Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Shawwal Fasts Before Completing

Ibrahim Nuhu


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The speakers discuss the controversial issue of fasting during a video game. One caller suggests that if a person has a long day, they may pass a Peshawar, while another suggests that fasting is necessary for completing a task. The speakers agree that fasting is not a requirement for completing tasks, but rather a necessary step for gaining rewards.

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We fast the away isn't necessary for you to complete Ramadan then you fast fish Anwar is also controversial issue among the scholars but the best is the one that says yes you have to complete it because the prophets Allah Azza wa cinnamon sama Ramadan whoever faster Milan and then he follows it with sick days option one, you know, so then you have to complete it and then you fast you pass one Peshawar, but Allah wa salam, some scholars say unless if a person has this huge let's say the sister has a lot of days and she knows that if she stays on fast them what will left is an amount that is less than six days. In this case she has a right to fast Chawan first and then make up the

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robot. But in normal circumstances, you have to first Ramadan first because it works a lot so myself if you fast Ramadan and if I have some days my Ramadan is not complete is incomplete. So I don't get that reward. So you have to first Ramadan first