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Jumuah Kuthbah – IIT

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In Al Hamdulillah

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the man who started what is still Pharaoh?

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When are the Billahi min Sharon em fusina woman say tiara madam. Mayor de la bufala Medina woman you believe it Allah? Why should one ila ulala why Sheree Keller why shawanda Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala le he was heavy woman said I learned energy womanist and they'd be so nutty he either Yomi de

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la Johar. Holla

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modernos subhanho wa Taala Phaeton z. Yo yo Latina ermine topo la helper to quality he wanted to move to LA to mostly moon from.

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First and foremost, my brothers and sisters, not only is this a blessing day or a blessing hour of the day of tomorrow, but it is also a joyous day and a happy day of our Eagle football.

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And first and foremost, we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for this wonderful blessing and opportunity to experience both

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as well as human and human. In the same day. We asked Alonzo Joel to accept from us our fast to accept from us the poor end, and the prayers that we had devoted to and we had struggled with the blessing month of Ramadan.

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And we asked the lies of agenda to count us from amongst those who, on the day of judgment,

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count us amongst those who are part of that special group, special category of people who will enter through a door of jedna.

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Out of all the many doors of Paradise, we only know the name of one.

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And it just so happens to be the door where the people who fasted will enter and have their place in paradise because they let each other we have a large solar gel to count us from amongst those who will enter bed or right yeah, love them. I mean, are you all have

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a look ahead? Where do we go from here? I'm sure a lot of speakers, a lot of lectures, have given you some insight and things that you and I should be thinking about should it should be involved with in order that we can sustain and keep the momentum, keep the energy, the spirit, the love and the dedication that all of us exemplified in the month of Ramadan.

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If you thought to yourself prior to Ramadan,

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that you couldn't go above and beyond the five daily prayers then Juma

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and then the Sunnah prayers, few thought that that was your limit. But in Ramadan, not only did you do all of those things, which you were here for thought all week.

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And if you miss thoroughly

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you prayed some additional rockets at home.

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And your winter was more consistent.

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And because of the support, it helped you and encouraged you

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to remain until the slats will fragile.

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So if you struggled to pray federal on time, but in Ramadan, it was okay.

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Take this as a sign as a blessing from our Creator, that all of us have what it takes to go and to go above and beyond the standard by which you may think you belong in you have what it takes to go above and beyond and do the extra things that will count you amongst those who will receive the additional reward and the additional blessings from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the amazing thing to think about, of how all of our brothers and sisters in that blessed month how we came together. No one had anything awful to say. We came together. We had a farm together we fasted together. This Omar really and truly felt like the aroma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam so how do we keep

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that as we move forward?

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Post Ramadan the answer are many. The one that I want to share with you today is I want to bring you back to su little Baccarat

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I want to bring you all back to the page in which all the teams and lecturers pre Ramadan they were reminding you of the verses of Ramadan

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every lecture and speaker would be quoting to these verses yeah yo holla Xena hem no coochie barra de como cm until the end

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that oh people have email Allah has prescribed for you fasting just like he has done for those who came before us that perhaps we can attain some level of consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Alhamdulillah we have seen that tasted it and inshallah we have received it. We got the consciousness and the top was that Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted us to receive in the month of Ramadan Bismillah

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the next verse, a yen amar dudette

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You know, this part of the verse could not be more true today.

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I think we can all agree that this Ramadan, I

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think all of us for the most part can agree that this sort of avant is one of those Ramadan, that we will never forget how quickly it came and how quickly it has gone.

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left us so quickly.

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I don't know if this is a good thing or not. But one thing I do know

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is when you start to feel as though 24 hours a day is not enough.

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When you start to feel like five days in the week is not enough to do the things that we need to do.

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Then remember what our messenger are they his Salatu was Salam reminded us of he told us that there will come a time

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where a year will feel like a month.

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a month will feel like a few days a few days will feel like hours. And when that happens when we start to live in a culture where time just seems like it's never enough.

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Our Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us be ready. Because the Day of Judgment is near. May Allah azza wa jal give us strength really makes you think

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that this feeling is not just happening by chance. 24 hours probably feels like a couple of hours, but you and I know. It's still 24 hours, none of that has changed.

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But this culture and this feeling of what each and every day becomes must be a reminder for all of us, that we are running out of time

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in this month of Ramadan.

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Again, this is something personal I want to share with you but some of you probably have experienced something similar. This Ramadan was the one Ramadan that I can recall is that I have heard more bad news than than ever before in my life, more people becoming sick,

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tested and trialed with difficulty and hardship. More of our brothers and sisters close to us.

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And throughout the Muslim world, suddenly losing their life suddenly passing away.

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And you're thinking to yourself, it's just happening and occurring more and more male allies. So a joke, bless them and count them from the righteous in this world and give them the best in the earth had a lot of them and you think about your brothers and sisters, whether that be in Palestine and Syria in Burma, wherever. More and more people are either becoming sick, or they are passing away suddenly.

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And if that's not the case, just look around towards the simple things that we might often take for granted.

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Like the weather. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us

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that one of the signs of the Day of Judgment

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is you'll start to experience that natural disaster.

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We'll increase not just by number, but intensity,

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they will start to cause more and more damage.

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And more and more of these natural disasters will be unexplainable. No one who will understand why this happened the way that it did.

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This is I feel like this is already the case. All you have to do is just look on the news and you see for yourself so much unfolding around the world.

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Our Prophet it is salatu wa sallam told us that there will come a time where for sure, or concentration, focus in our prayers will become something more and more difficult to experience.

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People will start to lose focus in their prayers more and more and more. When this starts happening.

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Prepare because the day the sun is near one great scholar

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about 2025 years ago, I would say that this is Oh man. We are standing in front of the doors of the Day of Judgment. We are knocking those doors.

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And so this is the moment this is the time where when allies so agile says it's sort of Bukhara that Ramadan is again a matter of do dead matter, do death comes from the word marriage Duda.

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And Mara, Duda mean something that is miniscule. Like it's so petty, it's so little, you won't even bother counting it. That's called marriage dua that Allah is saying to you and I, that Ramadan is just a few days it'll come in, it'll just go.

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Then as it continues as you continue reading about Ramadan, the next verse, Allah says shabu Ramadan, Allah, the owns Isla de Hooper, en, this was the month in which Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us the poor end.

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But as you continue reading, in the middle of that verse, Allah said something very beautiful. He tells us you need to love be kumal use, whether you read to be kumal Rasul, Allah wants for you ease. And Allah does not want for you, hardship or difficulty. In surah, three hedge, Allah took those two points and put it into one sentence. Woman Jarrah de la COVID de Minghella. He never wanted to create any form of discomfort for you. When it came to this religion,

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scholars, they teach us and they tell us

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if at any point you feel that the obligations of Islam is becoming difficult, and it becomes a burden on you. The first thing that a believer should do is realize that he or she is struggling with their faith. It's a sign that you're struggling with Amen. Because part of faith is to enjoy and find peace and tranquility. When you fulfill the commands of your Creator. That should be the most comforting and beautiful experience. Yes, there is some element of hardship in it. But we look forward to coming to the masjid at 1030 at night and pray until one o'clock in the morning. We look forward to that. And then we had a few hours a few hours maybe to rest maybe most of us didn't

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before you know it, soul. Soul comes on federal. And there goes again you start the same cycle, but the man in you is so peaceful and so content, it finds joy and pleasure that they are making these sacrifices for their Creator. If we lose them, it is a sign that our faith needs some work. It needs to be strengthened.

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But here's what I want to share with you today. When allies so it just says God to love will become will use whether you read or become owner. So now we are going to see the real meaning and truth behind the statement.

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Fasting in Ramadan was not so bad. Try fasting one day outside

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of Ramadan and see if that's not the most impossible thing to do

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these six days of Sherborne

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think about how easy or how difficult it might be

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and how many of our brothers and sisters they have the intention but they just can't muster up the discipline to do it. It's not easy. May Allah azza wa jal make it easy for all of us love them.

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Now when all is said and done,

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here is our responsibility after Ramadan Looking ahead,

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comes right from sawtell Bukhara when Allah finished talking about Ramadan this beautiful verse came

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what you there's a carry Bertie

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in the party

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Oh gee boo there what a dairy either done. Fellas, CG Bulli, while you mean ob La La me have shown

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this area this verse puts it all together, what we should be feeling and experiencing and looking forward to in post Ramadan.

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alized religion now tells us he brings to our attention an incident that happened with the messenger Salallahu it he was seldom A man came to him

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and asked him something about a lot.

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This man came to the messenger alayhi salaatu wa Salaam to ask him something that was related to a lion selligent

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before the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam could respond

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who took over the conversation? It was alive. So

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he tells us what he that said.

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When this man came to talk to you and asked you so Allah says Allah, he asked you something? who answered the question. Allah now takes over the conversation and says that in the party, he didn't say, hola who in the party say to him that I am near? A lot takes over the conversation and says, I am near for in the Kareem. What does that mean? scholars they explained to us that the polar bear of Allah this closeness of Allah is a loss of protection and knowledge over his creation. A lot is paying special attention, especially to those in post Ramadan.

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Especially that category of brothers and sisters and servants who have gone through the spiritual exercise and discipline of Ramadan. You now have a luz undivided attention. May Allah azzawajal bless us and honor us lahoma mean for in need. He says I am close to you. What is a low What does the law want you to think about? Oh gee boo jerawat that dairy either there and he answers the call of the caller whenever they call. Listen to the words carefully. Arabic students you will love this verse you will appreciate it so much. Because the word that Allah uses to describe the caller

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he calls that individual and

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not dairy not anonymous. The Elif lamb is attached to this word. What does that mean? means that now, this person, this individual is somebody that is known to Allah. He is not or she is not just a person, she or he is now the person. So Pamela, how did we get that honor? Because you called on a lot. What is the one thing we have been doing the most when we are not in prayer when we are not in hold on? What are we doing the most as our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us, the Torah of the saw him is never rejected. So we were praying and making dorada him throughout.

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Now is the time whether you are fasting or not. Now you and I insha Allah have become

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strong candidates of Dora and achieving and receiving the response to our door on May allies that will accept our doors love them.

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Oh gee boo bear with either their own failure CG bully. Allah wants to things from us number one, Phil yes the G Bulli

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answer allows requests, what was a last call to you and I was all those verses that came before. Achieve taqwa.

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Take the month seriously, follow all the rules and obligations. Busy your time with Porter. And once you do all of that,

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then you have responded for yesterday, Bulli number two, Allah says, Well, you need to be have faith in me, doesn't mean to have a man with a loan. The faith that is talking about here is faith that we already have, strengthen that bond with you and your Creator. Keep it now consistent. How are we going to do that? Go back to the beginning of the verse keep talking to Allah. That is the core lesson of Ramadan.

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We have been speaking to him throughout Ramadan. Now Allah azza wa jal wants you to do it more and more every time you do it. He is near you and he is anxious to give you the response. But you will have to have faith in him and answer his call to follow this deal as best as you can.

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For this Digi bully while you may know will be learned when you're shooting what is like the homie off show dude. This is what we conclude within the second part of the hook. You will

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have this blessed day. This wonderful joyous day is blessed that hour of tomorrow we asked Alonzo Jill to accept our efforts in the month of Ramadan. Yeah, Robbie only you know, only you know my weaknesses. And only you know my strengths. Yeah, Robbie, except for me the efforts I have put forth in Ramadan and forgive me of my shortcomings and my weaknesses in the month of Ramadan. Yeah, Robbie, we asked you to cause us amongst those who will continue a life of submission, commitment and obedience to do your job. Yeah, Allah we asked you to accept from us our call, except from us our Allahumma bien aku domantas ground was soft Hola. Hola. Hola. como de ser at Massimino. I'm in

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Cali them and Festo Pharaoh. In

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu. Was Salam ala rasulillah wider heavy he was heavy woman while

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Felicity Bulli Will you mean who will be learning from your shadow? Perhaps that insha Allah, they will become amongst those who are Yo yo yo

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yo should do? It comes from the word of Russia and needs to be put on the correct path or direction.

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You know, if you if you're driving and you have two options, they're both good options. But you want to find the option that is best for you at that moment. That's called Russia or yellow shoe Dune. So you're asking allies So Joe, oh, Allah don't just make me the Muslim that does the bare minimum. Yeah, a lot. I want to be the best. I want to go above and beyond. I want to give you more because this is what I learned and I experienced in Ramadan. Oh Allah, guide me, so that for the rest of my time, I am not doing the bare minimum. But I'm striving above and beyond for you. Yeah. And we ask Allah azza wa jal to count us from amongst them a lot. I mean, this in a nutshell, is our

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responsibility moving forward, that we continue to speak to our Creator. And when we speak to him, he guarantees all of us that he is close to you. And when Allah is close to you, there is no danger in this world that can come near you.

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But Allah tells you to have that experience that have faith in him. Follow him follow what he told us to do. And insha Allah Tada.

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Allah will guide us to what is the best male lies that will accept from us our sacrifice male Lorenzo will accept from us our efforts you know, don't be accept from us our dorm, accept from us, our cm, our PM, our group who our sujood our dariah balada mean, we send peace and blessings to the Rasul Salatu was Salam O Allah

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subhanho wa Taala thete NZD in Allah one Allah iica turbo use a lunarlon v yeah you Hello Tina M and o solo v he was suddenly moved to SEMA.