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$600 Million For A Hand! – Recognizing the blessing of Allah

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Do you know that one of the core purposes of your existence is for you to be grateful not a loss of innocence Quran one love who asked Raja mimco Tony de como la la una chez rajala como se llama while others are well as either La La Comtesse Kowloon, Allah as a parent I created you and he did not know anything.

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And Allah given us sight, given you hearing and given your hearts Why? So perhaps you may be grateful May Allah make you all among those who are grateful and you know, but I mean, brothers and sisters, are you grateful to Allah? Granted, you have to continuously ask that question, you know, for the ability to see the fact that you can see me you appreciate that we get used to it. Yes, we got used to it. But sometimes you have to sit down with Kuru net Mata Lucha alikum. And just think of a lot of blessings upon you. are you grateful that you can hear me? I have a relative of mine, a cousin of mine, one time we were sitting, and then she saw us laughing? And she was crying.

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Why? Because she cannot understand what we're saying because my cousin is death.

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Did you appreciate that?

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Something to truly ponder upon.

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True story, I'm telling you, the second person, one of my own teachers.

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He was invited to a multi millionaire

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who had 600 or more of the numbers $600 million dollars in cash. I'm not saying buildings apartments, no in cash 2.5

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billion ringgit if I if I calculate the currency correctly, okay, depending on the day, so every lecture, I had to change the number depending on the society. Okay. So this man with that much wealth,

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he had two children, a boy who left him to go to the Gulf, to begin his own career, you have people like that I want to build my own future and things like that. His daughter married another man. So he was alone with his wife. As they were driving, they got into a car accident, this man's wife passed away on this, on that scene, may Allah granted gender, and grant gender to all those who passed away.

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Then this man was completely paralyzed, cannot move a single muscle.

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Then what happened, the driver remained alive, as if a lot purposely has done that in order for that driver to serve the one who is paralyzed, so that she was invited over because the rich man wants to talk to him just express things to him. He said, You see this bed right beside me. Now the man speaking is paralyzed on the bed. ecbc the other bed, this is the bed of the driver.

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He sits by me to serve me. He said to the shift, I swear by a law there are nights come

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that I just want to itch my back, but he cannot do it. So I would tell the driver please, if you can assist me with that. But there are nights where I have requested that request so many times I feel bad for him every time I would wake him up. So there are nights that come out when it's my back and I cannot do it and I feel bad to wake him up. So I say out loud to myself, who would take $600 million in cash for one hand.

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Who would take $600 million in cash for one hand. You are all millionaires but many of you perhaps never noticed that.

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Till hamdulillah

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and you see when you recognize the blessing, how perhaps your Hamlet comes more from the heart. And that's the practice that you should be doing. Allah says with kurunegala Allah Allah can continuously recognize Allah blessings upon you. And this is the sense that you will get a loss of Hannah what Salah also wants you to thank Allah subhanaw taala verbally when you're done with eating your food and handed in law, when something difficult happens to you something that you see what you do not like the Prophet's attitude you know I used to say

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he used to say Alhamdulillah Allah

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can we shall adopt this action item inshallah. Anytime you see something someone double parked you, you go for Juma prayer someone blocks you right, like 100 alcohol right? Like Ramadan you're very righteous are using a great day like so Pamela

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The point being is that you tried to have the attitude Allah will bless you as hamdulillah him the enemies and will fill up the Amazon premier lawmaker museum Oklahoma heavy metal barrel, I mean, the amendments sub bullets now as you know, for Hua ch, and Robert Meola granted to all of you I mean, Robert Allen in Seattle.

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Appreciate that when the prophet SAW something that he likes, he also said what Alhamdulillah but then he said Alhamdulillah Allah de venir matita t masala hat, that the one by his blessings good things happen a lot. Look how he attributes that to Allah. May Allah make us grateful Amira, but I mean physically is the top notch May Allah make us reach that level

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is where you do the obligatory acts and that's the number one thing which Allah loves. Allah said this authentic hadith producing the most beloved thing Allah loves from us. And that gets you close to Allah is when you do the obligatory acts. If you truly grateful to Allah for your ears, you will do your best not to be involved in backbiting will lie if we have this concept of gratitude, gratitude becomes the pillar for you to stop sinning isn't it right? out of shame. If you remember the story of used to fall in his salon

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when the lady has unlocked bottle of water, correct. She locked all the doors she said hey telecomm all yours and use valet Sam was there? What did he do?

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He says in the horror of being

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continued as an MS. Why? He said My Lord has blessed me How can I do that gratitude was what helped him. You guys bring attention. Gratitude was what made him patient is that he recognized a lot of blessings upon him is like how can I use my beauty in such fashion Allahu Akbar, may Allah make us like Yusuf Ali Salah memorable alanine, enhancing this as well as use of like both patient and grateful mineral balance and something to truly appreciate. Another thing that you can do physically there is something from the sooner that is called such that the sugar guys know that which literally speaking, you hear some amazing news for example, one time I was taking a course called heat

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transfer less than mechanical engineering third year and I was looking at the final grades and I got an A plus some light out of any sometimes get so happy. I don't know what you're doing right. So I saw a guy beside me I kissed him

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is like what are you doing? They're not like oh, steady trickle they went down.

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And that's a way to be grateful to Allah just randomly dropped on the floor and extended Chiquita las panatela LMS. They said you don't have to have odo. You don't have to face the parabola. You can just drop there. You don't have to record the hijab. No, no, just drop there and access that to Allah. And thank Allah for the blessings and feel free to make. Besides the greatness of Allah Spano tala can we shall do that. You know, one time when I learned this, I was a lot younger young. So I used to love a football team. So when they got a penalty kick, I went down such a choker.

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And like, Is that why you use that? Soon enough, a little subtle. I said, let me use it. Why not? penalty kick go. melago says choker. How beautiful is it when you see a player going down and says Isn't it nice? Somehow let me let make us humble. Let me let me and practice the dean. The way allow one sister practices to donate now. Go to the daily slash donate