nothing to do with wanting to harm the Maddie. But they get swallowed up because of their close proximity to the army that's trying to eliminate the MADI rat moto Why are they?

00:40:57--> 00:41:15

So the companion say Allah so Allah, the Earth is going to open up and swallow all of them up the ones who are in the army, as well as the Edison people, the Prophet saying yes, you will be a William Haney him for my you buy food on me it him

00:41:16--> 00:41:57

allow well cause all of them to be destroyed. And then he's going to raise them up your mukaiyama based upon the knee and based upon the nia. So the one whose intention was to hurt, the 90 will be raised up yomo chiama based on that, and the one who just got caught out there because he was in bad company. He lost his life because he's in Bad Company. So there's a lesson to be had from that. But he won't be raised up as an enemy from towards the Wali from the ODF Eliza and then many a hadith like that, as a Muslim man it is safe a Hema focaccia

00:41:58--> 00:42:43

talofa na if two Muslims mean each other, and they both have their swords out, or they both have their guns out. They both have their knives out and they try to kill each other. Prophet Muhammad said the one that was murdered will be in the Hellfire and the one that did the murdering would be in the hellfire. They say your sulla as it relates to the one who murdered we understand why he's in the hellfire. He is a cartel enough he killed someone but the one that got murdered. Why is he in the Hellfire? He says something Allahu alayhi wa sallam Nando Cana Harvey sanada cuttle sahibi he because he was trying to kill the other man. He just didn't do it is near was to kill him. So he

00:42:43--> 00:43:01

will be raised up yo mukaiyama although he didn't complete the task. There are a number of a hadith like this from the authentic sooner the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was traveling with his companions traveling with his companions. And they were traveling on a campaign for jihad. He said he learned

00:43:02--> 00:43:37

Prophet Mohammed said to his companions, in the midst of all of that you people have not traversed and crossed any wadey you never went across any land, any terrain, crossed any water, except that there are your brothers back in Medina who are with you as well and they'll get the reward of cross and all of that. They said How was that jasola and they are still in Medina. We came all the way out here and there. Medina How do they get this reward? He says some of the love while he was alum, have a sa home. And Morocco

00:43:39--> 00:43:51

because they were sick. They were not able to join us on the journey. But they had the Nia to join us. So the one right now who normally goes to Friday hogback.

00:43:52--> 00:44:20

He normally prays the prayers in the masjid or some of them, but he definitely goes to Juma every Friday, but for the last year almost he hasn't been attending the masjid. Now for joumana. Other than that, although at the beginning, his heart was an easy with it, but now he accepted it. He doesn't really like it, but it doesn't bother him as much. Is there something wrong with him and his Islam? I say no, no.

00:44:22--> 00:44:27

Take the rasa. Take the concession that allies region has given you

00:44:28--> 00:44:44

had the corona not been here had the war bad not been here the pandemic he would have been in the masjid, he would have performed the Juma prayer he would have done this done that. So when a person's near or near of the individual is pure,

00:44:45--> 00:44:59

then the action will be pro and from the benefits of the knee and there are many is that the NEA can make an action that has nothing to do with the dean. It's a mundane action. But if a person puts his knee

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

To him, he'll get rewarded.

00:45:02--> 00:45:46

That's one of the great benefits of the net. taking a shower of person takes a shower, just to cool off, but if he takes the shower saying I'm a mega shower hustle in preparation for the salon and to cool off, he'll get that reward. The Prophet used to wake up so Lola while he was sending them and he had no intention of fasting whatsoever he had no intention. But he asked his companions as his family moves there anything he can even eat they said no, we don't have anything say now I'm going to fast for the rest of the day and it started is near. Last thing that we want to mention about the near inshallah, is that the place of the Nia is in the heart for you revert Muslims, you new

00:45:47--> 00:46:32

Muslims, your new Muslims, the reverse, newly practicing, you may start reading those books that teach you to pray, and they tell you you have to say, I intend to pray such as such a prayer behind this man for right guides and so forth and so on. This is an innovation and it should be avoided. The NEA is in the heart, the NEA is in the heart and it's important that is developed in the heart. So when a person gets up in the morning for fragile goes to the toilet or chromeless guys go to the base intimate will do all of that as part of his knee and he doesn't have to stand there and say I intend to make will do I intend to walk to the masjid. The only time something of his near comes out

00:46:32--> 00:47:22

of his mouth is when he's making or I'm wrong or hij when he does the tell BIA which is kind of like the near the bacolod Hajj or Umrah Allah Here I am to perform hydro Umrah that's called the Tobia and less part of the Nia that's the only time the person says out loud anything about his Nia any other a bad from the bad data fellas man that you have been taught no way to an IBM them here and tend to pray this I did. It has no delille and the Hadith that we dealt with today in the Mullah motto beneath the person who teaches you says you should make your Nan with your tongue. And a proof of that is this hadith of aroma that we're talking about today. We say no prophet Muhammad

00:47:22--> 00:47:55

Sallallahu wasallam The one who gave us that had if he never taught his companions to practice that Heidi if the way you're teaching people or the way a person is learning that when you get up and you're going to pray you make this near this is not correct. And the mom Sophia and authority is another a mirror meaning and Hadith. One of the 10 one of the 10 and a mammal bukata Lima, Lima Abdullah mo Mubarak Abdullah no Mati and one of them is an Imam sufia and authority.

00:47:56--> 00:48:56

He said that he used to struggle with his knee and it was the biggest thing to me jihad in his Nia and will la he if Eman Sophia and authority had that, then I will say the vast majority of people were given dour right now. She had that same problem, myself included that the struggle should be a class Wilma Emiru inland Yabu la Mosley Sinhala who Dean Hearn, I thought they only work commanded to worship Allah with a class and to establish the religion only for law when my Sajid lillahi Tagore All my life I had, verily The masajid are only for law. So don't call on anyone along with Allah. Don't call on anyone, along with Allah subhanho wa Taala. From uncanny Yarrow, Julia Carrera

00:48:56--> 00:49:48

B failure Mel annalynne Sally her. Anyone who believes in meaning has lowered the last day. Then let them do the righteous BS. What are your Shrek big ribeye that he had? And don't let me share with a lot concerning anyone. Prophet Mohammed told the people some love while he was sending them. Anyone who does any action, dour any action people, you hear that I'm going to destroy him. I'm going to destroy this one is you're near to destroy the brother was your need to worship Allah by helping your brother to do the right thing. Is your need to expose the person and to embarrass the person? Or is your need to please Allah by doing what he told you to do, and covering up the mistakes of

00:49:48--> 00:49:59

people so that they perchance can reflect as a result of your dour. So what we should be doing. You can tell the way people act and the way they are what they're near.

00:50:00--> 00:50:26

Really is under all of that even if they are screaming out now. So we asked the Lord tala for a class, and I was statements and our actions have something Allahu wa sallam about occurred and maybe Vina Why are you as heavy as mine? subhanak Allahumma Ambika, we're a shadow Allah ilaha illa and a stop Furukawa to boo la wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.