Du’aa in Ramadan P1 – Guidance, Taqwa, Chastity, Contentment

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Sharif, in English in English in English

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so the dryer that we're going to take today and that you're going to learn shallow maybe it's going to take us three or four minutes. It's not a long blog

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it's a do either the proper sunlight or some type of a missile or the low tide angle and it comes in Sahih Muslim

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and therefore things that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam taught him to ask

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Allahumma in ESL oka alhuda what to call? Well laka will Lina alarm and he's a local Buddha to follow laughter with Lena. So we're going to learn this guy, we're going to stop at each word. Find out what it means and then you're going to memorize it inshallah. So you know that most of the things

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that come in the Quran, start off with Robin.

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You read the Quran most of the day starts off with Robin, like for example what?

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Like like that will open it now. Tanya has a novella, he has no

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This in fact, though Ennis for the long time and who was the servant of the prophets of light, it was something he served him from the time that the prophecy son came to Medina. He has a beautiful story. He says that the province of light was sort of never used it never asked him why did you do this? Why didn't you do that?

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Just the character of the Prophet is allowed to sit down with his servant who was it was a young boy at the time. Anyway, he says that the either the province of Lego seldom used to make the most of us, Robin and Tina has an overland karate Hasina Tina Davina Allah give us a bit of dislike of the hereafter save us from the punishment of the Fire

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What's another data to memorize from the crime?

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Robin Ella to see Hulu when bad things will happen in MLM

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Allah don't send our hearts to straight after You have guided us don't cause our hearts to stray. Don't allow our hearts to stray after You have guided us and gift us Rama from you give us your mercy. So anyway, as you read the Quran, I just as a side point, as you read the Quran, I want you to pay attention to the places where they lie in the Quran. And notice that the NBN used to call upon Allah subhana wa tada with that named Rob banner, not banner, because the name of Allah Subhana Allah, our Robert

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has the same concept or it is the root of the word tarbiyah that nurturing that that cultivating that Eliza gel is the creator it is His providence that sustains the universe that sustains mankind manages the affairs so they are calling upon that one up

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for their guidance and to give them the good of this life and to hear most of the do and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, however, is starts off with a long

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calling upon Allah Subhana Allah is showing that servitude because He is Allah, He is

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the one who is worshipped in truth rightfully worshipped Subhana who attack and so there is that meaning when you call upon him Allahumma showing that you are his slave and that you recognize that and every day, in fact, is an indication of your servitude because we only call upon the one who can give us and He is Allah subhana wa Taala

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so this guy the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says Allahumma inni s l Okay, so let's get that part down because a lot of do I start like that? So it's just three words Allah whom I want to hear you say Allahumma

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inni s Luca, okay, s L is from the root word Salah which means to ask. So when you say s l Luca, I asked you Okay, so you know what Allahumma means, right? Oh Allah, you calling upon Allah and ni is a form of emphasis and deed I am. Okay, so Allahumma in the salopian Let me hear you say Allahumma

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Ellucian. In the back Aloma need a solution.

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Good, all right. So then there are four things. The first one is L Huda alhuda. What is alhuda?

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guidance is the same as a Li di. Okay, so you ask a lot of for guidance, I'll explain what it means in a minute inshallah or give some a bit more detail. So you asked for alhuda

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and add to cart, add to cart, which is the same as tuffa

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which is the same as tuffeau which means what?

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What is taco, this is the month of tequila.

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To have fear of a loss of data

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is a is a translation, it means a bit more it means that you do the righteous deeds that Allah subhanaw taala commanded you to do and that you stay away from the forbidden things that he has prohibited you from doing.

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So you ask a love for Alan houda and add to cart like this Allahumma inni iluka

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alhuda What tucan

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alhuda What to car

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sorry, what is alhuda?

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guidance and a two car

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Okay, so you asked a lot to branch you fear of him because that fear will result that being conscious of illustrating data because there's another way you can translate it as having been God conscious being always aware of Allah Subhana tada because that is what is going to push you to do what he commanded you to do and to stay away from the Hara. So let's just get this part down. alhuda Anna tucan

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as some of the scholars who have explained this have even mentioned when they mentioned together, he Daya refers to beneficial knowledge, because that is what gives you guidance to the fact that you have to know what the past is. So you're asking a larger adult for beneficial knowledge, he direct guidance, beneficial knowledge, a two car is to do the righteous actions and to stay away from what Allah and His Messenger sallallahu wasallam had prohibited. So when you say Aloma eneas alcl? Who there is there someone else who can guide you?

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So someone else who can guide your heart other than Allah subhanaw taala? Absolutely, not. Only because there's some people they know the truth, but they're not guided to it. Meaning they understand. For example, you may even have experienced trying to talk to people about Islam, and you talk to them about Islam. And they don't find anything objectionable. They think that it sounds great.

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But there's something that prevents them from following the guidance.

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Either arrogance, they're too proud. She's a woman she's too proud to put on the hijab.

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So she says I'm not gonna be a Muslim

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or a man who's fears that if he becomes a Muslim, that he won't get the promotion and his job that he wants. So, he prefers the dunya over over the hereafter whatever.

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But they've seen what it is, but they So, it is a combination of that beneficial knowledge and being on that path guidance guidance, when you ask the Lord for guidance you are asking him to increase you in knowledge of his religion so that you know a two car you know how to worship him properly and to stay away from the things that he has

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prohibited us from doing.

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So Allahumma in ESL Luca?

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what to call Of course, it took off but you put a wall in front of because that means end right? What what means and what to call sorry, then we have the last one the FF

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maybe you know a woman named fat. You heard of a? Sir in the Arab world they have many women named FF. What is ff?

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fewer. Okay, that's that's not a bad translation.

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Soft minded. Well, FF, yeah.

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what do you say? I can hear?

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contentment. Okay, that's that's actually closer to Lina laughs But it's close. Actually. It is close to zero okay.

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Oliver, okay. So what is the book if actually means to abstain from something that's actually what it for me, which is why a woman for example, especially who stays away she keeps herself chaste. She stays away from, from illicit relationships in these types of things that she is considered to be a thief.

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Okay, so she has an F but she's chaste. Why because she abstained from the forbidden. So, that is actually what the word fat means, it is an F and e to abstain from mela UVA and I need to stay away from anything that is impermissible. So, this is an FF when you ask Allah Subhana Allah for Allah FF you are asking him to aid you in refraining from and in having that self constraint to stay away from those things which are not permissible for you to do okay. So that is that is Olafur, chastity or virtue. Okay.

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And elvina what is somebody who was funny?

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Huh? He's rich, he's wealthy?

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Does when you ask a lot for elvina? Here? Are you asking him for a lot of money?

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To make you have like the money of Cartoon for example, you want treasures that can fill up cities? Is that what you're asking for?

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I sent a very good article a week. It is to make you feel rich, because there are people some handler who do not have a lot. But they are content, like the brothers, their content, they're satisfied with what they have. That satisfaction is what brings about true happiness.

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There are other people who have so much 10 cars, all of them luxury vehicles. You know what he wants, he wants another one.

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Because that one is old, he drove it for three weeks straight.

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So now he wants another one. He needs a new toy. And he's not happy. He's not happy though he has the wealth in his hand. He doesn't feel content in his heart, and therefore he's not happy. So when you ask the larger joke for elvina like the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Lisa Lena and kesulitan lotto it's not about having a lot of possessions. Well that can the Lena Lena. However, real wealth is the contentment of the heart. So you ask the Lord to make you satisfied. That satisfaction does not mean that the Muslim does not have aspirations. as Muslims, we should have higher aspirations we should shoot high, always.

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But whatever it is that Alonzo Jones decreed for you to get after working diligently for it, whatever it is that you have, that you're satisfied with that

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you become satisfied, and you ask the Lord to give you that, because if you do not have that, you do not have these four things. You will never have the success in this life or the hereafter you won't be happy, not in this life and you won't get success in the air. So you say Allahumma in ESL Luca?

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alhuda what to call will FF what is FF

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to abstain from the impermissible to be chaste? To be virtuous? Li FF and what? Well, Hina well, Hina you said? Well, Hina All right, who's gonna say the whole thing for sure.