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smilla Rahim al hamdu lillahi wa underside who on istockphoto on older Mila Himanshu Liam fusina sejahtera Molina, manga de la ilaha illAllah homeodomain follow Hari Allah, Masha Allah, Allah Allah Allahu Allah hoshana Muhammad an OB the hora solo yeah you hola Dina mana tapa la haka. Takata Hola. temujin ella to Muslim moon yeah even sutopo rumba Kamala the Kala Coca

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Cola caminhada seminoma Jalan coffee romanza. Allah Allah de salud whenever he or Hama in the law cannot a camera Kiva. Yeah you're Latina mana Taka la colo Colin de de de la cama cama de novo, oma UT la hora de la confianza false and our vema mavado vena cava La, la sal. Howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Chateau de matar maka to Hakuna Matata in beta or cola Middleton dolla dolla dolla, listen for now.

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We're about to continue from where we stopped last week. And I guess we're talking about the IRS mentioned by a moment now are we under the chapter of Abdullah Allah to Allah hiding what there are in our hidden outer Allah. So this is a continuation of the previous one, emphasizing on the importance of inviting people to righteousness and good deed, and also being the first person to introduce something which is part of the religion and also the rewards that are lost power plays on it, whereby whoever is to imitate you a lot smarter will grant you the same reward as he gave them. So it's very important person to be part of this community who are practicing what he called the

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essence and the basis of the choice of Allah subhanaw taala for this Omo, which is admirable maruthi when I woke up, so last week, we talked about the Dow which is based on the scene of a loss of power to Allah or the word in Arabic. And then IBAMA know, we followed that with another quotation which shows the conditions of the Dow, which says dow has to be based on the wisdom and also knowledge. Last week we defined wisdom in two things in two ways. The first is the knowledge you must give out with knowledge. And the second one is the hikma

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the other eye, which is quoted by Imam nawawi is a scene of a loss of $100 or two hour auditability with taco wallet.

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This is a very very comprehensive

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as you know, Islam is based on what you get. When you look at Islamic principles and Islamic law. You'll find it being based on collide collide means legal, Maxim's contrary to the common law, based on unfilter. You get examples. So if you don't have an example, which previously happened, then you get stuck. Islam is not like that. Allah will give you a legal maximum of principles. Then you judge whatever happens until the legal judgment as well last March, Allah says maharatna finicky Tabby me Shay. There is nothing that is neglected, without being detailed in the book of Allah subhanaw taala either local muffles or the Quran. Allah says the owner of the human body of Quran is the book given

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to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam or to guide those who are surrounding him and whoever is to receive the book until the day of judgment, a lot smaller jealousies, Roma, Karna, la julio de la Coleman Bodhi, the Haida who had you by Ian Allah, whom my Taku Allah will never let a people grow a tree without explaining to them that which he wants them to do. And Allah smart Allah in another place, it says, we're in for Salah, who have sila, we have already mentioned we have already mentioned everything in details. So that is nothing which is not fine. I mean, which is not found in the book of Allah Mahabharata. Either you get it directly or indirectly. So this is the Quran, it

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base for the call the judgments in the ruling on the principles began so that we can move forward. That's why you find the scholars, they don't know everything. But then whatever case you have to present to them, if you present it properly, they will grant you the proper and the correct ruling intended by the Sharia. How did they get that they base it on the principles given to them by Allah by Allah subhanaw taala guidelines. So this is one of these Maxim's that a Muslim should understand. Alas, Mahajan, says in the first part of social nyda, what our eligibility were telkwa wallet r1 r1. If murderer, which are our own relatives, a taco. It means you have to cooperate. You have to be

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part. You have to be engaged. You have to be involved in anything that comes

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Choose righteousness in Islam and good deeds and bring good to the community. You should be part of that.

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without restriction, you gotta because Allah says to our eligibility with taqwa because our bill is not just about facing the Kaaba face in this and they are just doing this and this is a very wide and broad I mean concept. Allah says lay silver and to elude you have timolol machinic Walmart when you get it, when the last mahalo tala change the Qibla, from biting market is to cover the cover from the Jew and the hypocrites they make, they made a big deal.

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Because, as usual, up to date, also they try to put confusion in the heart of the believers. That's what we always say, you have to be very careful. home Do you watch, whether you go online, have to be very careful, because the least these people are looking for is to put doubt in you.

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they succeed because if this doubt exists, I'm telling is not easy for you to take it out. People are losing their religion because of this. That's why you have to monitor your activities, you have to make sure that you watch the right things. Get it when it comes to the matters of religion. Go directly and contact the scholars whom you trust. You don't get it from the internet. Because internet carries everything is for those people who know what they are looking for.

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You're going to look for legal ruling from the from the internet, it gives me everything. If you don't have the criteria, what will help you to differentiate between right and wrong? How do you know which one is the truth? You get it and those enemies have a lot smarter. They were there. They're more smarter than us how many times you write a link correctly, but it links you to the wrong place.

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They're smarter than you they know how to get you on those things, once you get inside is easy for you to go out of it.

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So the Jew in the past they make it a big deal. How come he faced the Qibla which was the battle market is for 16 to 17 months, according to mention of the mention of Mr. McCarty the profit or loss on my face the volatile market, the city Tasha Sharon asaba Tasha, how's that possible? If the religion is correct, why can he maintain the same the same attitude? Why now is he facing the cover? So the main is a big deal a lot smarter says lay sell better and to elude you Haku kybella machine call marketing. You know these days we have some people who are pointing this attitude and manner, get something from the Sharia law smarter and focus and maintain the deen as if everything is that

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is mentioned by the prophets a lot somebody is confined to that. No, she has very wide, very big, just have to follow that which you can and seek the help of Allah hotel to help you to be able to do the rest. Allah says, Allah bill is not about facing the mushrik and is not about facing the Maghreb. Although prayer is the most important thing in the religion after the Shahada attain but Dean is not confined in the prayer alone.

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Allah says to refuse them he says, Oh my can Allah Who knew the monocle, he told the believers Don't worry about their confusion. And he should be satisfied that our last monitor will never neglect your email, email here means your prayer, all of those prayers that we have done facing the vital market this last month, I will never neglected because they were doing that based on the command of a lost child. You will never neglect when a case is closed, there is no point of making it as a big issue.

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Get it surprised the most important thing but religion is not confined in the prayer. Allah says, Well, I kindled the rock man am Anna Billa. You see that? There is about Emma, what is the man a strong conviction that comes from the heart are uttered by the tongue. Practice by the lips. That's a man.

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You got to do convince you saved by your tongue and then also put it into practice and action. How do I know you are a believer? If you don't if I don't see you in the masjid? How do I know you are a believer? If I don't see you making Hajj and you're capable of doing that? How do I know you're among the Muslims if you pass a Muslim brother and you don't say Salaam to him? How do you know you're a Muslim? If you don't dress like the Muslim is ducks like others, you get all of these things. These are part of EMA. That's why the scholars activities, they are also part of the email because they are the translation of that which is in the heart. I can never know whether you are

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truthful in your email. You can never know whether I'm truthful in the email or not. But you can trace that through my actions and the heart, you will leave it to Allah subhanaw taala. That's why the scholar said we judge people based on what appears to us, which unfortunately some people don't do. They get into the heart of others. We judge people based on what appears to us when a killer Sarah Iran in law has done

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And we leave the secret affairs and the inner things which are from the heart. We leave it with a last hurrah, man, Amma Villa Lima Villa you believe in Allah subhanaw taala. What does that mean? You believe in his Ruby, you believe in his guru here, you believe in this as masiva and you believe in his six senses. So four things you're supposed to maintain in this regard. While mala ekati one kitabi wunderino Allah says he believes in Allah. We're talking about a bill right albir is not about just praying. Allah says no is bigger than that is about a man Bella has serger

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while mala aka Nikita and Eamon and with the angels in the angels, you believe that they are the creation of a lost Marcela stop. I mean, don't even pay attention to this statement that we can hear nowadays about angels not being in reality. I mean, there are some people who don't believe in the existence of the angels.

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You can find this online wherever you go. So that's why I said, a person should be very careful. And these people they know how to put doubt in you. You get it, you have to believe in them and in their existence, that these are the creation of a loss Marcela, from their light, and Allah says lasuna llama amerihome by following a memorial, how many angels Do you think Allah just to believe that Alas, that angels are there will lie is enough, is enough to motivate you and to create an awareness of Allah subhanaw taala in your heart, and the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala you have that feeling?

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Because just look at the size of the angels, and look at the number of angels when it comes to the population, how many angels you think the last model teller has? Nobody can tell you that except the last 100 talk.

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Do you get it? If you want to waste your time in calculation, let's go. Just look at human beings. Let's say how many human beings do you have on earth?

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Let's assume 8 billion and whether we reach that or no, but let's say 8 billion. Each and every one of us has a list two angels, right?

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To Angie's List, two angels, but a lot more dimension. So it's a lot more than that. These are the rocky varieties but you have angels before you angels behind you a lot easier for hoonah hoomin amrinder that job is to protect you from any evil that can possibly approach you.

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How many angels then surrounding one individual just assume the f5 Allahu Allah scholars had mentioned some of them said there's someone who said that there was no mention specifically by the prophet, Allah some other amount, but let's say you have five, multiply by one 8 billion, this is just human beings.

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How about the jinn so so they have this? How many genes you have Allah Allah

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get it then we go to the animals some scholars are saying that every single rain that is falling down from the sky has an angel to take care of it.

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That's where last March Allah says, Well my Allah Medina Arabic Allah in the who you have angels in the womb of the mothers go on as the mothers do they feel that they don't but alas, want to keep them there to control the movement of the fetus in the womb. until they get ready to come out

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a lot more to say then we'll bring in bringing about so you have them so you should believe in them Jim let them out of sila Joomla means they do exists and I believe in whatever NGO alas modular created whether I know him or I don't know him. When I say I know him I don't mean you see him but by name in which the proxy laws are mentioned or last mortal image.

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Do you get it tough sila means you believe in those angels who are mentioned by Allah subhanaw taala like who jabril Allah is Allah, like who mikaelson Salah, like who is Ravi Allah, his Salah, you have Monique the angel of hell jabril to take care of the world. Hi, Nika to take care of another kind of life, which is a physical life, the rain, you get on the issue of the risk, you get it you have the Seraphin also taking care of another kind of alive, who will blow in the trumpet, then the life will come back to human being which will never end they get it because after he blow, then we will move forward to the hereafter to the judgment and then people go to Paradise in sha Allah will

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be one of them, or people will go to hell on their last month to protect us. But whoever goes to wherever he goes, whether he comes out of hell or he doesn't come up, that life will not end again. So it's like Venus taking care of this. That's why some scholars said, this might be the reason why I lost Mahabharata and the prophets of Allah Allah Himself. I'm sorry, he used to mention these three angels in his door at night. alohomora algebra, he will Mika Rafi. Again at night he used to ask a lot smarter but he say to Allah, Allah, you are the Lord and the creator of debris. And it's Rafi and Nika. They said most likely these are the leaders of of the angels. You believe in the

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Moloch the angel who takes your help you believe in

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Malakal mode. That was his name.

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Note alas Martin says pulito Falco molecule motility will kill me. Could you believe in munkar? On a key these other questions in the great? How many questions are they going to ask? Three, right? Nowadays you have books people are teaching how to remember the questions in the group? Well, I call it a joke

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to get it because if you look at the concept of an examination is that the examiner will never let you know the answers, you will never see them traverse through, you will never see the questions themselves. But a lot smarter told you the questions. And a lot smarter gave you the answer in detail. That means you should be very smart, and try to understand the real reality about these questions. How come? You know the questions and you know the answers, and they are still and you are still told that this is the most critical moment that you're going to pass before you move to the day of judgment to answer these questions.

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idea. That's why it's called a set. Nobody will be able to answer those questions except somebody who used to put the answers into practice and action before they're

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not just saying Allah is my Lord, not just saying Mohammed is the Prophet. No, you have to make sure that the belief in a last manager is correct. And you have to make sure that you follow the process or sign everything blindly. There's only one that you can follow blindly to get it and you have to make sure that Islam is given the priority on top of any other desire that you have in your life, then the questions will be easy for you. Allah says you third bit Allahu La Nina Armando Polly savety Phil higher to dounia Warfield our favorite way Villa la How will you do the love of Allah mean where if Allah Masha the tranquility is going to be given to those righteous people in the

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grave so that they can be able to answer the questions. Now last month I make as a marker. So what does that mean? Do you need to buy those books? No, you don't. All that you have to do is to be present in the places where our last point I want you to be present like massage like Hajj to do our last month I want you to do to stay away from evils as much as you can insha Allah the questions in the grave will be very simple as the last martyr says he will grant you tranquility when it comes to that question. So you have the last angels I give an example is a rocky wanna cheat at least two angels that are last motel described with this cover. And he says he called them our cheat each and

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every one of them is that our feet and our Tito's the one he has recovered it and the one he has recovered at Rocky means he washes over you wherever you go. And also our team he is always with you. You will never be upset, he will never be upset at all wherever you go, he goes with you. Because you have some people they go to certain places they commit sins right? Thinking that last one which Allah in some cultures actually they believe that if you go inside the toilets and just will not come to the toilet. And then you find some people going to the toilet to come in say we have this

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I mean elements in our own communities, right? Some people they go to the toilet and do whatever they want to do as if rocky bonacci they will not go and see what they do know Allah call them Rocky and he called them a cheat. What does that mean? They will never be absent wherever wherever you go, they will go.

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My elfies an encoding Ilana de rocky Marathi you will never say a word except that that war word is going to fall at the hand of Rocky Rocky, and they will write it down. So what is the benefit of believing in angels a lot? First to remember how are you supposed to be a servant of Allah subhanaw taala because Angela's done disobey Allah and Angel doesn't know no to Allah subhanaw taala it's all about Yes, Leia asuna llama Moto, moto. And also to reflect upon those that are last March I mentioned, I miss rocky when he when you remember them, what does that mean? You have to focus and you have to monitor your activities, you have to make sure that you're doing the right things.

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molecule mode to remember that he's always there, and he will never give you a notice when he comes and if he comes also he will never give you a second to reflect he knows nothing except that this person has to live this life at this moment. So if this is who you are, you will never receive a notice from the molecule mode. What does that mean? You should be ready at any moment. How to Be ready Is it difficult is not near last Muhammad Allah let us succeed. It is not it just to practice the good deeds and the righteousness as much as you can look at the beauty of the religion of Allah. Allah says for temple law, he must have thought to practice the religion as much as you can hear

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when it comes to the doing our army, you do it according to your capability. When it comes to the Navy, Allah asked you to stay away from

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It's because leaving something is difficult.

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That's why the professor last summer said marmorata can be through Minho. Masato Oman hydro commando Vegeta anywho whenever I command you do it according to your capability and if I asked you to stay away from something, stay away from it while keytab you want to be in, and then you believe also in the books, get it when they begin, and the prophets and the messengers of Allah subhanaw taala. And there are many, the best opinions, the one that says there are around 124,000 prophets and messengers.

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So if there is somebody among us who thinks this life is a joke, you should reflect upon this that how is it a joke and then a last month I sent 124,000, prophets and messengers, all because of you, to guide you on how to live a good and a successful life on Earth. If we meet Allah subhanaw taala as well as Mahabharata, Allah says, For the who there who already follow their guidance, if you want to, if you want to succeed, so all of them brought the same message about Allah subhanho wa Taala, and a bit of differences when it comes to the matters of Sharia. But these are the righteous people and the best of the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala that we're supposed to be imitating. And we

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learn from them what our attitudes which is related to our topic here, attitude, your patience and tolerance, get it they're really patient much more greater than what you can ever imagine.

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Otherwise, how can you explain to somebody in convincing that there was a man and as the ultimate truth? No Halla hustler, was invited his people for 950 years, led me to feed him Allah facility. Illa comes in at 950 years, given them down.

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And you know what Allah subhanaw taala said about him. He says from Armand Mr. Hook, in Luckily, only little

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did he ever get bored? No. 950 then we come back and ask ourselves, we always make a conclusion in our adult right? I invite him today. He doesn't accept, then I call him What if there is no good inhale, because I've already told him the truth and he doesn't want to listen. If the prophets were like that, we will never get the religion of Allah subhanaw taala. But they are patient you also say that if you want to succeed, you have to take from them a lot smarter says for the Buddha who makuta follow the rightly guided Khalifa and the companions of the Prophet Allah so much to see how to how to give the proper Dawa to the will of Allah subhanaw taala Why don't you tell you when to be in the

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scholar said the books are mentioned before the the the prophets. Why is that? They said Leonor Kitab Erica, and this is a very important lesson for us. Because the Jew and the Christian they went astray because they focus too much on personalities. Please do pay attention on this, because it's very important. They focus so much on personalities. In such a way they neglected the book. What are the Humala sweetheart essays? So if you neglect the book, you don't even know what is that? What is that in the book. So then you have to follow the scholars. That's what whatever their scholars told them they accept. Because they don't even know whether it contradicts the book or not. They don't

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even know what the book is all about. So one of the scholars said one of the beaches of this region, Alaska hotel and let her focus on the religion. We're focused on the book, not on personalities nowadays. Whereas the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he went back to Allah subhanaw taala. But why is the book he left for us still remain intact. Two types of revelation there are some are left for us. One of them is a book of a lot more turkeys have a lot, the one that we know. And the other one is a sin. Now the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they're both documented and they both preserved Quran last month to preserve it accurately and the sooner the prophets Allah sama also Allah

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preserve it through the intervention of those whom Allah subhanaw taala granted his blessings to be the hoedown. Those people who support those people who serve the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they sleep less they sleep a little to make sure that nobody will bring a fake information about the Sunnah of the prophet Allah so much of the demon, may Allah subhanaw taala grant them success let us be combined with them in paradise polyketide when the beginner was telma Huggy he was in horrible, volatile and he pays the charity. If you go until the end of the ayah last month that talks about the giving the car talks about giving sericata talks about patience in

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calamities, patients when it comes to the Commission's of the sins then go to to them patience when it comes to righteousness, patience when it comes to the calamity, patience when it comes to the meeting the enemies of last month at the battlefield patience when it comes to the hardship

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Last mahato says, These are the people who qualifies the title robot, Alabama. All of these things and other righteousness the Alaska horadada did not mention these bill. That's why I said this is one of the most most comprehensive is you get in the book of Alaska hotel. What are whatever Allah, taqwa wherever bill exists, it should be part of that.

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Wherever righteousness exists, you should be part of that. Whatever goods that somebody is trying to bring to the community, which doesn't contradict the book of Allah smarter, it should be part of the while at our own rather than a smaller one. And don't you ever cooperate on incense and transgressing the limits?

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So this one needs understanding and patience also.

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Because sometimes,

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you will be in the middle get into that why would you do

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no job but the only job that comes is a harem job and he also knows that this is haram job a job that contains rebar and you know that and then a person will be hesitating. You have to make a choice.

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The true believer in the last minute as somebody who favors a lot over everything, you remember that Islam is and this this law Melinda, you follow the commands of Allah smarter and you submit absolutely and completely to the will of Allah Sahaja you have your desire I have my or when it contradicts that which allows smarter ones. As a true believer in law smarter you have to understand that the main objective of your existence here is is to favor the religion of a law smarter over your own desire while at our and if not, why don't you ever let a last March I see you being involved in something that is sin and going against the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala my last

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call until I've gotten too good. So this is the the is quoted by Imam nawawi. So as you can see, they're all focusing on what on the Dalai Lama, feasibility light Allah and Hekmati, Allah morbidity, and Hasina the first headings under this chapter is the hudy safavi mas okumoto Minami, alongside occupation ammeraal Ansari, albery Kala Kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Mandela hadyn fella who niffler ajin fit wherever guide somebody towards righteousness, he will be given by last Mahabharata, Allah, the same reward Allah subhanaw taala gave those people you tell him about karma laid, he does prays at night, and it happens that you are one of the laziest people.

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You sleep at night and the guy was praying, you will get that the same reward Alaska hotel has given him

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as I said, this is not to say that he takes it for granted. You send people to paradise and you sleep at home. Because the professor last summer say you will be given the same reward. Now you should participate also, because Allah wants to see you doing it. Allah says woman Arsenal Colin memoranda in a law where Amina sila Han will call in many million Muslims. Listen to this. He says there is nobody who says something better than the one who invites people to the will to the will of Allah subhanaw taala.

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does it know Allah says Well, I mean aside, you get it you also practice not just telling them to do but you know, no, no, you tell them to do and you also do it before that. That's why I will call it a coup d'etat to be liable for aquamira dirty vehicle is contained in many instances people they wait to see, do you do or not? Especially when you're a reliable person I'm telling you have to be very careful because people are worried watching and monitoring. Sometimes you see something they will be in a state of doubt. But as soon as you do is then everyone will be rushing towards that. Look at the silver Arabia when the Prophet Allah commanded them to do something. None of them was

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doing it but when he started doing none of the companions of the prophets, Allah sama stays away from it. So Allah says, Well, I made a silent walk on in many million Muslims.

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And also he practices Islam. Yet we have some people they are still not righteous people but they are asking you at the same time they are committed in December they're telling somebody to, to stay away from it.

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is okay is good action is perfect is excellent. Even if you are committing sin, but you invite people to stay away from that sin. That's excellent. Nobody says you have to stop doing the wrong thing for you to command people to stop doing it. You can still and you're supposed actually to ask them to stop doing it. But at the same time also you should remember the scene of a last Muhammad Ali metropolia monitor fellow. And he should also remember that statement of the professor last summer that says there will be a person who will be brought by a lot smarter on the Day of Judgment. And they put him in how will he ever be loved and even the people in how they will be harmed by the

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things that comes out of him.

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The province philosopher said he will be dragging his intestines in hell, and the people and how they will pay to him. Some of them will recognize him and say to you, oh, Aren't you the one who was inviting us to righteousness? And asking us to save our way from the evil deeds? How come you are here with us? And then he will tell them come to our mouth when it I used to command you with righteousness, but I didn't do and I used to tell you not to do the evil but unfortunately I did. That was the reason why last March I was putting him there. That's why a poet says one of the scholars, he says we're on the roll. mihaela lemon, Leah Mullen, more of them in Cumbria are

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burdened with it.

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He says the one who doesn't practice the law is Allah subhanaw taala granted him he might be punished before those idol worshipers, but he has the villa. So we have to be very careful. A lot smarter is going to keep you in a place on the day of judgment and asked you for questions he gets and Muslim she'll be busy answering these questions in this light before he moves to a lot for questions you will be asked on the deposition. He says length as will Academy of the Hata is 11 an hour Alba, one of them is your knowledge, the knowledge that our last quarter grant you How did you use it in your life? Your youth? How did you finish it your life? How did you end it? The welfare

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loss module as granting you How did you get it and how did you spend it?

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And it's if you get busy answering this question inshallah you succeed in life, a lot smarter like granters good.

00:31:37--> 00:32:03

So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, Mandela, Allah Hayden fella who miss Lou la vida he. So all of these, if you look at them, they emphasize on what they emphasize on a roof on a on a bunker. So there are certain conditions that a Muslim should maintain. And I guess I mentioned almost all of them, but I will just summarize them. The first one is to have the knowledge when you are given the Naropa nambucca.

00:32:05--> 00:32:16

Mancha is not possible isn't Okay, if you didn't have the knowledge of that which you commanding people to do. Get it You must know, at least about that which you commanded people to do.

00:32:19--> 00:32:58

So and also that which you command them to do the scholar set, it has to be among cup, let's say you it has to be good. And you know that this is a righteous deed you command him to do. And also if you're asking him to stay away from an evil deed, that evil has to be an evil according to the understanding of the scholars. That's why some scholars said, If the issue is controversial, you as a data, you are not supposed to stop them from doing. Again, it's any matter that is controversial among the scholars, you are not supposed to stop them from doing it because they might be right and you're wrong. So all that you have to do is to go to them and explain to them your side. Why what do

00:32:58--> 00:33:35

you believe in? Again, with wisdom with all the evidence in there convinced Alhamdulillah if they're not convinced, then you just leave them with their own opinion and look for other ways to get them convinced, based in light Allah. So the most important thing is the knowledge. And the second thing is you have to be sure about that which you are inviting them to do. If it is mongkol, you have to make sure that it is monka. monka means something that is rejected by the Sharia, whereby there is no controversy among the scholars. And when I say controversy, I'm talking about real controversy. I'm not talking about the fake controversy. And the weak controversy, controversy, which is not

00:33:35--> 00:34:17

based on a delete, there are controversy which are based on a deli. And give me one example of a controversy which is based on a deli, you have in the prayer variety types of people, some people in the imamura side, they don't read, right? They don't read at all. And you have some people read both sides that are dependent on the great scholars of Islam. Those who say you have to read if you don't read your prayers about it. They depend on great scholars in Islam. Those who say you cannot read they also depend on the great scholars and both mother here. They are dependent on very strong evidence. You get it that one was saying the province last summer said la sala tenemos la commune

00:34:17--> 00:34:55

melhorar there is no prayer except about last month if you don't recite Surah Fatiha in it. So he negates they say why do you Why is it necessary for you to read because he was talking to them in federal prayer and further prayer. The recitation is all about reading loudly by the email. And he says you have to read some of the companion said because he was asked by another companion or attorney. What should I do? If the mom is reading loudly? He said read it in your soul. Read it in units. Get it read it. I mean silently, don't expose the recitation. That's why those scholars believe in that. And you have other scholars said Allah subhanaw taala says either Korea Al Quran

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

festa Marula who wants to look into how Allah commanded you to keep going

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

When somebody suicides in Colorado and the province of law hauling semi sidman, Canada who for pay attorney money in Colorado, if you have a man the carer of the Imam is a okra, so you see each and every one of them is dependent on either Quran or the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. That's what one of the scholars said this is one of the most complicated issues to get it that a Muslim is supposed to be on the safe side. But the reason why I brought it I just want to give you an example of a hit if he get his differences of opinion among the scholars which is based on evidence. That's what we call difference, but you have something which is based on evidence and

00:35:34--> 00:35:40

the other person which has no evidence to support it at all. You don't say there is a difference of opinion. There is only one opinion.

00:35:41--> 00:36:19

They get the other one is following off the Hawa May Allah subhanaw taala grant us good success in life. The next Hadees which is the last Hadith for today is the Hadees of Abu huraira radi Allahu anhu and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call manda in a hidden con Allahu milegi Miss Luigi remonter meow na young person in dari camino Julian Cher Omen da da da La la la mina, Me Me flew me Manta Whoa, la casa Linda rica Minami Misha. So, this is also an emphasis on the previous hadiza we mentioned Hadees of occupy.

00:36:21--> 00:37:01

Alongside the prophets allow some assessment they are in a hidden whoever called people to righteousness and guidance Canada who made allegedly me through oh god mantova who lay young person in Delhi Camino del Rahim sha Allah will grant you the award similar to the reward Allah smart Allah will give those people who practice that which you invite them to, and Allah will not take from them he will take from his bounties, he will give them a full reward and He will give you the same full reward also the same hour without taking from them. Or manga Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah And whoever called people to evilness, evil attitude and evil deed, he got a corruption, he will get

00:37:01--> 00:37:19

the same sin the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, Allah has given to those people who are imitating him in that and that there are mythical Asami when tabea hola Casa de la Santa him Shia, so Allah smarter will give him the same thing without reducing from from their own from their own sin.

00:37:20--> 00:38:03

Get it so this, as I said, emphasize on the importance of being involved in the downward PCB delay a surgeon. So that's my personal advice to you, my brothers and sisters, be among this community. Make sure that every day on a daily basis, you engage yourself in Emeryville, marusan handbook. A da is not for a certain type of people or Tao is for everyone. Get it? allamani de moscou little Jimmy, don't be shy. All that you have to do is to use wisdom, have a good smiley face when you approach a person and try to explain to him that which you think he is doing in the wrong direction. Unless even if he doesn't accept you, he will respect and whenever he sees you, he will remember that he

00:38:03--> 00:38:30

got it and believe it or not a day will come he will do it as long as you are sincere, the evening light Allah and he will come he will remember that and he will accept that which he invites him to do and the reward will come back to you. So I will stop here inshallah. The next class is alight Allah will be based on the headings of hiber which is very important, very important. Hadith concerning this matter. barakallahu comb so Hannukah la mami Ambika Chateau La Land Aztec for COVID to be like