Memorise Tabarak #18

Yahya Ibrahim


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The 18th verse of SoTL, to move to the 67th chapter of the Quran, when God when God God, when a god Well, God can. Can Can there's a difference between the poor and the care or care when a fun while a buddy can debit well. God can debit notice that there's a shed on the van that can zabba that that that it's different to zap which is this buzz.

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Buzz is different to the VA, while Canada Canada while a pod can levena while a potty can levena while a potty can levina while they can levena while a potty can cat loving I mean oh baby him mean corbelli him while a pod cat Viva La Vina mean Kobe de him while a pod cat levena mean Kobe v him well, are they can they bear levena mean Bobby Lee him for K effect can anarchy for for for K for for K for for K for K fatca fatca fatca fatca fatca nakki facchini fatca anakee while apotheca Verbal levena mean corbelli him fatca fatca anakee wala audiocast Verbal levena mean corbelli him for kafer can anakee one aquatic available levina Ming poverty him FACA FACA Anunnaki wala potica

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Viva La Vina amin Kaveri him phakisa can anakee

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wild a potty can rebel levina min corbelli him for ke facon anakee one aquaticus levina amin corbelli him for ke furkan anakee while aquaticus levina min cobbly him

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Nana key while aquatic aveva Levine amine corbelli him for K furkan anakee while aquatic available levina mean already him for kafer can anakee while apotheca levina mean COVID de him kafer can anakee