Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Injections, Drops And Inhalers

Ibrahim Nuhu


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The speaker discusses the definition of Ahimsa Quran and the controversy surrounding it. They also mention the use of eyeliner and inhalers in cases where the person is supposed to avoid them. The speaker suggests that people should avoid anyceergies or medications that can break their fast.

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The second thing that is part of the definition of Ahimsa Quran actually, was, should be

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what elgiva A kind of a common law to stay away from eating. So we learn from this, that a Muslim is supposed to stay away from eating, any form of eating, with no exception.

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So that's the reason why the scholar said, if you cannot eat with your mouth, those people who are going through this route,

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a salad is when they put the tube in the nose, a caramel Kamala to feed those people who cannot use their mouth or any other means you're using to take the food inside your stomach, that breaks your fasting.

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So take these no whatsoever constitute food if a person taking the first thing is is gone.

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That's why they have this controversy amongst us callers. I mean, the contemporary scholars, if somebody is sick, and he went for medication, and the medical doctor injected him

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does that break his fast? Some scholars said the fast is gone. Some scholars said the fastest still intact. But Allah Allah maybe it might be the best opinion in sha Allah is the one that says it depends on the nature of the injection.

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If those injection that he is given by the doctors are considered to be food supplements, it means they replace the food. Sometimes some of the objections they are standing for that this one will Allahu Allah break the fast. But if it is just the injection that goes through the blood, this is not food, and it doesn't stand for food. And it doesn't carry the meaning of food. And as such be the light Allah it doesn't break his fast. Does call us mentioned that if a person used the coho the eyeliner, this one also according to the best opinion, it doesn't break the fast. The same goes to when somebody puts some medicine in the eyes if he needed the Best Buy brothers and sisters, all of

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these matters of controversy. I will advise you to stay away from them.

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But if you already did,

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you put something on your eyes or you have the eyedrops you know your eyes or the ears. This one according to the best opinion it doesn't break the fast you might feel the taste when reality doesn't reach that place.

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But when you have it from the nose, you have the drop of the B put the medicine in the nose. This one break the fast one it reach the throat.

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But as I said my brother sisters if it is not necessary a person should avoid any controversy. It is always better to be on the safe side especially when it comes to Ramadan. The same goes to the people who asthmatic

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you know those people who use the inhaler.

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So the scholars mentioned that it is not necessarily they should avoid it completely. But if it is necessary at the person use it. If it is something which is in the form of gas that doesn't reach the truth, the throat, this one in sha Allah doesn't break you the fast. But if it is something that will turn into liquid that will go down. This will break the fast with no doubt. So that's why they should understand the situation. They should try avoid anything that can cause the problem to come back. But if the problem come comes back Islam is you see in Medina use. They are commanded by the Sharia, Sharia give them the permission to use that

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thing is in light Allah to cure themselves. But as I say when it goes through the nose and reach the throat, in this case the person has to has to make up another day after bla bla bla