Ramadan 2019 – Reminder 13 – What Should be Your 2nd Goal with the Quran

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We have to look at the goal of reading the Quran in general.

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That that goal should primarily be to understand the message which Allah is conveying

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and to apply the principles in our lives

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so the reading of the plan

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should primarily be for reflection to de Boer.

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As a law said in the Quran,

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the Quran Amala. Lubin?

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Will they not reflect and contemplate on the Quran? Or are their hearts sealed up?

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This is the state of the oma today

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that we will read the Quran in Ramadan

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then place it on the shelf until the next Ramadan.

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The moms who lead us in prayer during Ramadan, recite for the most part at 90 miles an hour.

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That evening even Arabs who understand Arabic will have difficulty understanding where is this man in the Quran is reading.

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This is ritualistic

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This is not something pleasing to Allah.

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If the individual wants to do that, in his private time, because he wants to quickly get through the grantor revises memorization fine, but this is not prayer is not a bad, this is mirage. This is revision

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This is not prayer. This is not how Prophet Mohammed Salah recited the

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Quran, Allah, Allah tells us that we recite the Quran in slow measured tones. That's how the Quran is supposed to be recited inside Ramadan and outside of Ramadan. No difference