Ramadan Daily #02 All Praise Is For Allah – Lord Of All Worlds

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim o salat wa salam ala Lowes Rahmatullah alameen and Avena. Have you been hammering said Allahu Allahu ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Ahmed.

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This is a second session in sha Allah for the number two. And as I promised that I will be dealing with the first idea in Surah Al Fatiha and the first idea is the sale of Allah subhanaw taala Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen.

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unhemmed means praise. So, you're praising Allah subhanaw taala, that one who deserves to be praised. If you look into the, the, the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala in the creation of human beings, starting from the beginning, until then, actually the creation of the whole universe, not just the human beings or the angels, we're talking about everything that allows wanting to create,

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you will see the uniqueness of the creation of Allah subhanaw taala and you will be able to witness the Mercy of Allah and that creation

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Subhan Allah, the most excellent way of creation.

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Let us restrict ourselves to the human settle, look at the origin, when you're in that place, which is so small, the womb of the mothers when that place, I mean,

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as one of the most fragile entities, but Allah is going to put a new protection on top of protection.

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Protection on top of Alas, Martin says in the sorts of zoulah Fuzhou biting filth,

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you know, so he allows me to add protection to protection in the womb, you know, that very strong fortress, that last part I put to protect you from any evil that can come externally and feed you in a way you don't need to go to the bathroom, taken from the best your mother is eating.

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You're protected for at least nine months. And then Allah is gonna get you out of that place. And look at the place where you're coming out.

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You know what I'm telling you the truth, if not because of the length of of Allah subhanaw taala you will be cut into pieces. Because the place is so small to accommodate this big human being that is coming from from the womb.

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But Allah is going to have brought you out of that place peacefully, with no symbols crutch.

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How much do you pay for that? Allah doesn't need anything from you. He talked to you about this fact so that you will reflect upon it.

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Alas Martin says for Cadorna federal cartoon

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if you want to see the best in terms of ability and capability to do something is Allah subhanaw taala

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so this is just a bit if we stop here we can talk a lot we spend hours talking about the blessings of Allah smart Allah enucleation

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so that you will know that the only one who deserves to be praised is Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah loves this word so much I live in Abu Talib says kilometer hub but Allah azza wa jal.

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Allah smarter loves to hear as a slave praising him as the Prophet said, Allahu Allahu Silva said, Allah really loves to see the slave whenever he eats something, he praises him for that he says that hamdulillah whatever he drinks something, he says that hamdulillah

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have a look at this fact. If Allah subhanaw taala is to deprive you from food, how much should you pay to get it? As one of the king was reminded by a scholar, the scholar told him so if Allah subhanaw taala deprive you from a cup of water, how much would you pay to get it?

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He said, I am willing to pay half of my kingdom.

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He says, actually not a cup of water, half of this cup of water. He says I'm willing to sacrifice half of my kingdom to get half of a glass of water.

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It's alright. If Allah subhanaw taala granted to you that one, you paid half of your kingdom to get half of a glass of water. But then Allah has Malta refused to let it come out of you. How much would you pay to get it out? He said I will pay the other half of my Kindle.

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That person told him sir, in the Milken Lysa with Aurora tema, the heavy Euro US had a fee.

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kingdom that is not even equal to the value of half of a glass of water. Definitely is something that worth staying away from it.

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All of these things that you see how much should you pay for Alaska how much you pay to Alaska, Montana for you to get it? Zero. Allah granted you the food, Allah granted you akal to differentiate between that which is beneficial and that which is wrong enough for you. And you do that which is beneficial to you and you stay away from the harmful one. How much you pay for this? Nothing

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You go to the bathroom, Allah granted, you're an excellent system that filter, the one that is not supposed to stay with you and take it out of you how much you pay for that. That's why the prophets Allah Simone, he comes out from the bathroom. He used to say, Hello Veronica. That's called I said it has two interpretations.

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The closest one is, this is just the promise Allah sama asking Allah smart Allah to forgive all of his sins, you know.

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Some of them said because nowadays, now at this moment, the prophets Allah sama did not have the chance to make vicar of Allah subhanaw taala in the bathroom.

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Another interpretation says he is referred to the fact that with all of these blessings, giving you the food and ability to take it out the one that is not beneficial to you, but we're still not doing that which is enough.

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That is the wisdom behind that same profanity.

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So alhamdulillah horrible anime, the praise be to Allah Subhan Allah he's the one who deserves to be praised the name of Allah subhanaw taala on the creation, countless is iterable alanine, Rob is the system, the creator, the owner, and the one who provide everything for the for the for those whom he created.

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Allow them coolamon to Allah azza wa jal

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alum is anything other than Allah subhanaw taala so when you say a ramble on, I mean, you're talking about the praise is due to Allah subhanaw taala The Lord of the island need Alameen is anything other than Allah subhanaw taala so we learned from this that anything that is not Allah is created by law, we have only two things. Number one is Allah and the other one is the one that is created by law. So these are the only two things we have we found in existence. From here we learned that our head of what to hydrophobia and to hate alone here. hydrophobia means Allah is the Creator is the owner and is the one who controls the only one who has the right to prescribe laws and regulations.

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The hadal over here means Allah's mantra is the only one who deserves to be worshipped. And here you learned also sincerity and rejection of shares in all of it forms we take this from the sale of Allah subhanaw taala Wallah hoo hoo hoo the minute either will either hold Malou the word Allah is taken from ILA and either is derived from the word Allah Allah, Allah Allah who who allow me to be

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the one who deserves to be worshipped alone. So this AI has a greater interpretation and a lot of lessons could be extracted from this from this ayah alone, but as I said, I will keep it inshallah brief. The last quarter granting is good and success in life in the whole gelegentlich Subhana Allah mod Ambika shadow Allah, Allah, Allah and stem from Khartoum, really as Sarah, Polycom rahmatullahi wa barakato