Ramadan Daily #03 The Entirely Merciful, The Especially Merciful

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Hi there, Hey, Sarah to sell them out and Lowe's Rahmatullah Alameen. And we now have even somebody said, Allahu, Allahu Allah, Allah, he was sorry, he was selling Oh my god.

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This is the third session. And in the previous session we talk about the Saint of Allah subhanaw taala Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen where we mentioned that this is a word that Allah Sparta really loves, because he is the one who deserves to be to be praised, and how to praise the last one Rotella who prays, alas, monitor through our actions, we see it we update, but the most important type of praises is the one that you do through the actions. You cannot claim that you love Allah and you praise him but at the same time you reject His commands. So Rabbil Alameen is the one who created everything and we learned from this to to hate the Rubia which is, I mean, somehow accepted

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by almost everyone, all the creation of Allah subhanaw taala because the rejection of that or hydrophobia is similar to the rejection of yourself or your existence. It is part of our natural disposition to accept the creator and to believe that there is somebody who brought us into into existence, we did not bring us off. And Alameen we learned that there are two things in this life, either Allah subhanaw taala or those whom he created.

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So anything other than Allah is called Harlem and it is created about last word to Allah and it's supposed to be bowing to Allah Spartans prostrating to him. That's why he says LilLah only to Allah subhanaw taala. And from here we learned the two hidden on here which means we direct all of our acts of worship and activities to Allah smarter, let alone without so cheating partner with him.

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Because the word Allah means alila will Allahu Allah Allah will be happy.

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Al my booty

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Lila, which is the origin of the word, Allah is, it means Allah booty back, the one who to be worshipped, who deserves to be worshipped alone without associating partner with him.

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Allah says rumble Alameen wa Allah muku lumens who Allah some scholars said, Adam is called Arland because it guides people to Allah subhanaw taala it is a guidance to Allah subhanaw taala meaning every single creation of Allah subhanaw taala is telling you that Allah subhanaw taala does exist, everything, with no exception starting from yourself and those things which are surrounding you.

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Allah subhanaw taala grant is good and ability to appreciate the reflection upon this verse. And then Allah subhanaw taala says rahmanir rahim. Allah smart Allah says Rahmani r Rahim. These are two different words, which carry the same meaning. Both of them is carrying the meaning of the other one. Ar Rahman the Most Merciful. Rahim also the Most Merciful. We said in the novel transplant translation, the benefits and the Most Merciful.

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But the scholar said these are the words that we call motera differed, they are synonymous to each other.

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If you mentioned our Rama without mentioning Rahim in a place it will include in it meaning, Rahim if you mentioned Rahim without mentioning include in it meaning a ramen also. And if you mentioned both of them in the same place, then you have to look for a meaning some ingredient to be attached to one of them to make it different from the other one, so that you will not just focus on the emphasis rather than bring in something new. Is there a task is our laminate toolkit if there is any possibility to bring something new, which is beneficial to the people and the words can tolerate that it is better than going for the for the emphasis

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Rahim so what is the rahmatullah wa Sita and wasa? Sorry, rough man is the one who's mercy is so big, you know, Allah subhanaw taala Cree created sorry, Allah subhanaw taala created 100 mercies

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and he picked up only one out of 100 and he's pregnant on his creation and Subhanallah you can see this one is so powerful in the way an animal will not be willing to step on it kids, a camel will raise up it

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hopes so that they will not step on the child's mother cannot agree to take the child you know to to put him in fire or to kill.

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These are all mercy from Allah subhanaw taala and we are sharing only one piece of verses the rest of the mercies 99 Allah is keep keeping it for our own benefit, which he will be using to benefit on the day of judgment. He will be using it to benefit us on the Day of Judgment

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So, if we sit down to talk about the Mercy of Allah smarter in the creation, walleye le we will spend hours with this

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in the creation of human being that is mercy in the sending of the message is this man or Rahim? You know, let us to understand that I mean so many things that Alaska has given us in this life, including sending the messengers to come and invite us to the, to the truth. If Alaska wants he can just keep quiet and not don't send anyone to remind us about what we're supposed to be doing. Although we need him on the day of judgment or get into trouble giving us guidance is a mercy from Alaska granting your uncle is the mercy from Allah subhanaw taala granting you long life is the mercy from Allah subhanaw taala sickness and the test these are all mercies from Allah subhanho wa

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taala. So this mercy, everyone get it here.

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Careful Muslim men, bad good whoever we're all sharing this mercy. This is the middle of our Rahman

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r Rahim de rahmatullah wa Silla, the one who's mercy is continuous. So Ramadan, the mercy which is based on our Ramadan is for everyone here, whether you accept Allah or you reject it, you still get the mercy from Allah subhanaw taala. But on the day of judgment, only those who recognized Allah subhanaw taala in this life will be given the Mercy

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nobody will share with them except somebody who has the same attitude in this life before death.

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So as I as I said, it's really important for us to understand this because by knowing this, you will understand that there is a great invitation from Allah subhanaw taala for you to maintain that good manner and good attitudes so that the mercy that you're receiving from Allah smarter will be continuous even after you meet him on the day of judgment

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which will end up by having you go into to paradise feed in light.

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So that's just a summary as I said, if we had to talk about the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala we spend a lot of time for this. But that was Sofia in sha Allah for the next I am your last modular grantee good and success in life in the whole ecology meeting caffeine Subhana Allah Morbihan DECA Chateau La La La Stefano going to be like a Sarah alikoum rahmatullahi wa barakato