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Missoula and axioma Yukito NAS and now call

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some was taught well theory via ajwa Some will function.

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So in this hadith that is narrated by Imam Timothy, that Abu Huraira the one who mentioned that the Prophet SAW Selim was once asked about what actions will allow a people to enter into paradise the most, what is it that the those actions that by them people will enter into paradise, but the most in other words, what is it that we need to do? That will get us into Jannah and the most of the people who do this will get into gym and the Prophet SAW Selim, he mentioned two things. He said having Taqwa of Allah, and having good character. So these two attributes are all encompassing. Having Taqwa of Allah is the understanding of doing what Allah commands leaving what he forbids,

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inwardly, outwardly in public and private. That is the basic definition of Taqwa. And the idea behind that is by doing though, that those actions of

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obeying Allah's commandments and leaving his prohibitions, then that's a means by becoming more aware of Allah and all of your actions. And so that's between you and Allah subhanaw taala. But it also has an impact on those who are around you. And that's where the second part of it comes in, in terms of emotional hook. So you have an awareness of Allah, and through that awareness of Allah subhanaw taala, you treat people well, and that you have the best of character. And so this is something that when we think about it, and we take it upon ourselves, to ensure that when we treat those who are around us, and especially those who are close to us in the best of possible ways, this

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is the following in the sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that it's all encompassing, it's something that is vast, it's not something that is just a single action. No, it's a state of being, that we are constantly thinking of Allah subhanho wa taala, in terms of your actions, and what I doing pleasing to Him, is it bringing me closer to him? Is it you know, keeping me away from that which He prohibits, by having that type of Allah subhanaw taala. So that sense of awareness, and then having the best of characters, as the Prophet SAW, Selim was described as having the best of colloquia in Nicola, Allah, who, Luke and Alvin. And so this is something that is

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imperative, as Muslims that we take on these attributes that are praiseworthy, and leave those attributes that are blameworthy in everything that we do. But then comes the warning that the Prophet SAW Selim was then asked, well, what are those actions that mostly when they are done, they will take people into the fire? So Elon, actually now up to NASA Now. And so then the prophets are selling, he said, the two hollowed ones, the two things that are hollowed out the mouth, and the product part, the genital. So what did the Prophet SAW said, I mean by that, it means that if we're not careful of what we say, that is a means by which we enter into the fire. And this is the most

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common pitfall that people will end up doing or falling into, is we don't take care or not aware of what it is that we say everything that we say. It has impact. Everything that we say has an impact. And we have to be aware and conscious of what it is that we say, because a lot of times people you know, they think to themselves, well, I have a good intention, my NEA is okay, and you say things, but it's not just about the intention, that's important, but it's also about the impact. And when we talk about, you know,

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the in conversations related to equity and diversity and whatnot, they always talk about impact over intention. So it's not just about what you say, or how you say it or what your intention was, when you say, what is the impact on those who are around you? What is the impact when people that hear those words that you're saying, and so we have to take that into consideration with what we say. And then when it comes to the private parts, again, it's something that is very easy for people to commit wrong. And since we understand that, in the Islamic faith, tradition, everything that is related to that form of gratification is prohibited. That's the awesome except when it is made

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permissible in very specific and particular situations and circumstances that is in marriage, a valid marital relationship between a man and a woman, that is the context in which that form of gratification becomes permissible outside of that, and also fill in vitality, that the basis ruling for anything related to gratification in that regard is impermissibility. And it's one of the few exceptions, you know, also affiliate a shell EBA that's the general ruling

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that things are permissible in general. But there are two exceptions to that rule where the Olson, the foundational basis of everything is, or the foundational ruling is is actually impermissibility. That's the default ruling, it's impermissibility until it is made permissible. And one of those is that which is related to authority. And so it's imperative that we protect ourselves in terms of what we say, and in terms of our private parts, so that we do not seek gratification where it is impermissible to seek it. So that it does not lead us into the path that takes us towards the fire. And it's this, as you can see our society is that it's filled with it. Right, what people say, and

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it's not just about what we say on our tongues, it's also what we use with our hands, meaning that it's not just because I didn't say it on my tongue, and I type out a comment or something like that, that I'm free from it. Now, I mean, this is we're all taken to account for everything that we that emanates from us in terms of if we say, even if it's with my fingers, let my fingers do the talking. I'm still accountable for it. But we have to be careful about you know, our WhatsApp and social media and all those comments that we love to put out there. That animal hazard Allah that we will be taken to account for those things that we say. So beware, be careful. And we ask Allah subhanaw

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taala to make us a people of Taqwa and to make us the people of having personal Phillip and we seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from the pitfalls of our tongues and our private parts that will lead us into the fire air within our maternity fee January here and I do hooray. errata are the Allahu Anhu. And so ala Rasulillah is sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and actually my youth kilo nasil Janet Athol Tapachula husband Philip was so ill and actually mount up to NAS and now the call