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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam right? I should have freedom be able mousseline.

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Muhammad Rasul, Allah is Allah Allah Allah He won't only he was salam, this demon cathedra and cathedra, my brother,

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my brother and sisters, a lot of antennas

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are laser ilina insanely Illamasqua

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that there is nothing more for a human being for a person than what he or she works for.

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People are not equal.

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And that's one of the dimensions is in the Quran.

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With respect to the believers and the disbelievers. And last layer, layer, study, a seminary was

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a lot smarter. I mentioned this with regard to even the prophets.

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Allah subhanaw taala said teleca Rasulo for the lab rather than wherever

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people are not equal.

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Not in this life, and not before Allah.

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Our job is to become winners, and raise winners.

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Losing is the default. If you do nothing you will lose.

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That's called the law of entropy.

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Everything goes downhill,

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unless you stop it.

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A garden untended grows weeds, not roses,

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a house left unattended, doesn't clean itself.

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A car which is not maintained, breaks down doesn't become better.

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A body that does not does not exercised loses muscle and strength, not the opposite.

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So you must decide what you want from life. And then actively go and get it.

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The only thing that comes just by waiting for it is death.

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Everything else needs effort.

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backbreaking effort, not half hearted effort, because results are proportionate to effort.

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And you weren't, you will not make that effort, unless you enjoy it. And that is where a belief in yourself and your mission. Why do you exist? Why are you there and on the face of the earth, that must be clear.

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makes all the difference.

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And that's why I say

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to be because many of us have these goals, I want to be this I want to be that I want to be half as caught on I want to be a billionaire, I want to be the CEO of the company, I want to be the president of America, whatever, right?

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And I say that to be you must do.

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To do you don't have to be

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but unless you do, you will never be for example, if you say I want to be the CEO of my company.

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So if you want to be the CEO, you have to do something.

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What is that something that you have to work out? What is the strategy and so on, so on so but to start on that path, to start getting an education to be a CEO to start thinking like a CEO to start thinking of the whole company as a whole not as your point individual job. You don't have to become CEO for that. You can start doing it right now. Even if you are a doorman even if you are a security security guard, you can still think like a CEO. Right? Nobody can stop you from thinking your brain is your brain.

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You don't have to be sitting in a chair. The brain is not connected to your bum or to the chair.

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You can think without sitting in the chair. Most people don't do that.

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If they're working for you in your business, and their job is delivery of furniture, they will they will deliver furniture take pick up the chair from here, put it in the truck, take it leave it there. They will never think how can I start and run a furniture business.

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There is one Russian woman

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who started a furniture business in Arkansas.

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She started that business at the age of 70.

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And the reason she started at the age of 70 is because he didn't have the money to start before that she was she saved up money and saved up money and ceremony. Finally, she vows she she saved up $202,500 That's it. It took her that long

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and she started the business at the age of 70.

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She's sold it she sold that business

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to Warren Buffett

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for 60

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million dollars.

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And Warren Buffett bought the business from her on condition that she would continue to work as a CEO. And she continued to work as a CEO. Last part of her life she was in a wheelchair but she would still come to work. She died at the she retired finally went home at the age of 103.

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And she died one year later.

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And Warren Buffett said that comes from early retirement.

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That was a little premature retirement

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$60 million. She started the business at age 70. She built it to $60 million. She sold it to him for $16. Warren Buffett says last year that business did $1.5 billion turnover, furniture business, nothing new. Nothing new. No high tech, no nothing is the same furniture, sofas and beds and mattresses and whatnot. Nothing new.

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Why? Because she's thinking,

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she's thinking she's not saying how to deliver furniture because it's Geragos. Oh, I'm so tired today, blah, blah, blah.

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But that's what most people do. That is what most people do. That is why they will work their whole life as a truck driver and they die the truck bed

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because you don't use this.

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My favorite coach is Vince Lombardi

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Green Bay Packers.

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He won five NFL championships including super wars one and two. He said defeat is worse than death because you have to live with defeat.

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Winning is not a summertime thing. It's an all the time thing. You don't win once in a while you don't do things right once in a while you do them right all of the time. Winning is a habit, unfortunately, so is losing

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the quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.

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No matter what.

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I was in Singapore. And

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I arrived there in the afternoon flight, my first trip to Singapore. So I wanted to go around to the city and so on. So I asked the concierge in the hotel

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to get me a car. So the conscious said to me, why do you want to take hotel car it will cost you a lot of money. Just go to the gate to the curb. You get a cab. So sure.

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So I stood there literally two minutes later, a cab came.

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The driver jumped out, came around because they've tried you know the left hand. The right hand drive. The right was on the left side. He got out of the car came around. Open the door. Please have a seat, sir.

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So I sat in the car. He said there's water there for you, sir. And there's the newspaper. He shut the door. car smells nice, beautiful clean.

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He sat in a seat. And he said Where can I take you sir?

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So I said take me nowhere. I just want to sit in his car.

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I want to go nowhere. I just want to sit in his car.

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So here are had a good laugh. They need to be well wherever I wanted to go. I think about that order a taxi driver is not. It's not some fancy.

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Why does it do that?

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And he's not doing it because of me. That is is not that is his standard. As an ordinary taxi driver. The story is 20 years old. I'm sure he's not the same taxi driver. I'm sure you've done stuff for him. So I don't know, I wish I had some way of tracking him.

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He does this that is his standard of service as an ordinary taxi driver.

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I'm talking about excellence in any field of endeavor. You don't have to be in some fat, fat you don't have this head of state tax. You know, another one. I was in Bombay, I was teaching a course. And it was July July is the monsoon in India is when it starts raining. I mean you guys know It's not rainy live with like three days. Continuous and not like this rain is like a joke. I mean, there is like standing under a waterfall. Right?

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So my three day course finished this taxi driver again. Same taxes are not the same one in Singapore. This is Bobby. This is unacceptable. He picked me up from the airport, drop into the hotel. And he said Sir, I'm supposed to pick you up. Take you to the airport. What time should I come? So I told him three days later, five 5pm It's sure.

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Now in three days it rained and it didn't stop it just rain and rain and rain and rain. So I told the hotel I said look I'm checking out but keep my room because I don't think anybody can go anywhere the whole place is flooded. I mean Bombay is like

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got like a like a lick

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brains don't work properly and so on. No you want everywhere so they keep the Roma guy I'm sure I'm gonna come back

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and I'm sure my taxi driver also won't come believe me exactly at 5pm This guy's there

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he is soaked with rain completely total head to fork is dripping. He's got an umbrella in his hand

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so it has to be certainly

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the police come judgment gathering is a poor thing as a revenue to the airport as he tells me sir I'm very sorry So how will you go he says are very sorry, I could not bring my normal car. So I borrowed a diesel tempo you know what tempo is it delivery one diesel car. He said borrowed the diesel thing from my friend because that will go in this water there is four feet of water on the road. My car is a petrol car it won't go so I borrowed that if you don't mind sitting in that I apologize

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so I said to myself, I have to sit in this car and I must go to the airport no matter what happens because there's this guy to call this job.

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So then he then he opens the umbrella. I said this umbrella Why did not do this for you.

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He won't use the umbrella for himself this way.

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I got into the into the car, I went to the airport, the airline cancelled the flight. So I spent the night

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that is a different way the plane couldn't take over their soul

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on the runway. So that's a different story. But my point I'm making here is two stories of ordinary taxi drivers.

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And both the stories are over 20 years old. I'm sitting here now 10,000 miles away telling you this story in America.

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That is the impression they leave.

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When I reach the airport, I tried to give 100 rupees he will take it he refused to take it.

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He said Mr. kartavya This is my job. This is my duty I have to bring this is not your duty to come in Israel for God's sake. I'm giving you I'm happy to you know I will not it

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is my duty I have to do this

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excellence. It comes out of passion doesn't matter what you do. It does not matter what you do. You will be sweeping the street. But you must say I if I'm sweeping the street, this street has to be the cleanest Street on the face of the planet.

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Because I'm sweeping the question of myself, the quality in my life. And believe me that pays dividends because you leave behind impressions

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that never go away. People will remember you long, long, long after you're one.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to live live like this. Where people remember will remember you with aura and because you are Muslim, they remember the Islam with honor. And they say a Muslim did this. This was a walk of a Muslim. So do it for the sake of Allah. Do it for the sake of presenting Islam to the world. Was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah He was a member of the Gulf Allah holla