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The complex issues surrounding Islam and the rise of national pride are discussed, along with the importance of pride in the military and political systems. The Herars' movement is discussed, including its impact on people, including the use of words like "arser" and "monster" to describe actions and emotions. The Herodism movement is also discussed, along with its impact on people, including the Herars' movement.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah.

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Allah kita Baba kitabi

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Sherry Shariati mavado Villa Amina shatori Raji Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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wasabia una una bien el muhajir de

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la Vina

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Ravi Allahu anhu.

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Well, Abdullah, Jonathan, Rita Anna, Lana Holly Deena fee.

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Holly Deena fee.

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Set up Hello.

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My dear respected elders and brothers in our Juma talks.

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It serves a multi dimensional

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objective. Sometimes it is an intention of reminder to remind ourselves of our obligations towards Allah. Sometimes the intention is to inspire and motivate us towards goodness. And sometimes the intention is

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to build our defenses against evil. From time to time, we also during the course of our Juma talk, speak on matters of aqeedah belief and on educational matters. In sometimes in educational matters, we also discuss complex issues which has come to the fore because of the environment surrounding us or because it has become a hot issue or a burning issue within the community.

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Today, I would like to discuss a complex issue, an issue that requires people's attention and requires understanding and as we go along, I will also give you the reason and objective Why am I addressing this issue.

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But before we go in, there is understand as an introduction, and I want your complete attention towards this, that one of the cornerstones of Nevada and Prophethood

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one of the cornerstones of Nevada and Prophethood of a person who is unaware of Allah claims to speak on behalf of a law and take a last message to the people is that Nabhi must be very different from worldly minded rulers,

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people who are worldly rulers,

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they must set an objective is dounia power, influence and material comfort. So do nakka

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nakka Joe cadeaux, who come on here.

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So, the method that is adopted by the nebby of Allah, by any prophet has to be distinct, has to be very different from the methods and objectives of worldly rulers, worldly rulers, by and large, the objective is material gain, material comfort, power for the sake of power, power for the sake of material comfort in gain, the Navy of Allah does not settle or does not do his profit for the sprocket hood or does not propagate his message for the sake of material gain. He does not Fern or does not show his piety to set up an empire. He does not tell people that he is a prophet with the intention of setting up a worldly Empire or he does not do it with the intention of gaining material

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comfort for himself or for his family members. Understand that in production, he can give many examples with regard to it. Whenever there was and that is the reason why whenever there was sacrifice required. Whenever there were sacrifices required for the sake of His message for the sake of the deen that he brought. Send the Navy and his family were the first people to make sacrifice. The Navy and his family were the first people to make sacrifice. It is our beloved Nivea cream sauce solemn sacrifice that this message has reached the four corners of the earth till the day of

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the occurring saucer intestines was placed upon his speck via cream sauce lamb was stoned. He was abused. And in the battle Naval Academy saw slim was wounded. One Sahabi came to me saw Salaam with a battle of the trench jasola we are hungry and to bear the things over

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hunger. He had died a stone on the stomach and the via cream sauce them lifted up his quota and said you have tried one stone I have got two stones to bear the things of hunger. And in this regard whenever there were sacrifices required the family of Nivea cream sauce in the forefront in the Battle of butter when three people from the courage came out and said help me mulberries Is there anyone who will compete with us via cream sauce lamb sin, his three closest family members to compete with them as an Hamza, his uncle has rallied up about Ronnie has

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died in Harris, when Mr. Bean apnea would cross the trench. And he was one of the most remarkable warriors of the time equivalent 200 warriors at that time, and he said who is going to compete with me? Because of his reputation, there was a little bit of reservation, a little yellow. I will do so. Let me start from sent his son in law to go and fight with him.

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So we find this was a general aspect of our beloved nemea Kareem, Sal, Allahu Allah Muslims life. Whenever sacrifice was required, a family of NaVi sawston was first this when maybe a cream sauce abolished interest, the

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interest is abolished. For the mat for my family is permissible. No. What did

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I abolish interest? The first interest I abolish is the interest that is owed to my uncle abass wiped out. No, it doesn't have to give it to a bus. The first interest abolish is the interest owed to my uncle a burst of your mouth. And this is the way our beloved maybe a creamy sauce lamb did brandy makes mention the via cream sauce lamb went to the Battle of the book expedition of the book, and maybe a cream sauce lamb came back. It was the habit of Nivea cream sauce lamb whenever he came back from any place by enlarge his first stop and visit was to his daughter has a Fatima Nivea cream sauce, some walking towards the house of his daughter Fatima. Fatima is waiting, seeing my father

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coming towards the house. All of a sudden, maybe a cream sauce them turns around and walks away and goes back to his own house. Fatima was waiting and then she saw this call Pillai O'Meara quintel my father he was coming I'm waiting for him. Why didn't he come?

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So as the pillar went to Nevis, Aslam never saw some send a message quintel Fatima before I went to the booth, she did not have curtains. What is this and I came back for curtain she has put curtains on her house, and she had put a rug that nobody saw slim witness as he was coming into our house. As his party. Murphy ultra removed the curtain. She removed her and then she said below. Tell my father he must come back. I have removed these things. Now there's this was a sacrifice it was required. Why? Because nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught his family that you go ahead on the basis of your virtuous deeds. I will not be able to help you on the day of karma. If you don't have

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virtuous deeds, that's when they'll be occurring. sauceman one day Paul his family. Oh, Sophia man. Oh Fatima, my daughter, save yourself from the punishment of Allah. Because I would not be able to assist you if you do not have virtuous deeds on the day of Ramadan and

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made this remark and he said he who's virtuous I mean his deeds have kept him back. He whose deeds have kept him back. Jonah, Chica maker, don't kiss and Danny hestia Cusco Agha, Nebraska, then his lineage will not be able to pull him forward.

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That is what happened to Abu lahab uncle of the Stein to the fire of Jana. Understand this particular aspect why I'm bringing up and I will want to make mention that is the reason why

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the family of nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam the family of Navy Academy saw cylinder head came love from the school

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not only because there was a family of maybe a creamy sauce, but by virtue of the deeds by virtue of their flock and by virtue of the sacrifice for the sake of the deen otherwise those who did not do so. They are not respected by the Ahmed Abu lahab is not respected. In fact we say

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we read them. So they gain respect not because of only being from the family.

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They gain respect because of their own conduct their own sacrifice, their own piety. This is a reality. It is why they got the we love them. You

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Is that his wife whoever says that no love for the family of maybe socialism is to do with a particular sect is going to do with the shears and we assume this we don't have love we only have proper Sahaba is mistaken. It is mm Shafi Rama Fulani who said this beautiful Arabic poem in Ghana with Khalid Mohammed in full Yesh, atid Cylon Indira vu. Whoever feels that she has a meal love for the family of Libya cream sauce lamb. Let the world know I'm the first year. But it doesn't mean that it means that together with love that you proclaim you demean the Sahaba crammed with one litre which mine let me come back to this. And that is why the family of Mr. Slim one loved because of the

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sacrifice a mom's evil.

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the grandson of our beloved nourison Allahu alayhi wa sallam walks into the hermit and the moment he walks into the hermit

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people give him away. The champagne. Abdul Malik is the halifa he walks into the room no one gives him away. So he showed me Dr. Malik says Who is this person? Who is this person? I'm the walk in no one gives me away. And he walks in. And everyone gives him away for us that the famous poem poet, he then gives a very beautiful poem. He said Don't you know this person? He is the person that the values of Makkah also knows. He is the person that Acaba and the baytril also knows what do you say you don't know him. And then because of that, for us that was in prison, and for us they had a very colorful reputation. But because of this poem, it is made mentioned that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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forgive him.

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But he had this love, and it has the same amount Zainal I believe that

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this grandson of our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum, the grandson in the progeny of nebia krimson Lola cinema that he used to go and give people food the poor people in the in the darkness of the night and get it on his back. People didn't know who it was. And then when he passed away, people while giving whistle, they notice great wounds and great pressure upon his back. Then they realize the person who used to take food to the poor people of Medina was imams elaborating

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on the project, you have newbies.

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The reason why I'm making mention of this introduction is when you look at nebia Karim Allahu Allah He was salams behavior with his family expecting sacrifice from them. For the sake of His message and for the sake of His Deen. Do you feel that it will be consistent with maybe a creme de la jolla salams attitude towards them throughout his life that nbia Kareem saw Sam would have bequeath

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a dynasty for them that they will be an Imam after my life and the only people who will rule will be the people who are from my family. Can you imagine the two things that maybe who expected sacrifice from his family according to the she as they say that maybe a cream sauce from said only these people are worth you have a moment and leadership

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and they will be the leaders after Nivea creme de la jolla slim Stein. This aspect of Nivea cream sauce Silva's method of dealing with his family is inconsistent with his belief, that of a moment that only the family have maybe a creamy sauce Allah will become the political rulers after the vehicle himself seems like maybe a cream sauce lamb taught throughout his life. The people who are virtuous people who have the dignity and who are the ones who are the most worthy, they must be the ones who will follow the acronym sasami political leadership. That is what Allison our Jamaat belief and that belief is consistent with how Muslim dealt with his family as I've outlined. Another

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important aspect with regard to the concept of impairment.

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And yeah, I'm not going on to an emotional charge I'm not trying to erase people emotionally I'm talking about very fundamental beliefs upon which our success in the year after depends upon

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the aspect of employment, which is portrayed and given by the shears is this that after our beloved Nivea cream sauce from these a group of imams who is ranked is as great if not greater than the ambience.

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And in the fundamental books mentioned is made that the Imams have got leaven and the 12th went into hiding in that camp one will come out in the end of time is the muddy. We also believe in the Mattila Suna Rama but it's different from that party. They believe that he is guarding hiding and he will come back now that the concept of Mr. Mud is explained by shears is this that a man is appointed by law. He is infallible.

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He The world cannot last without an Imam. He possesses knowledge of Makana lahmacun what has happened in the past what will happen in the in the future he can make halal and haram.

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Now the question is that is the aspect and belief about your imams in what love Will you have for your prophet?

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Then the Prophet would have nebbia cream sauce lamb becomes just nearly supplement, just an exemplary auxilary type of title and Prophethood if the Imams can do all that with the prophets did they can make aralen haram they are innocent, they know them past in the future. They are they have according to one statement that is made mentioned they have the rank even greater than the program. What is the chakra chakra means a child in its infancy, they are so innocent, then what is you see our one of the cornerstones of our belief. And one of our cornerstones of our relationship with our Navy is that we believe he is a center of all our affection. He is the center of all our guidance

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through him has everything terms geek last message came upon him and from date came throughout the world. Now this concept of your moment, goes against the love of the vehicle.

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Because then the concept of imama takes away from the high position of Newton Prophethood. So this I'm just giving you in terms of you to understand I'm not giving you now talking about you know making labeling anyone. I'm talking about people to understand the teachings of our beloved to be occurring.

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And see just talking about our relationship is Josie Rama Kalani is a very interesting and a very great scholar. So we chose Rama Kalani is written a book about the virtues or the villages, villages were people who were very innocent, very naive. And then anybody and simplicity they used to say many things, you know, so he

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writes and so he incident one day a man was reading Serrano, in our cell, no one in our cell knew he didn't know what was Afterwards, he just stopped. So one of the buttons at the back said, if

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you want to go pick up another messenger of someone else, he doesn't want to go.

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Anyway, I was just talking about the relationship with our MBA, Masato Salaam. And then a very important point and I would like you to really think about this better. You and I believe, now Beloved, Nivea creme de la la wa sallam was sent as a reformer and a guide for the entire humanity tality of

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Do we believe that or not? Obviously, we believe. Now tell me if a person or Navy sent as an as someone who reforms and guides the entire human beings till the Day of kiama

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till the Day of Tiamat, he's an inspire a motivator, a guide and maybe for the entire then what will be his impact upon the people whom he came into contact with first? What will be his impact with the people whom he came into contact with us?

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If he is a reformer and guide for people to the day of what will be his impact upon the people who first learn from him? So his Nepal saw his he saw his conduct, saw him receiving what he from Allah subhanho wa Taala what will be his impact? You and I believe that his impact upon them was so great. They were the choices specimens of humanity. through them. We have received the word II in the message of Amelia Kareem. They were the people who we met later on, can be justly proud. They were the companions of our beloved Libya, Kareem Salim was served with our own mineral mojari no one answer, the Mahajan answer, and those who follow them in guidance. Allah is happy with him. They are

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happy with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allahu kuruva Hamlet taqwa. Who are they? They were the people whom Allah tested

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test by writing an exam test at heart. But what did they test? The Aqua.

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Aqua what was the result?

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Fira to agile nazeem for them is much clearer and for them is a great reward. He was a greatest human beings after the ambia Allah who salat wa salam. They conduct shoddy they sacrifice surely they remarkable achievements for the sake of Islam shown it? It is obviously it makes sense that the people the Navy was sent as a guide for the entire humanity surely he must have impacted upon the people who he first came into contact with. Unfortunately, we have to make mention that if you ask another set in your other shears who

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are the worst of human beings. And he has to be learned they will say the companions of Navy.

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They will say, the first three companions and the first three philosophers, they you serve the philosopher from.

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And because they use up now, no matter how you tell it, no matter how you camouflage it, no matter how you put it forward, anyone who usurped something from someone, you call him a thief.

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Anyone will save something from someone, you call him a thief. I would like to ask you this question. In those who say that this is a matter that is must not be brought up into the public forums in public public debate domain, only when you go into the aspect with regard to the political dimension, which up till now, Iran is and she has been saying that they are the saviors of Muslim oppressed people. And now they are in the forefront of oppressing Muslims in Syria. And they have played such a negative influence. I'm not going to go into that. I'm just asking you a question which I will ask you and I will conclude with what is your impression of the Navy of Allah, the Navy

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of Allah was a guide unto the entire humanity. And if it was a guide unto the entire humanity, what would be his impact upon the people whom he first came into contact with? Will he have transformed them? The way that we'll do forward? It said he would not a rapper. Or okay howdy Banga. Okay howdy Banga desserty, Chesney? mudo Kumasi, Suma, here another T, what was that? reformation they got from Nivea cream sauce, lamb that those people who are spiritually did, they became the spiritual doctors of humanity till the Day of geometry. It was maybe a cream sauce comes in as a, it was maybe a creamy sauce from guidance. It was maybe a criminal law while he was systems supervision over the

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activities. And then I leave you with us, that maybe of Allah who was sent as a guide to the entire humanity, did he leave his companions as you surface

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which is the view of the shears or did he leave them as the best of humanity, which is our view. We are little agree and I think of understanding and making our way through that one