Truth & Falsehood – The Eternal Battle

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Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran

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with Allah who had an attorney and

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what we're doing another era to showcase

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where you read Allah, Allah you can imagine he went there on caffeine, you had cold, where you will feel about

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the moon, Allah subhanaw taala says in these verses in the context of the Battle of bedroom,

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he tells the believers that remember what Allah promised you one of the two groups, if a time one of these two two groups will be for you, and this is in reference to either the caravan that Faraj was sending, or was coming back from a sham with the wealth of tourists, and the Muslims wanted to take your caravan after they had been driven out of their homes, forced to leave their wealth behind.

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So they wanted this caravan which was lately guarded, and it would have been very easy for them to take it.

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But there was another group, which was the army that for I sent out to fight against the Muslims.

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Allah says, We promised you one of these two, when you left, you're gonna get one of them. What do I do and that is to show casita. kulula Calm, and you wanted the harmless one to be for you. The one that was not going to be a problem that was unarmed, that you can just take care of and easily no one has to fight. What you didn't want was the army

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that is way greener than you and armed and equipped.

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But Allah wants them to meet the army.

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Allah saying we wanted you to meet the army of Christ why

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you read the long way you can have cubby can imati way up farther Bureau caffeine. Allah wanted to establish the truth by his words, and to eliminate the disbelievers that were fighting them. You

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will you will feel about that Allah should establish the truth and abolish falsehood. Well, okay, it hadn't moved to the moon, even if the criminals hate it.

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We live in a day and age, where it feels like everything is fake.

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Everything is false. Everything is about spin, how the media spins a story to make what is true, look false, to make what is right look wrong, to make what is up, look down, how they frame their subjects, to show you something and ensure that you do not see something else.

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We live in a time of fake news.

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And a time where they can make a person appear

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and make them speak. And it's not that person even though it looks like them. And it sounds like them.

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We live in a time where there is so much falsehood and a time in which the truth is constantly subverted. And I thought in today's football, I would do something different than what I usually do.

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That I would look through the Quran. And look at every time Allah subhanaw taala mentions how unbolted truth and falsehood.

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Because as these verses in students and adults, the Battle of better are showing us, Allah is reminding us that there is an eternal battle,

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an eternal struggle between truth and between falsehood.

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And so through understanding what the Quran says about Captain Baldwin, truth and falsehood, we can understand the nature of truth and the nature of falsehood. We can understand

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the context of this struggle between truth and falsehood. And we can understand the nature of events that we see unfolding before our own eyes.

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And so the word

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appears many times in the Quran over 100 times, but in many, many times nowhere but only 13 times in the Quran does Allah bring these two terms together how and Balkan?

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And so I thought let's look through the lens of the Quran to understand the nature of truth and falsehood. Two times in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala mentions have been bolted in the context that he himself Subhana Allah is Allah

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He is the truth. This is of the names of Allah subhanaw taala. Then he can be in Allahu Allah

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while in the room and doing his birthday, when Allah Allahu Allah, Allah you will cavea Allah says this is because Allah is the truth, he is allowed, and that what they call upon other than Him is falsehood, ballclub and that Allah is the Most High and the most granted, everything that is connected to Allah subhanaw taala is the truth and everything disconnected from Allah subhanaw taala is falsehood. There is no truth in this world except that it is connected to Allah, through His commandments, through his prohibitions, through his words, through his sunnah through his legislation.

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The truth the ultimate truth is Allah Zota. The ultimate eternal is Allah subhanaw taala. The ultimate unchanging is Allah subhanaw taala

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and everything connected to Allah can be true, and everything disconnected from Allah is falsehood.

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One time Allah azza wa jal mentions happened button in the Quran, in the context of reminding us that the true believers are the ones who follow Allah

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wants to follow their Lord, that He can be delegated. And then Lavina come from Tammy Baldwin, one melody in

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Canada and Allahu

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Allah says this is because those who disbelieve they follow falsehood, and those who believe they follow the truth from their Lord. What does it mean to believe in Allah subhanaw taala? What does it mean that you believe in the messenger of allah sallallahu?

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What does it mean that you believe in the Quran? They believe in the Quran as a methodology for your life?

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Is this belief, just a feeling in your hearts? Is it just words that we say?

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Or does it have meaning? If someone believes that the gems in the earth are valuable, that the gold and the diamond in the silver is worth something,

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and they will dig for it, they will extract it from the earth, they will lift it high, they will wear it around their neck.

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Because it has meaning to them, it has value to them.

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If somebody says I don't believe it's valuable, but he strives to get it,

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and put it and decorate his home with it, but he's a liar.

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If someone says he believes it's valuable, but he doesn't care to find it, where to take it, and he's alive.

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Likewise, what does it mean to be a movement to be a believer in the hub in Allah subhanaw taala

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it means it to their own well being it it means following the truth from the Lord Subhana wa Tada is acting upon the commandment of Allah subhanaw taala. And the disbeliever acts as well to the unbolting the act upon the falsehood, upon that which is disconnected from the Lord and the believer act upon what is connected to Allah subhanaw taala. This shows you that everyone in this world is an actor. Everyone in this world is acting towards something. What are you really believing in is showing up in your actions?

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Twice in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentions that the disbelievers argue with falsehood in order to demolish or to hide the truth. They argue with falsehood in order to invalidate or refute that which is true.

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Will you daddy to livina Cafaro. Bilbao Did you

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Allah subhanaw taala says and those who disbelieve the dispute by falsehood to invalidate the truth, and they have taken my verses, and not which they were warned by in ridicule,

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which adds a little bit of volatility.

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To him tune for k for k club, Allah subhanho data says, And they disputed using falsehood in order to invalidate the truth. And so I punished them I seized them, and how terrible was my punishment? And so this is those who cast invalid arguments falsehood that they know is false, to try to repel the truth and twice Allah subhanaw taala them

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I mentioned that the disbelievers try to hide the truth or dress the truth with falsehood.

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What I tell this will happen without water will help

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them to animal do not mix the truth with falsehood do not literally dress the truth with falsehood and conceal and hide the truth while you know. Yeah then Kitab Lima tell the Sunnah.

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What's one Talmud Allah Subhana Allah says, oh people have the book. Why do you dress the truth with falsehood and conceal the truth? While you know they spin the news? They tell you what is right and wrong. What is aggression? They tell you is peace. What is peace, they tell you is aggression.

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This is going to be soon unhackable

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they take the truth and they hide it with a clothing of falsehood. They conceal it with

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clothing a fossil and three times in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentions that when the truth arrives, the falsehood vanishes. Well Punja was about when in belta kanessa Hong Kong, Allah say the truth has come and falsehood has departed. Indeed falsehood by its nature is a departing vanishing thing.

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When you get the old bowtie don't wanna say indeed the truth has come and false could can either begin nor can it repeat.

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And the three times in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that Allah azza wa jal establishes the truth and he abolishes falsehood. And in one of these verses is a powerful parable. Allah subhanaw taala says Enza, Amina Sana Eema and for Salat Oh dear to be pathania. Allah sent down water from the sky and the valleys flood, according to its capacity.

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Factor, I'm in a seat seat who's ever done a labia when we met you, you do not even know.

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Mr. Mithila kinetic ale do people love the bottom?

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Allah subhanaw taala. This verse is bringing us an example of valleys.

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And the valleys in many places of the world. During the summer season, either have very little water flowing through it, or sometimes are completely dry. And then comes the rainy season, the season where the rain starts to come down.

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And when the rain starts to come down, the valleys, sometimes are overwhelmed with water. And they're just flooding with water coming down the valleys. So Allah has given you this example. But what happens when the water comes crashing down and these values so much water is flowing through the valley,

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the Xzibit the phone, the froth starts to rise, the phone of the water starts to rise at the top. And all the things that were in that valley, the twigs, the leaves, all that kind of stuff is at the top as well. And if you're looking at the valley,

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what strikes your eye

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is visible is the foam the whiteness on the top of it, that's flooding down. And what you don't really see is the water beneath of it. That's carrying the whole stream. Allah subhanaw taala says cadaveric al booty Billa

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this is the example of truth and falsehood and miserable as for the fraud,

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that whiteness,

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failure to have will do. It will disappear and go to the sides. It will go away, it will be cast aside.

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But as for the water beneath events, it will remain

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the parable here is that the water coming down from the heavens is the truth from Allah subhanahu Teina sending us the revelation, sending us the truth.

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And the fourth is the evil the people who want to reject it and sometimes want to hide their evil on top of the truth. They conceal the truth was their evil. And Allah is telling you in the beginning when you see this, all you can see is that full

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it is prominent it is dominant, such as that you can even see the water beneath him. You think that all that is there

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is the falsehood.

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But Allah subhanaw taala tells you what happens at the end even

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Know the falsehood gets all the attention in the beginning, it's going to be cast away. And what will remain may in fairness that which benefits mankind, which is the truth, the pure water underneath is what remains. Allah is informing us that falsehood, no matter how high it reaches, it's going to fall.

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No matter how wide it spreads, it will contract.

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No matter how deep it goes, it will vanish. falsehood, has a tour, has a visitation has a moment. But the truth is here to stay.

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Don't be amazed by the rising tide of falsehood.

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Eventually, the sum is going to be set aside

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and be always consistent with the truth. Because what will remain is what benefits the people and that is the truth, shall we mentioned beautiful paragraph with this note where he says when you see the leader for falsehood or gaining prominence, he said, No, their time is almost up.

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Because when the foam in the frost is reaching its height, that's about the time it's going to disappear.

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And some of us you know, when they say falsehood, by its nature is arrogance, it lifts itself up and makes itself seem bigger than it is. But eventually, and the truth is calm. The truth is tranquil, like the water, such that people start to wonder isn't even there. But eventually the falsehood would vanish, and the water remains. Today when we look at the struggle, of truth and falsehood, we should look at it through the prism of all these verses we've discussed.

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When we see the people of Philistine trying to defend their land,

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the land that they in their ancestors were born in

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to defend the sacred sites of the Muslims, which they are constantly ordered to abandon, to defend the old men who are forcibly removed out of their homes to defend the women unjustly imprisoned, to defend the children, the innocent children that are brutally killed.

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And their opponents defend their occupation of land that is not virtuous. They defend imprisoning children.

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They defend obliterate obliterating infrastructure. They defend starving people. They defend slaying women and children. They defend killing journalists and doctors in record numbers

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and their supporters in America and in the West, defend them blindly unconditionally no matter what.

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They dress the truth with falsehood. They insist that they are only acting in self defense, even though they are the ones who are in the offensive posture. They're the ones who are illegally occupying. They're the ones who do not have a right even under international law to defend themselves, because they are an illegal occupier.

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They fight the truth with weapons, with bombs with soldiers even with mercenaries, with lawyers, with media experts. Yet Allah subhanaw taala reminds you in the Quran, no matter how great falsehood rises,

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it will eventually department

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which was called bottling in Bellflower, Kennesaw. Eventually the truth becomes evident. Eventually the falsehood becomes clear.

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Just the other day,

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one of the most common

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media spins that has existed about the issue of Palestine and Israel.

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And it's believed by so many of these politicians is the idea that Israel wants a two state solution and the Palestinians just keep projecting peace. And of course, the idea of a two state solution is not moral affair. Because you're telling the Palestinians from Haifa, you're telling the Palestinians from Yaffa, that they can't go back to their homes. It's not exactly a moral position. But even this position, the Palestinians have accepted it. But but they twist this narrative. And they tell the West we're the ones who want the two state solution. And the Palestinians don't want any solution. They only want to war. They teach their kids to fight us. And it's never been the

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facts. And just yesterday Netanyahu came out on television, and he said what he's been saying, by the way, for a long time. He he says it in Hebrew doesn't say in English. He says in Hebrew there will never be a Palestinian state.

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And that video went viral. And everyone saw it, even though he said it many times.

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But nobody saw it in the past, all of a sudden people started now.

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Hiding the truth cannot last forever

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hiding the intentions that they've been hiding cannot last forever. Hiding reality cannot last forever.

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And you have to believe this because Allah subhanaw taala is telling you this, no matter how often they try to suppress the truth, it's gonna come out

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I remember at the beginning of this conflict, I was speaking to one of the brothers say, I'm really worried. Palestinians are not going to have electricity, they're not going to be able to show the world what's happening to them.

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Um, Allah Allah has given them solar powered batteries and things to get some news out. But what's even more amazing is the Israeli soldiers themselves, recording themselves, doing crimes and putting it on the internet. Allah makes the truth come out even from their own mouths.

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This is for us to realize the you Henkel have called the can humanity, where you will see that

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they will help we'll tell you how often Allah Subhana Allah will establish the truth, and he will demolish falsehood, felt there was a flaw you will come through in order for Ron.

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Smith salatu salam ala Rasulillah Harada he will not be here woman Juana

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I want you to think for a moment about our Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam. We know the famous story when he was in Mecca. And he was praying at the camera, and he was performing so good, and the leaders of Christ. They said, let's bring the dead carcass and entrails of a camel and throw it up on the Prophet salallahu eponyms.

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And ultimately Debbie Murray went and he gathered the entrails of a large camel. And they dragged it all the way to the Kaaba, and they threw it on the Prophet sallallahu. It will send them while He was praying. And it was heavy on his back, he couldn't move it. Because it's a lot. It's heavy. A camel is very large. And they're laughing at the prophets love the person. And the filth and the blood of this camel is rolling down the face of our prophit sauce. And even Mr. Odo the Allah answers, I was there but I couldn't do anything he's asleep. If he said oh, can I leave when I only have like 10 people around me 10 supporters, we would have wanted help the Prophet, he said, but I'm

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by myself if I go, they're gonna kill me. I'm nothing, I'm asleep. They'll just kill me right away.

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So someone sent the message to 14 of the daughter of the prophets of Allah who it was said I'm saying go out your father. So this young girl runs into the mystery that pushes the off of the back of the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah.

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And the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam gets up and he turns towards these leaders of Quraysh we're all laughing hysterically.

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And he makes dua against them one by one alone. Malaika

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be able to him he shall Allah Malaika

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each one one by one he makes two Atkinson in this rude said, I saw each and every one the Prophet salallahu and he was in the Midland against their bodies being dragged on the day of better.

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They drag their bodies to the wells, they threw them in the wells. That's how they buried things. And on the last day that they were embedded when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam came to leave, he took the Companions back to the well that they buried them. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke to them in the woods. And he said to them, how do I get to my other book? For any other water to my wardrobe? Have you seen the promise of your board to be true? Because I by Allah have seen the Promise of my Lord to be true. Allah promised me victory and I have seen it. And Allah promised you punishment. Have you seen it? And he says this to each and every one of them. Some of

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you who are me.

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What do we do to get this victory? From an ox? Subhana wa Tada. What do we do to have this hug? One of it is to affirm the truth. The prophets of Allah who are already he will send them would affirm to himself every single day he would make a lot of mental How old are you are the truth? Well, your promises true.

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one in Paradise is true, and the Hellfire is true. Whenever you and the prophets are true. He affirms in himself the truth every day reminds himself this is true, this is reality.

00:24:36--> 00:24:44

Don't think this is fake? This is the reality. The Prophet believed in the Promise of Allah even when he was by himself, even when nobody could stand up to help him.

00:24:46--> 00:24:48

And Allah gave him a victory just a couple of years later.

00:24:50--> 00:24:59

And the prophets of Allah who I said would make the DUA often Allah Medina and help cloudconvert So plenty BA, O Allah, show us the truth to be true. And allow us to follow it. It

00:25:00--> 00:25:35

not enough to just say you believe it, but to follow it as well, worrying about it about it and what isn't interesting, and show us the falsehood as false and allow us to avoid it. Second is to be the people of truth, be people of truth. And that same battle of bedrijven imagine the beginning of that battle. The Muslims are only 300 They're facing an enemy of over 1000 1200 1300 There are a number and for the for the Allah who comes to the prophets of Allah, where do you send them he says he also Allah. I was traveling to Medina and some of Christ captured me.

00:25:36--> 00:25:37

And because of Nakuru

00:25:38--> 00:25:47

and because my tribe has no problem with price. They said, we'll let you go on the condition that you never fight against us.

00:25:48--> 00:26:10

So he goes to the Prophet. And he says, I made this promise to the me and my father, we made this promise to them. What do we do, and the Prophet is on the battlefield, he needs every man, they are 300, they're facing over 1000 The Prophet says, fulfill your promise. So they literally sat aside on the battlefield and did not participate, because they made this promise.

00:26:12--> 00:26:25

When you stand up for the truth, when you have a commitment to the truth, and your homes, with your families and your communities, Allah subhanaw taala The truth will help you will give us victory subhanho wa taala.

00:26:26--> 00:26:34

So let's be people of truth. One of the biggest problems of facing an enemy is sometimes you want to copy the way of your enemy,

00:26:35--> 00:26:56

but they're not our teachers. They are not our teachers. As Omri said, what they do is not our role models, our role models is the prophet Sall Allahu Akbar us we abide by the truth. We speak the truth, we stand up for the truth and Allah subhanaw taala will give you the victory in ways that you would never expect it