Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Is Shaytan Locked Up

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, either duckula Ramadan food

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when Ramadan arrives, the doors of Paradise will be open, and the doors of hell will be locked.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Sophia to shelter your mother decision, the devils and the arrogance and the ego from amongst the champagne and the gins they're going to be changed.

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That's means the influence of the devil is going to be restricted to the lowest level. Now what's left is you and your attitude and your manners, because chiffon already planted in you a lot to the reflection of that remains and is the answer to the question that people always ask. If Shere Khan is chain up in Ramadan, how can we see people still committing the sins?

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The prophets that Allahu Allah who is cinema did not talk about Allah subhanaw taala tie in the shaping of things. You have two types of Sheltie sheltering of ings three times actually, or even more than that shelter in an instant you have shelter, religion, and you also within yourself, you have these evil attitudes, you know, that you have to fight a lot to curb your soul from doing that which Allah smarter doesn't want. So before Ramadan, and Ramadan Szczepan is pushing you up so that you can go and do it. But inside Ramadan, that it will it just remains, it's still there. That's why somebody says shaytan works before and after Ramadan. But inside Ramadan, his agents are replacing

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He doesn't come and work but he has his agent, which we also participate in that. So you have to try your best but now Allah has Marcela informed you that the Shelton they have no influence on you. So it's up to you. You cannot blame anyone for not doing that which is supposed to do in Ramallah.