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Buri from Missouri found a way to live in a damsy environment for four years and lost her life in a damsy environment. She lost her life in a damsy environment and had a bad night's sleep. She found herself in a tree shop and eventually found himself in a damsque. She lost her life in a damsque and had a bad night's sleep, but eventually found herself in a damsque and had a successful life.

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I wanted to begin this photo by telling you about

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a young woman named haben, Buri

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and rehab from Missouri. She graduated from the University of Missouri.

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And the University of Missouri is the oldest journalism school in the country. And that's what she studied. She studied journalism. And that's what she wanted to be.

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And she got married and she married a young man from New Jersey. And so she moved over there.

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she started working for ABC.

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And so she's in a position where

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she's young.

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Her career is in order.

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She's settling down in a new family. She has her whole life ahead of her.

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But that was before the diagnosis. She was diagnosed with life threatening cancer.

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And I came across her through a blog that she write.

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Her blog was called life in rehab. It's a play off of her name rehab rehab.

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And so she writes about her experiences her ups and her downs. As she goes through this process of healing,

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she would die at a hammer holla at the age of 26.

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And when she died,

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she left behind a community who said that we never saw a janaza like the genesis of rehab for him Allah tala.

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her blog I found to be incredibly hard, soft denecke because you see a person who is coming to grips with her mortality and so when you

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Read it, it reminds you of yours

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and has an imbecile he says, I never saw anything that was certain that people acted like it was doubtful.

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Even though it is something that is certain, and it has no doubt like death. I never saw anything that is certain. There's no doubt about it. But the people treat it as if it is doubtful, there's no certainty about it like death. Why is it that when it comes to something that

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we all know,

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coolness in the actor mode was panel dialysis, every soul is going to taste that, and you and I are certain that every single one of us has an appointment with the angel of death. Why is it then that we push it back and push it back and push it back in our minds? I'd even never thought he gave a hope but to Kufa to the people of Kufa. And he said, You Hannah's in pharma ahafo la con told me with devour, he said, the thing that I fear the most for you is this concept, which is called ml ml can be translated as protracted hope. You just expect, even though you buried friends in elementary school and middle school and college and throughout your life, you saw people pass away who are near

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you, and even younger than you and healthier than you and all of these things. We kind of all have this expectation that I my stories should play out until I'm a grandfather. I should be able to live a full life.

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He says enough of my holiday component.

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ml for UNC Asheville. One may Allah fail sudo Anil help Allah in the dunya cadwell let Madeira when

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Allah will equal UID mean Houma by noon for Konami,

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Konami, Nabina dunya. He says, The Hera the dunya is turning away and it's departing if the dunya was a train. It is a it's leaving the station it's going away from you. Every single day that we spent in this dunya we actually have one day left, one day less. Every hour that we spend is one hour less our countdown began when we entered into this world.

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And he says the era is fast approaching the Hereafter is approaching. And then he says every single one of them will have inhabitants so be from the inhabitants of the dunya. And don't be from the inhabitants of the Hereafter, that a person reflects on death and reflects on death and reflects on death. And I know

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that in some cultures, the reflection of death is considered to be something that is completely allowed. It's abhorrent, do not speak about death, some people to the degree where they don't even want to mention their dead.

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They don't even want to mention the dead from their family or anything they say a lies between us in them. Right Don't even mention that. However, the prophets, the lady I send them actually instructed us with the opposite. He says x zero dechra had me live that. He says increase in your remembrance of the destroyer of delights, the destroyer of delights, is his death. And the prophets, the lie to send them drew for us an example, he actually drew this out for the companions, he drew a rectangle.

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And then he drew a line that was going through the rectangle outside, so it's protruding outside of the rectangle, it's going beyond the rectangle. And then he drew next to that central line that's going out of the rectangle, he drew lines next to it. And he says, As for the rectangle itself, he says this is a person's edge and this is a person's lifespan.

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And as for the line that is protruding, he says well how the Emmylou. This is their hopes and their dreams and their aspirations.

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People they pass away and they still have so many more things that they wanted to accomplish. And even if they were to live longer, they would just have more things that they want to accomplish. It's not like anybody ever stops wanting to accomplish things. It's not like anybody stops having hopes and aspirations. Nonetheless, the promise the lie to us and them says that a person's ambitions will go beyond that person's lifespan. A person doesn't know where their lifespan ends. And then he said those lines that almost intersect with that central line. He says these are calamities that befall a person and if one misses them, then the other one gets them you avoid this

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calamity and this one touches you avoid this problem and this one touches you, Allah subhana wa tada says, Look what's happening inside the cupboard we've created mankind to be in a state of turmoil and difficulty.

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And so a person being comfortable with the idea and remembering death frequently. Why because this will force the person to be active. This will force a person to want to have meaning on

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Every single day of their life, Abu has him

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was asked by Suleiman even Abdul Malik. So they might have been medical halifa he asked him and he said Lima Naka, Rahul mote. He said, why is it that we hate death? Why is it that we hate death. And so has him said to him nakoma martoma dunya optimal photograhy una

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de la hora. He says, because you have built up, you put all of your investments into this world. So you've built it up, you spent all of your waking hours building for this world, and you destroyed your hereafter. He's talking to a halifa here, or he's talking to me or a prince. And then he says to him, so you would hate to go from that which is established to that which is destroyed.

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I mean, that's very natural. If I were to give an example of a, you know, we're entering into the spring semester, soon, you're going to have, for example, college students. And that college student for four years, they were at the University of Houston, and they were working really hard 4.0 GPA, all of that good stuff. They did every internship that they could possibly do. They prepared themselves for the future very well. They were hitting the books and studying and doing all of that. And so, in the spring, they have a job offer from a great company. Is that person going to want to graduate? Absolutely. They're going to be so ready. Why? Because they worked hard to earn this.

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Another, you know, you hear that a lot. They're like, I'm done working for free. I'm looking forward to getting paid for my work. That's the idea. But then you have an opposite person, say so for someone, for example, spent four years in college and they, they didn't do anything, right, they just party. They enjoyed that very much.

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Now, when graduation comes, they're gonna have to move back to their family's house and there's no job for them. And not only that, they're not even going to have the social experience that they have anymore. Is that person going to that person is going to be looking for the rest of their life as college like this was the best time in my life, and they're not going to want to leave it rather well. So how about all the line whom do to their preparation for death, they spent their waking days and nights rather than the jibber

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jabber when he was dying and died young he died in his 30s.

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But he died in the plague of a sham during the life of Bob.

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And so when rather manageable, was affected by that sickness. He asked the people around him in the night. He said, overall, as Bana said, check if the morning has come. They said the morning hasn't come. And then he asked him again, says overwash do you see if the morning has come and they said the morning has come?

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And then he said ooh Billahi min, Laila tin sabaha in an hour. He said I seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from a night whose morning will bring me to the fire. And then he said his famous statement he said might haven't been moved. He said Welcome to death. Welcome, what a word, an absent visitor that I've been waiting for. And then he said, Oh Allah, you know that I did not want to stay in this dunya for the building of castles or the planting of trees. But I wanted to be here in the dunya for the fast thing of the long days. And the praying of the long nights and racing with my knees to the knees of the scholars meaning seeking knowledge. That's why I wanted to stay in the

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dunya only to invest more in the hereafter. That's the only reason why I wanted to stay. belie live no bah, bah, bah. And when he was passing away,

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his family was crying around him. And they were crying and they were saying Oh, our sadness. And bilad said no, there's no sadness here. He said the other night. Mohammed is back tomorrow we're going to meet our companions. Mohammed and his companions are smiling now follow the law and who you know that on the day when he was he was being surrounded by the Hadith and earthman lived for a long time passed away in his 80s about the law and a lot of law but it's man when the Hawaii Did you were surrounding his house. And you had all of this civil strife in Medina, Earth man saw a dream The night before overall sort of lost on the light SLM and Abu Bakr and Omar. And so Rasulullah

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sallallahu Sallam said to this man, he said, Oh, man, break your fast with us. And so if not all the Allah and who woke up the next day and he said, I'm fasting.

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I have an appointment. I have someone that I want to meet. And so he was killed while you learn how to by fasting and he broke his fast with little solar loss and the lady said lemon his companions. The point here is that a person invests in the Hereafter, a person thinks about it frequently that a person not be attached to the dunya because the dunya is treacherous and the dunya departs from everybody a photomask. The Metro must have

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Are you looking for stuff zero in order for

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah.

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I wanted to share just two things with regards to

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actual actualizing and trying to remove from ourselves this concept of total MLM or protracted hope, number one, the opposite of total MLM is that a person take advantage of today.

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Today you and I are alive We have no guarantees for the rest of the day and we have no guarantees for tomorrow. We see examples from Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam about how he took action immediately with regards to things he would not put them off till tomorrow. Don't do tomorrow what you can do today. But if Nana or sire even in hateth

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inheritance is reported by Bahati he says fillet tomato Sula is on the line and send them and also have been Medina

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for sell them for mahkamah masurian profesionales. You mean sir it. He says I pray to acid with Rasulullah Salallahu Salam in Medina. And when he makes it on the profits lesson, I'm caught up very quickly. And so people were startled by how quickly he got up. For the hotbar the carbon NASS, he was stepping over people's shoulders, going backwards, leaving the message he just made Suriname and then he started walking by so fast. And they said the people were startled by how fast he was. And then he says

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he went to one of the houses of his wives.

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Fela Maharaj when he exited from the house, and he saw how startled the people were caught up the car to Shay and minibar in Cana Indiana, for caring to be sunny for a month to be charismatic. He said I remembered some gold that I had in my house. And so I hated to delayed I hated for this goal to stay. And so I went back and I commanded for it to be distributed. And many times you'll find that the province level by day said let me For example, He would have a soda that would come to him, right is the guy that would come to them. And many times you read in this you know that's the promise of the lightest and then distributed it all right then in there. Don't put off tomorrow what

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you can do today, is there some soda that you need to give today then then do it today? Is there someone that you need to forgive today then forgive them today? Is there someone that you need to apologize to today, then apologize them to to them today? Do not put off for tomorrow? What you can do today because tomorrow is not promised you only have today.

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The second is investing in that which is meaningful investing in that which is meaningful.

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To come back to rehab albery Rahim Allah. She says,

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a lot of people talk to me about surviving through this, and having the will to live. I just want them to know that our goal is not to live.

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Our goal is to live with meaning. I want them to know that if our goal was to live, none of us would reach that goal. The Quran says pull in and motor later on, I mean who for whom Morocco, the depth from which you fleet will truly overtake you, then you will be sent back to the knower of things secret and open. And he will tell you the truth of the things that you did. And coming to terms with the fact that we cannot flee death shouldn't fall in sha Allah focus our sights on the real eternal life.

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We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to have mercy on our debt. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to have mercy on us when we go to what they have gone to. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to allow us to have meaningful lives lives that every single day increase us in our journey to him and increase our provision as we approach the loss of Hannah to Allah. Allah humma in Anissa local Jenna Omar hora de la Han Colin ramen when our rules will be coming and not one mile per club la Harmon Colin ramen Allahumma tuna fusina taqwa zakia antihuman Zika ha Antonio ha ha ha Allahu moxham dynamic sciatica meta Ruby Bane anabaena ma sciatic when it comes to Bella Luna v genetic when Maria Kini moto we

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will be here Idina masaba dunya wa Terra Nova home maybe asthma in our bazaar in our provider, Tina

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Turner, which

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was our fault line item on vamana. One sunova Hamada Adana, whereas animasi butterknife Idina? What about Amina? Well, I'm a blogger in Mena weather in Nanaimo sirona. Watch allergenicity here, Donna medica or hamara Heyman Rob Durham Houma come out of Big Sur de la alohomora mcabee Arena. mustafina mon kobina sikuli McCann Amara.

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Gotta be Elina officium Allahumma maka Amina Feel free to usco fever masala Villa de Muslim in America or hamara Haman Allahu meshfree Modano Mater muslimeen Allah who ma'am Sahara him be me Anika shafia Allah Maha mo da da Mota muslimin wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Omar Illa illogical Muhammad Muhammad Allah

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.