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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Koran weekly this Abdel Nasser Jenga, coming back to you with another installment of stories of the prophets. Today we have a very special treat. We're going to be talking about the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Katara de Allahu taala. And who, the great companion of the Prophet ceylonese Mr. Ahmad, may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with him, tells us about a remarkable experience that he had with the prophets, a lot of them in the Quran, before he became Muslim, before he accepted Islam, see, oh my god, Allahu anhu before he became Muslim before he accepted Islam, he was actually quite staunchly opposed to the prophets a lot a sell them and to Islam, and he was quite notorious for persecuting and torturing Muslims, and for trying to attack the profits a lot he sell them. So he tells his story himself, what he's mentioned that one day, he went out looking for the profits, a lot of them

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probably to, you know, argue with him or fight with him attack him something of that nature. And he says that, I found the prophets, a lot of them had already gotten to the garba, to the Haram to the masjid before me. And when I walked in, I saw the prophets, a lot of them standing there and praying. So I walked up behind him, probably with a bad intention, you know, he figured I can take an easy shot or a cheap shot at him. He's praying, he's preoccupied. He's looking the other direction. As soon as I got close enough to him, where I could hear what he was reading and reciting, and the prophets allowed him was standing in this prayer at the Kaaba, and he was reciting

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the Quran. So now the prophets Allah decent goes, they're standing in front of the Kaaba. He's praying, reciting the Quran within his prayer. Amara delana is creeping up on him maybe with some ill intentions. And when he gets close enough to where he can hear the voice of the prophets, a lot of a sudden reciting the Quran in his prayer, he hears him reciting surah, number 69, suited to hochkar Aloha, ka malha, wama da da, da, right and the prophets Allah is him goes on reading and reciting the sutra and Amaro, the Allahu taala, who says I've I just froze, right there in my tracks. I couldn't go forward, I couldn't move forward. I was so captivated and mesmerized by what

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he was reading and reciting. And it was so powerful that it just gripped me, it froze me and I was just frozen there listening to him. Until then, when I started to think to myself, how is this having so much of an effect on me? I don't like this man. I disagree with him and everything that he preaches. How can this be having this effect on me? Wait a second, wait a second. This is probably just some really fancy poetry I haven't come across before. And it says the second that that thought started to cross my mind. The prophets Allah Neeson recites the ayah in hula ko la su Lin Kareem Karim? Most definitely it is the words of a very Noble Messenger. woman who have been totally shy.

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It is not the word of a poet. This is not poetry. These are not the words of a poet alila motto Milan very little Do you believe? He says a second I heard that. You can imagine standing there thinking, you know, this is sounds like poetry. And right there on cue. The second you think that you don't even verbalize it. You just think that inside of your head inside of your heart. And the second the second thought crosses your mind. He reads the verse where Allah says, These are not the words of a poet. Why don't you believe very little Are you willing to believe? He says, it felt like somebody just punched me. Like I got hit with a ton of bricks. knocked me off my balance. Whoo, wait

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a second, wait a second. How do you know what I was thinking? How is that even possible?

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And he said the thoughts started to cross my mind. In that moment. The only explanation I could come up with. He's got to be as hoarser or a soothsayer. A magician. He's got to be doing some spooky stuff here. How else would he know what I was thinking? And the prophets a lot he some recited the next I a while ah be holy cow him. These are not the words of a magician. These are not the words of a sorcerer. These are not the words of a soothsayer. kalila. Mata karoon you're not paying attention. Very little do you actually pay attention? Do you heed the reminder? Do you reflect on what's being said?

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said and he says, It knocked me off my feet. And then So, what is this? If this is not poetry, and this is not sorcery, what is it? How can it be having such a profound effect on me? How can it be impacting me and the prophets a lot he said he said or he recited the next ayah

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then the loom Mirabella, Allah mean, the prophets a lot of them recited the next ayah. Then de la Mirabella, Allah mean, this has been revealed, being sent down from the Lord of the worlds, from the master of all people everywhere and anywhere. This is the message that has been slowly, periodically little by little I have is pseudo by pseudo being sent down from the Lord in the mastering the Creator, the Sustainer, the provider, the protector of all the world, every single person. And he says the prophets, a lot of them recited till the end of the sutra. And I was just frozen there listening to this blown away.

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And until he finally finished reciting the sutra, went into his record. And he says, I just walked away from there, deeply affected. And he says, that's the first time Islam in became embedded within my mind in my heart. And it wasn't until later where honorable hottub had another life changing, right, life altering perspective, changing experience, where he would actually go to the prophets a lot of the time and accept Islam and become a Muslim. And then he would tell the story years later, this is a beautiful example of the prophets a lot of the time and his connection with the Quran. That was his primary tool for preaching and teaching the message of Islam. And when he went through

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the difficulties that he went through in Mecca, the prophets, Allah vsam, sought solace and comfort, and tranquility and peace and the calm amidst the storm. by standing in prayer and reciting the Quran, I have an action item for jaquard on weekly, what I want everyone to do is to learn some for ants, memorize a couple of lines today. And then read the translation of those couple of lines. And then stand in your prayer and read those couple of lines that you've memorized and read the translation of read them in your prayer and see the impact that it has on your heart. Shall I want everyone to try to do that? And then come back and in the comments of the video, I want you to leave

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a comment saying what verses you memorized and you read the translation of them. And then you read in your prayer and what kind of an impact it had on you. May Allah subhanaw taala give us all a meaningful relationship with the Quran with the book of Allah. Remember, if you haven't subscribed to our weekly yet, make sure to hit the subscribe video. Make sure to hit the subscribe button and pass this video on to others and share it with others as well share the head and Sharla spread the love May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to practice everything we've said and heard. Until next time on weekly does akmola Hayden I don't know if you heard that a little bit of noise but the

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camera man is making a lot of noise here in the back. Until next time we're on weekly does akmola Hayden was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) debut to the Stories of the Prophets Series with a beautiful story narrated by Umar ibn Al-Khattab about one of his first encounters that led him to Islam.

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