Mohamad Baajour – Shield #12 A Dua for the Past, Present, and Future 46-15

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © A woman named Subhan reminded her audience that she was grateful for her parents' blessings and success, as well as her sister's. She emphasizes the importance of small small things to earn money and get rewards, and offers a donation to help children. She also discusses her success in helping people do Krishna's deeds and small small ways to earn money, and her desire to become a Muslim to have a stable life.
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many mean animals Nene Mosley

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah they are respected beloved brothers and sisters, ask Allah azza wa jal that you are all in healthy and in great high level of imminent Charlotta amiable Alameen

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tonight, we have a very special diet, at least it is extremely special to me and so beloved to my heart. I gave so many hooks about it, so many talks about it and every time I'm in a gathering, I advise everybody to memorize this. And we will be discussing it tonight in sha Allah, Allah and this is one of the best ever why because that we explained in the beginning of our series, that the best ever are the DUA that are in the Quran. So this is in the Quran. It is in surah Lakoff. Number 15 Surah number 46 is number 50.

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And as you see on the screen right now, this is not the beginning of the area that I started by Allah subhanaw taala telling us to take care of our parents, and he singled the importance of the mother how much she suffered, carrying the baby and delivering the baby. And then after that he said when someone had either Bella Arbaeen Asana

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until someone reach the age of 40. There are many ages that are mentioned in the Quran. But the age of 40 is specifically attached to this dua and usually any age that ends with zero is a special age right? When the kid is 10 is very happy 2030 4050 So this age is the only age that is mentioned that ends with a zero at mentioned in the Quran. 40 years old.

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What Allah subhanaw taala said in this

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like it mentions in the title it covers

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my past it covers my present situation and also my future job.

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And this is not only for someone who is 40 obviously, this is dA is for everybody but Subhanallah the age of 40 is the age when someone called us and he reached maturity. Usually people at that age they are married, they are established they have families Subhanallah and then this will will come and take care of like I said the the past the present and the future. So that starts from the word rugby rugby I was there any an ash Quran aeronautical Leti and early while we need a one man I saw the

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total bore was literally feed the reality in need to go to a lake. We're in the mean and Muslimeen luck

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in sha Allah Tala, let's make a promise all of us that

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I will memorize this dua before Ramadan.

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Everybody with me, in sha Allah, we will memorize this to add before the month of Ramadan. So every single night and Ramadan, we will repeat this dua in sha Allah or b i was any Assura nataka.

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I am

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begging Allah azza wa jal

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to help me.

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Without the help of Allah, we cannot do anything. You won't be able to watch me right now without the will of Allah azza wa jal, I won't be able to speak properly without the help of Allah subhanaw taala. So here I'm asking Allah or B, I was saying, Yeah, Allah helped me help me do what an ash Cora near metta Keleti an entirely

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how Allah helped me be grateful to you to all the blessings you have bestowed upon me. You know, like we mentioned in the beginning of the series, one of the main reasons that we are in the

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pandemic is that we were not grateful enough to Allah azza wa jal.

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We will not be grateful enough to so many blessings that we have. And now and only now we start appreciating them, but when we had them we took them for granted.

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So here I'm asking Allah Ya Allah, Ya Allah helped me be among the people who are always grateful to you.

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Or be Oh Zaini an ash Coronel Metallica, Letty Ananda Ali, I want to Allah to help me be grateful about every single Naima that you have blessed me with. How many blessings do we have my brothers and sisters, Allah He countless amount of blessings, countless amount of blessings. Subhanallah and Allah told us and sort of women become millionaire meten Fermina Allah, no namah namah that you have, except it is from Allah azza wa jal, and in me you could think of it's from Allah subhanaw taala. If you are successful in your business, it is from Allah. If you are a doctor, it is from Allah. If you're an engineer, it is from Allah. If you're a mother, it's from Allah subhanho wa

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Taala if you are healthy, it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala if you are a Muslim, it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala every Nirma that we have the food, the clothing, the drink, everything we have is from Allah subhanaw taala and here I'm asking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Ya Allah helped me be grateful to every single Nam. You know, Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he sat down with with wired and he said, Yeah, more.

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In the way book, Allahu Akbar. How happy while are the Allahu Anhu was when there was homeless I said and told him

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I love you.

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Subhanallah and then when he tell him after, he said,

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In your book, do not leave after every fourth Salaat Allah humma in the Isla de Couric wushu Creek warehouse near rebelled, attic. Allah helped me to remember you always to thank you always and to worship you in a way that is befitting to you Subhanallah so here asking the same thing. Yeah, Allah I was certainly an ash Khurana Metallica Letty Anta Ali,

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Ya Allah helped me be grateful to the blessings that you have bestowed upon me. wahana Wyrley de

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Subhan Allah, and they are Allah helped me be grateful on the noun that you have blessed my parents, what is the biggest name the biggest gift that my parents and your parents have given you?

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It is an atma of Islam.

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It is the nightmare of Islam. That is the biggest name that our parents have given us. And if we want to be grateful to our parents for one NEMA,

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it would be the snap. And we all know how much our parents went through, to raise us and to bring us and to teach us and to feed us and to provide for us Subhanallah

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I want to take a moment and reflect and I want you to reflect how was your relationship with your parents?

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How is your relationship with your parents?

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Is your mother pleased with you?

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As your father pleased with you?

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Are your parents happy with you? When they ask you for something, do you immediately happily do it? Or you complain a little bit first, then you do it.

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Allah He listened to me. Please make sure if your parents are still alive, make sure you go and you hug them and you kiss their head and kiss your mother's feet. Stick by her feet and wait for her orders.

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When you go and visit your parents put your phones away and give them full attention.

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Give them full attention before the day that comes and you wish that they are still there. You would remind yourself oh she used to sit here she used to read Quran there she used to make the art here. Those days will never come back. So make sure they're still alive. Hug them and kiss them and please them and obey them.

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And if your parents have already departed from this word, make sure you can still have birth to them. Donate on their behalf, give money on their behalf. Make a lot of dua for them. If they have not performed Hajj and you have done it yourself, go and perform hajj on their behalf. All these analoge sha Allah according to the authentic hadith, they get to the parents with a lab that measure the reward get

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To the parents, Allahu Akbar. Like I always remind my brothers, for the brothers and sisters that lost their mother or their father.

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I tell them if your mother is still alive right now, and she called you from your country, whether it's India, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, whatever she called you from, and she said, Son, I would like to come and visit you and your family, I want to see the children.

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Send me a ticket, would you send her a ticket?

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I have no doubt in my heart. You will send her the money to come and visit you and see the children. Right? So why don't you my brother, my sister every single year, take that money and give it as a donation on behalf of your mother or your father, please. And keep in mind, keep in mind what goes around comes around. If you do this to your parents, in sha Allah, Allah will send your children that will do the same to you in sha Allah. Ya Allah, let's go back to the dark. Yeah, Allah helped me be grateful to every number that you blessed me with. And you blessed my parents with why Allah were led.

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And now look at the second part. This is the parents some of us the parents are from the past, right? And I'm talking about the present to Allah helped me be grateful now to every number that I have. So we covered now the present and the past. And now we go back to the present

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at the end, Belzoni and Ashburnham. Attica Lee and anti Lee Wilder were they they were an melissani Hon Darryl da, Allahu Akbar. Yeah, Allah also helped me do righteous deeds, and Ya Allah, not me righteous deeds, righteous deeds that are pleasing to you.

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Many people do things that they think and they believe, and they were taught that they are good deeds, but they're actually maybe innovations. You know how some people go to the graves and begged the people who have already died or make tawaf around the graves and ask the person who have passed maybe 100 years ago or bless me with a baby boy or breast milk. They asked people other than Allah azza wa jal.

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So here, I'm asking Allah, Allah helped me do righteous deeds that are pleasing to you.

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Because the Buddha is looks it is something good, that looks like it is something good. And the shaitan loves the Buddha more than he loves a major sin. Because when someone's doing a bit that he thinks he's doing something good. So he continues doing it and he teaches others to do it. But when someone doesn't major sin, He knows she knows that they are doing a major sin and they want to repent.

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So here we are, Allah. Let me do our man Solly that are pleasing to you. I'm Al Asad Ali Han TourRadar because our main goal in this dunya is to earn the reader the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala Allah told us the Quran couldn't have known a bill come Bill X Serena.

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Should I inform you about the biggest losers ever? And Medina the less Are you home? Phil hired Donia Welcome, sir Boonen, your scene owner son and they think the less Are you all that and then went to waste and they thought that they are doing something good luck

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so your Allah helped me do righteous deeds that are pleasing to you from the Kitab from the Sunnah Do not make me from the innovators that Allah make me from the people who follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah sai Salam when I met I saw the hunter Oba again we are talking about the present now comes the future

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you know if you ask any parent especially parents living in the West What is your main worry? I'm asking you all the parents that are watching me right now what is your main worries living here in the west

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the majority of us will answer my children

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my children I'm so worried about how they're going to grow up in this environment how they're going to grow up in an environment that what is normal for them is haram for us in many occasions in many situations

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so here in the Start we're asleep actually feed the reality that's why I love this diet so much. Yeah, Allah not only my children make them righteous No no no no. Yeah Allah make my children righteous my grandchildren righteous my great grandchild.

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origin righteous, the reality, my offsprings my descendants. Allahu Akbar, Ya Allah, make all my descendants righteous.

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We all know that

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every parent love to see their children righteous, and also the locks on Allah Islam gave me and us parents something very special. He said that our dua to our children is accepted is answered Mr. Jab, Allahu Akbar.

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So yeah, Allah helped me be grateful to every blessing you have bestowed upon me about upon my parents. Yeah, Allah Allah helped me do righteous deeds that are pleasing to you. And yeah, Allah. Allah make all my descendants righteous. And remember, when we took the DUA a few weeks ago, he or more commonly will collude third bit can be an idealistic or Turner of the hearts keep my heart steadfast on your deen. Similarly, every night please promise me brothers and sisters in Ramadan every night. You're going to make this dua to your children. Also, yarmulke label kung fu alternative the hearts keep the heart of my children keep the hearts of my descendants of my

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offsprings on your deen please make a lot of dua to the children just from above what a slightly fee the reality yeah Allah make all my very righteous

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and then I remember that I have committed so many sins

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so I admit to Allah subhanaw taala in need to go to the lake Eola

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I know I'm asking for all these above and I know ya Allah that I have committed so many sins yeah Allah I've been neglecting some Salaat ya allah maybe I watched few haram things. Yeah Allah I've done this I've done that. Ya Allah, I'm admitting at the end of the start in need of to elect I repent to Allah. I am asking you your Allah to accept my repentance in the tube to ILEC in the tube to elect Yama. You are the Webby Allah. And you said in your book you Allah, that you love to wellbeing. He did not say I love a Thai being the ones who repent once at Tel were being the ones who constantly repent. If someone's constantly repenting, that means they are constantly sinning.

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Subhan Allah, and Allah loves a Toby. So no matter what sins you have committed my brother, my sister, Allah has always the door of Toba is always open. Always open in the tube to like, I repent to you, Ya Allah. And then I end this by saying we're in the middle muslimin

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your ma i am so proud to be a Muslim. Yeah, Allah I'm so lucky to be a Muslim. Ya Allah I'm so grateful to be a Muslim, Allah with

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all the brothers and sisters that are trying to hide their identity.

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Please wake up. We are so proud. This is the most important thing in our life. That's the biggest asset that we have that we are Muslims.

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I ask Allah azza wa jal to make us live as Muslims and die as movements lamina Wilhelmi. So let me repeat that one more time. Are there any ash Khurana mythicality and untidily while Awali they were an ominous Holohan title bar what are slightly Fievel Reethi in need to go to the lake we're in the middle Muslim. Please brothers and sisters memorize this dua in sha Allah Tala. You have 15 days or so this Ramadan comes May Allah keep us alive to witness this month. And may Allah accept all our good deeds in this month me nearby me. So make an intention that you're Allah by the end of Shaban the beginning of Ramadan, I will memorize this too. And now I know what it means so it will come

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from the bottom of my heart. May Allah bless you all and protect you all. May Allah fill all your homes with love and peace and mercy. May Allah azza wa jal Unitas again, Amin aerobill alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine Subhana Allah Hama, we handpick the sugar and the stuff Utica on a tube Willick in

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Luna, Allah Lunarlon

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Oh what are you he wants a limo Nima

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in Allah Nina you Luna Allah.

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Allah will feed through Nia.

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Mother Molina Selena. Well Lavina you,

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meanie. Now, Mina TV while at MCC this phone call

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