What Does the Word Zol Mean in Sudanese

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There's no word that's more unique and symbolic of the Sudanese Arabic dialect than the word Zote. We use all the time give Hi guys, how are you doing dude? As though the way whereas this person, it's a word that means person. It can be used as casual and informal as the word dude, and has the feminine version of Zola for one woman and Zoloft for a group of women. It carries a variety of meanings in classical Arabic, like a courageous person is as a young person is absorbed, and it can even mean amazement. That's why when a Sudanese person is amazed, you may hear them express it by saying yeah, so perhaps though the most correct source for this word, is is Allah Zulu, so Allah,

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which means to vanish? And it's a sobering reminder that we are all here for moments before eventually fading away.