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Guatemala Allahu wa Khartoum and Hamed allow Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah this is your brother your high Brahim with another daily taxila hamdulillah. We're doing a surah a day from Jews ama, and today we're speaking about surah number 91, which is sort of a shems. This is a powerful, powerful soldier that was revealed once again to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Mecca macaron. There are notable speakers about this sorta one of the things is that Allah is going to speak about a tribe of people that people have moved and he had sent to them a prophet of Allah, which is profit slaughter. Now Salalah Alayhi Salaam, he lived at a time.

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That was preceding Of course, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they were an Arabic tribe, they lived in the northern parts of Arabia. And one of the signs of Allah subhanaw taala miracle that was sent to them was that there was a camel that was created by law specifically for the people of silence, and that people have their mood as a sign. And therefore they were ordered to honor it and to feed it and to give it water and to protect it. And rather than doing that, they actually starved it, made it thirsty and killed it eventually in disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala. Notice that allows punishment descends upon a people for their injustice towards an animal.

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This is one of the notable features to remember Allah subhanaw taala begins the surah by making 11 vows 11% 11 oaths, he makes an oath by the sun, the sun's brightness, the moon, the day, the night the heaven by himself Subhan Allah to Allah who built the heavens, by the earth, and by himself who spread the earth for mankind, by the soul of mankind, which is created by Allah, and by himself once again, the one who perfected the creation of mankind. And therefore you see that Allah has made these oath, and then speaks about the secret to success, the eternal secret about success, which is to perfect your relationship with Allah by looking into your soul and purifying it as much as you

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can. And that will be a reason to save you from destruction. A lot also makes an important point by mentioning to us that the people of Somalia who were destroyed, they weren't all those who participated in the killing of the camel, they weren't all those who disobeyed Allah directly, but they were implicated because they did not stop those who planned on doing so. And therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala shows that as is in the Hadith around a Shabbat, the Allahu anhu, where she asked the prophets I send them an LFO within a solid tone, Will God destroy and send His wrath upon the people, when amongst them are righteous people? The Prophet said Bella, either cathodal Sabbath, he

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said, yes, if there is an overwhelming corruption that the righteous people don't stand up to, and don't seek to correct the right and therefore speaking power to truth is one of the ways of protecting us from the wrath and the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Allah Shamsi will do haha by the sun and its brightness well family that Allaha by the moon, as it follows the course of the sun, it reflects the sun's light, when the how the evangelia have by the day as it shows up with the sun's brightness well, lately it is Shahar by the night as it can is conceals, as it conceals, it conceals the brightness of the day

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the blessings that were found in the day was said that you will not by the heavens and by the majesty of the one who built it will have the wha ha ha and by the earth and the one who has spread it and and extended it for mankind. So those are 11 oaths by Allah soprano to add up. Notable, of course is to note that Allah Subhana, Allah speaks about the sun and the brightness. And all of those are esoteric images of the rising of the sun of faith of a man entering into the world of the messenger ship of our Nabhi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then Allah speaks about the path towards right and wrong and that there's an inherent fifth or there's an inherent default setting to

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that which is pleasing to God within us. We know right from wrong and we know what it is that is as a universal moral value that all of us as human beings can kind of associate. We know taking what doesn't belong is not right. We know speaking ill of others is not right. We know fabrication is not right against others, untold heresies is not right. And therefore the one who goes against their natural inclination to live a good pure life and goes against it, then surely they are from those who are wretched and deserving of God's vengeance. And therefore Allah says one FC one, so here is another oath by the soul of mankind by the next add, the more the, the soul of Adam and the soul of

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the children of Adam, and by the majesty of he who perfected it in good proportion, gave it that default setting of recognizing truth from falsehood, as narrated in the Hadith of the prophets I seldom in Bukhari and Muslim khulumani Adama, you literally fit for all of mankind are born with a fitrah and inclination to

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faithfulness and believing in God, but they are LED and distracted from it according to the whims of their desires. For Alabama hat for Georgia have more taqwa it is also a law, who has shown and has placed in it what is wrong. And therefore there's a lot of things that are wrong that we should be distinct from and what is right what Aqua have what is pious, and what is a conscious way of life. So therefore, that is indoctrinated within us we know we kind of know what is right and wrong. And therefore, if we obey Allah we're doing what will be pleasing to our soul. And therefore, Allah says, f lammens, aka verse number nine is a very important verse, Allah subhanaw taala mentions the

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eternal rule to success. Indeed, successful will be the one who purifies his soul, who keeps it away from the corruption that he recognizes she recognizes internally is not right. The word f law is a very important word in Arabic, it comes from the word Fatiha, which means it's the same word that used to describe farmers for laugh, for example, you change the accents and it means a farmer, meaning someone who strives hard to reap a harvest someone who has to do blackberry came work to eventually gain the fruit of their labor. And that's a very essential concept of success for us as Muslims, that you have to exert yourself, to restrain your soul to purify it and eventually, in sha

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Allah, in doing so, in doing what is right you will gain supremacy and majesty in this life and in the next life, walk on top and the sad thing failed, are those who corrupt their own soul meaning who don't work hard, who don't put endeavor and hard effort consistently into that which is best for themselves, their families, mankind and the society they live in. kettlebell mood will be de la ha, the people of the moon who Allah sent for them so Allah, they denied their prophets, Allah, Allah His Salaam, through their transgression, by rejecting the true faith of Allah subhanho wa Taala even bath all had the worst of them. It wasn't all of them. The most wicked of them went forth and killed

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the camel that was now called to law, the she camel that Allah has sent for them as a sign for Fila. lahoma Rasulullah Hina Allah He was so here but the Messenger of God Salah said to them be cautious fear the evil and that will come to you if you bring harm to the she came on that was sent to you by Allah do not harm it and bar it at or borrow it from having its drink and it's food for Canada boo hoo Falco her for them them early him or boom beaten by him as a worker, they denied him they did not believe they did not accept faith and they killed it out Oh Ha for them, them family him so their Lord destroyed them and even the word the sound of them demo, you know, descending upon them

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word destruction because of their sin and made equal in that in their destruction was the rich and the poor. There was no differentiation between them. The strong and the weak, and all grades of their society were equally destroyed because they did not put up a word to the power of the one who saw corruption they did not descend. To do that, when you have that and Allah said, and he a lot did not fear the consequence there have that Allah Subhana Allah, there was no injustice that was incurred upon them. This was something that they were fitting and deserving of. It's a very important sort of because there's important lessons that you and I should take from it. Now one of

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the important lessons is that we are to think of the blessings that Allah has given us and to reflect upon what it is that we have in our life that is symbolic of a gift to us from Allah, a blessing from Allah, and whether we have taken it for granted and worse, if whether we have used it in that which is displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala second, do we speak up for the week do we speak up for

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those who are to those who are committing atrocities and represent a you know, a path of what is pleasing to God to represent that truth and lead people to that which is pleasing to Allah subhana wa to Allah. And part of our commitment to Allah is our commitment to the societies that we live in their betterment, their health and their viability. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us an enlightenment of the Orlando alim. This was sold on number 91 sort of a shrimps of soda a day a daily Tafseer from Jews ama, may Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted from all of us. This is your brother Abraham was set Mr equal, not to lie or about our cat