Ravi Shekar Asks , “Can we Follow Islam as well as some Scientists and Concepts.”

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So my name is Andrew shaker sridhara dieser am principal of bt college, but I studied different religions

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including Bible and the Quran Hadees analysis. And I've been trying to and learned namaz and been sat in one of the Hadees

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Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. He asked Sicilian not to divulge his faith and say Laila Illa the times were such,

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but nowadays, because it is the robotic disease,

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our psychological implications, and also social implications, and other things are passed. Is there any concession for people who want to follow Islam and also some of the things given by our physics by visit Capra and Stephen Hawking's history of time.

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There are so many galaxies and other things and we cannot brush aside some of the concepts like Anil Huck are on Promise me doing five times namaz, are you interested? Can we in a rest time follow this concept of anilox? And

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some of the people one question time we have lack of time and answer your question. Now the people waiting on the microphone. The very last question that the noes have did that Prophet told a Syrian not to change his faith.

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Not to, not to say, Laila Allah, Allah in the bazaar, he was beaten. The brother said that Prophet mama said, Don't say Lie, lie, lie Lie loudly in the bazaar, he was beaten, I don't know which had these are quoting in context. There are these we say that dolch Allahu Akbar loudly, not lie, lie, lie lie. That is added, because in the war, when they're hiding, and the enemies coming, don't shout loudly, because that means you will be exposed, not in the bazaar in the battlefield. The other athletes, they say loudly, so that it will encourage the other soldiers. So depending upon the situation, he doesn't have the person in the battlefield. So

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it gives

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the Java the passion, the love, but certain times when you're hiding, if you say loudly, then you'll be exposed. So depending upon different situation, different things are there. Your main question was that can we follow Islam and other things like Socrates or some other people or from other scientists, including Canada, as far as following Anything else? with Islam, if it doesn't go against the Quran, and the Hadith, no problem. If it matches with the Quran and Hadith, it should be followed, if anything is whether x y Zed the science, geography, history, whether Hinduism Christianity, Judaism says something which is also mentioned the Quran it becomes the first for you

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to follow. If it says something, which is not mentioned the Quran and does not go against the Quran, you can follow it MOBA optional, but if we say something which is against the Quran, it is haram, it is prohibited three different strategies, three different ways. regarding a question Islam believes in five times Allah doesn't believe in Allah and Allah becoming one with God, it is.

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It is against tawheed you can say I believe in tawheed. And you believe in more than one God, you believe in tawheed and saying I will become one with God, it is opposite. So anyone who believes in that becoming one with God,

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he cannot be a follower of Thor. He cannot be Muhammad. It's two opposite things. But other things which matches with the Quran No problem, which doesn't go into the Quran, no problem. Hope that answers a question.