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Poetic Welcoming of Ramadan

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Omer El-Hamdoon

Channel: Omer El-Hamdoon

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Ramadan is an honorable guest which is knocking on our doors. So be a good welcoming host as much as you can receive it with great actions and acts of worship sila charity, resuscitation of poor and helping others and so on. Beware of wasting any of its precious moments, for it is a unique business opportunity to deal with Allah. If you want to succeed, plan your business carefully and thoroughly and prepared to invest wisely. And this month the gates of agenda are opened, inviting you to enter. Its fragrant aromas spread to the noses of those who deny themselves food and drink during the day. In the background, the cola calls out this life is a service station for all travelers to the next

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life. accumulate as much provisions for your journey here. For once you have left you can't come back, prepared to pay for good companionship if you want. Because sitting with the righteous in agenda is a dear commodity. Be truthful with Allah, He will be true to you. Those who are the hungriest in these life will be the most field in the next prepare the mount for your house and honor it in order to compete with the other riders. The price isn't in the Gold Cup, no silver trophies, but a garden which is wider than the heavens and the earth. And for that lead the competitors compete