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Imam Malik Indianness the great scholar of Medina before he came to me before he became the scholar that he became he was young Malik Ibn Anas was a student of knowledge in the city of the prophets littlebyte is set it up now. He studied with the local teachers. In Medina, he studied with Robbie Atala, he said you will save Nicodemus for years and then he had the opportunity when one of the stars of the OMA image rehab is already one of the great scholars of Islam. One of the great scholars of Hadith in Islam, arrived in the city of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and so the city was abuzz. The students of knowledge young and old all wanted to sit in the gathering of EBG

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hab and Imam Malik Rahim Allah He didn't have access to even Jihad because there were so many people more senior to him. In the gatherings in the Halaqaat. They got to sit closer to the chef's they got to hog the chef has many people complain about now. How could he get access to him? Like what can he do as a young person? On the day of Eid, Imam Malik says to himself, when everybody is busy going back to their families, and obviously enjoying the days of eat, in my mind, it says to himself, had a Yeoman young Luffy. He she had, he says, this is a day in which image you have is going to be free. This is the day when he's not going to have students of knowledge crowding him asking him for

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questions. There's going to be nobody with him. He's just going to be at home. And so in my mind, it goes to the House of image rehab. He knocks on the door. Even she have asked his servant who's at the door, she says, she says that young blonde man,

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that young blind man because he my mother was blind. And she says,

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He brings him in.

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What do you want? My son he says, to hide this now I want you to narrate How do you see me? And so eventually have says to him, sit.

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He sits he narrates them 40 Hadith and 40 Hadith and they would narrate means with the chain of narration. That is not everything the it's the medicine MDS not that's the Hadith, he narrates to him 40 And in my mind because writing them down and he says kidneys is increased ME and ME Job says no, that's enough for you. Go back, memorize these. And if you memorize these, you will be from the fourth.

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Imam Malik looks at him and says called Harvest dua. I've memorized them a bit. You have ghosts, he takes in mathematics writing utensils, he takes his tablets, he said why? And then he says to him how Disney narrate these headaches me and Mr. Maddock. He narrates the Hadith just as he just heard it from Maven. She has zody and they wish she had access to him. In neck I mean, oh, at the end, he says turmeric, young medic. He says you are from the vessels of knowledge. And so seeking out focusing on what benefits you and seeking that out with passion and not letting obstacles get in your way, is definitely a power move.