Is Hinduism a Racist Religion

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The British Empire ties when when Britain invaded over what well you can say colonized India, what happened was obviously they would associate most closely with the Brahmins, because they saw them as the highest class. And so they maintain the the sort of hierarchy which was, which was already existed in India and still exists to this day really. So, you reject this Hindu principle of like, different costs, and we reject the manifestation of it based on birth, because it's all based on race even, yeah, it's not based on race or birth. It's actually it's based on a quality system. Because you know, this is interesting here, the Quran says, In the 48th.

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In the 49th, chapter of the Quran,

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it says, Jonas in the halaqa, necromunda, current fellow jamnagar, cabela, Tarnovo, and economic weinblatt ha, from the certainly, oh, all humankind, we have ad from one man and one woman who made you into different nations and tribes so that you may get to know each other. And that's certainly the best of you are those who are most God conscious. And that the Prophet Mohammed said in his final speech, it's good. It's one of his final speech before he died when he said that there is no difference between a white man and a black man, there's no difference between the Arab and non Arab. And then he caught this verse in the economic command, the law has powerful that certainly the rest

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of you are those who are most God conscious. Would you say that this is probably more coherent, from a human perspective, like exploring the human experience, then to suggest that there is some kind of division or racial division? Yeah. And that's it's also suitable brahmanas are the classes most conscience so that goes along with it. Okay. And that's actually their qualification. Oscar Kim is one of the qualities of a brahmana, which means religiousness. And Ghana began, I mean, having theoretical spiritual knowledge and practical realizations.

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But to be fair, I mean, I think that the the history has shown us that lots of Hindus in the first sort of centuries.

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You know, we don't know exactly when it was, it was some some scholars say what the full, you know, the 6000 years ago, some say 7000, whatever it may be, but

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that they enforced this kind of rigid class system in place, and they put it into place, and they made it a racial system and things like that. So maybe, I think, because now we're in the modern world, we have to be, be clear that there's a difference between what the Scriptures say, and what people did with the scriptures, and what we will do in the modern world in the Enlightenment period here. Now, we believe that we've come to the conclusion that racism is a bad thing, right? As the west or even as the world, really the international community. But if we're being honest, the scriptural description of text, the question really is, does the scripture really say that? Or does

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it allow racism to exist? To some extent, if we're being honest with ourselves?

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There's a verse in the Bhagavad Gita.

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Like, we'll show you,

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where Krishna says that, that whatever your whatever your situation, you can actually approach him. That's a very famous verse. And it sort of like, throws out the whole idea of a one way thing better, says

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those who take shelter of me though they may be of lower birth, women vices,

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which are the merchants or the shooters, the workers, they can attain this supreme destination. Okay, so it doesn't it says that they can, if you want to, if you want to go to God, it doesn't matter.

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They can, they can, if you're the bottom class, we will have one class called again.

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Yes, so the bottom class can attain God

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shall serve God button here, it doesn't say that they are most worthy of it. You see, there is no contradiction in saying, for example, from a Vedic perspective, that these individuals can attain the shelter of God while still maintaining the divisions just because in the next verse, he says, How much more so this is true or the righteous brahmanas, the devotees and the saintly kings. So it's expected

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that the Can anybody can anybody come by more so the Kings? Yeah, because they were educated by the Obama. So you know, we've been, we believe interesting, Mohammed Salah, he said something which is quite contrary to this. He said that the majority of people that will enter Heaven will be those who have lower classes, because usually people who are, who have lower classes have less money, are more humble and are more able to go to God and stuff like that. So we say that really, if anything, the opposite is true. So instead of it being the higher classes, Brahman, being the best, it's actually the opposite. You know, if we were to make a decision that distinction, those poor people because

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they're being tested and trialed and things like that they're more likely

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To reach the salvation of God more likely to ask for God's assistance.

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But what do you think? Do you think that's correct? Yeah, there's that there's a story in that regard about a about a Brahma and a cobbler, yeah, cobblers, because he deals with the skins of animals as a considered on a very low level, whereas the Brahma is doing all this. So, so.

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So not at this great saints was going to the spiritual world to see the Lord. And the Brahma said, Oh, could you ask him when I was saying liberation? And,

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and, and it's okay, sure, I'll do that. And then he saw the caller, and the caller asked the same question. So we went to the spiritual world and asked Brian the Lord

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and said, well, you have to be many, many births before before the woman attains protection. But the father at the end of his life, he will come back to me interest so so then. So when there is no shunning completely of the

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drama was so proud of doing all his rituals, right as he thought he hadn't made but because he was proud, he didn't actually say that what that what the Lord said is, just tell tell them that you saw me in the spiritual world. And I was reading an elephant to the eye of a needle. Oh, interesting. So um, so I heard that that Plexus Gods journey is not possible. You know, this is fantastic. So

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yeah. So so the the brahmana or the counter said, Oh, how wonderful. My lord is so great. You're gonna put a big elephant to dive in. And say that, you believe that? And the cobbler said, you see this wonderful banyan tree? It comes from this little dinky seed, if you can put a little digging.

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Pick up this huge tree. Yeah, why can't Why can't you do it? Why so brilliant mythology. You know, it's interesting. But thank you so much for elaborating on these key points. Like you're telling me more about Islamic? No, no, no, it's good to

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know that I can think of right now. Much more fun now. Good luck. I know.

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I know if you liked it, please share this with

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God. Oh, if you want

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