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Learn how to build it will

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you time

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the boundaries and papers of

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a countless innumerable and key finance

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every boundary

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us his theory by the grace of Allah

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and every bounty which Allah

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is an Amana is a trust for which he will have to give account and for which likely will be taken in the court of law

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amongst the greatest bounty

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is this bounty of

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our very own body that tells us So, simply yet so, we know what the most equal

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Why don't you look at your own body, this body

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has given you so, many variables that manifest itself it is one

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and at the same time, it is an Amana is interested in his body

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for which

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for which we will have to look

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in the course of

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So, if we live in this body, every finger, the hand ah

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he says bye bounty from Allah.

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he says

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that, to use a bounty with a lot less you will One, two, this

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is the ultimate thing.

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You use that which Allah has blessed you with to pray a command of Allah to transgress the law

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of eternity. So, every little bit we have, we need to regulate how we use it

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because the

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resistance to the fact that these limbs benefit from us in this world, and that they are they will testify as to how we utilize them.

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equalization reserves, in other words to the

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US and we will have no control as to stop that or mitigate that in a way they will be inserted directly.

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this way, look at it this way.

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You are the king of your body and every limb in your body is your subject. Now of

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you are accountable for every one of your substance, your

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components. These are all subjects you have control over. Now you will be accountable

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responsible by law.

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It's difficult for us in the short space of time to talk about the various levels of the body and how to regulate it. So for the purposes of this afternoon's discourse, we will focus on one

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that is the time

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is the time because it has the greatest potential to benefit, and certainly see the greatest potential for us before you

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even realize that, let's understand, what is the purpose for which money is given giving you time

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to remember not

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to talk about the law to talk about the commands of Allah.

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the son

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of swords, the font that needs to unlock. That's the reason why Allah

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amongst many other primary reasons, what really matters.

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So what is a hot

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topic, the Coca Cola, and that is a form of submitting a form of expressing your desire.

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At the time of law, the sun is so powerful, because it is a brilliant analogy to

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look at

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same time how we can harm a man with 70 years of his life and

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in the worst form of crime, and that is Association purpose of the law. But what a movement of the time when

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he obliterates an entire life of an entire life of either an entire life of disobedience, we'll move

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On the other hand, a man is married.

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That woman is,

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yes, children with her.

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many decades of memories with her

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once slip of the tongue, in the form of divorce, a woman becomes a single

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from a broken home, his family is estranged. And so that's the nature of the time it can make.

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It is perhaps one of the smallest levels in the body, but it has the greatest impact, it can be devastating,

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absolutely devastating, it can overpower a human

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This small limit grows knowing that when you generate training and when you find to become fixed,

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we take any other part of your body, your arms, race and everything else, but this is one part of your body. So,

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your entire life upside down, but at the same time you can make your entire

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new to you and

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the main reason why people will be flung into the final outcome is because they did not utilize their talents correctly.

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They are

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the goals of

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the greatest reason that people will be flying headlong into the fire is

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you may be burning a hole, you may be very liquid

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for five days off and not diminishing the value. Anyway, but notwithstanding all of that, if you don't regulate the way you utilize your time, you are heading in a very dangerous

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mode working now what stuck in your entire life

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which is so severe before the law it will be

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extended to the use of do you reach those steps. These are not my words, but the words are full of la de la

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la mericans

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simple questions

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Good universities will

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tell you a funder can give an answer. And sometimes the students have more enthusiasm for the profile of the teacher in the teacher exam. So the students, you know,

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they said,

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these are simple questions that people asked you. Why did it take so long to answer this question, because you don't know the answers.

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He says, I continuously ask myself before I answer, even though I know the answer, the

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And then once I've determined that there is benefit in me answering that question, the second question, what's the best way?

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What's the best way to do so?

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Forget the school.

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They will say Sahabi, who was martyred. There was me who was murdered, and other Sahaba remarket

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to me.

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Wait, don't you stop giving him

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even though he sacrificed his life in the path of Allah? How can you know perhaps he utilized his benefit?

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it it's funny that it was hard, no, perhaps

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even though,

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even though it

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started in North America. So these are the things that we should take lightly.

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It could jeopardize our eternal salvation.

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Up to this point.

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The guarantee that you'll control what's between your thighs, the sexual urges, and you control what's between those two? If you can control these two things.

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How do we regulate them?

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By be cognizant of paintings by doing focus on the painting, what is the first

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time against a face the first line? Whether you like seriously, or you're lying just it was equally important to lie joking is also Allah. Allah is despicable when light is emitted from a person's mouth, even the angels are even

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even amongst the pious.

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Secondly, we like

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to pick up his habits when we're young.

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having seizures you What were you doing? Did you say that? Didn't you say that? Did you come on time? Why didn't

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you realize that our lives are

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nice. Our lives have become overbed

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people use confidences. And he says this Imagine for a moment because someone is standing in front of you, and is speaking to you with a safe face in a concrete invoice. But you know, he's lying at that moment.

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At that moment, when somebody's standing there even if it may be your own beloved Son, but you know his line,

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a safe place an appointment invoice. This is called the steps to build up we say that if you feel others also feel disgusted with

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others also feel disgusted with them. You can understand the requirements of your actions by see how much it makes you feel repugnant when somebody else does, that should give you an idea. So the first thing that we need to borrow our talents against is like the second thing about

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breaking a promise. Firstly, you should not make promises unnecessarily. And secondly, if you make a promise and find your best, if you tell somebody when you pay them at a particular time, they will receive the goods to the particular moment they fulfill.

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what I'm telling you is not rocket science. This is not something that you need to go to dark room to learn. these are

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these are

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these are bases that all of us

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because if you

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even performance, Allah

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happens to policies, when you see when you promise to break a promise. And when you are in a manner that does not fulfill the demand. It's not for us to tell you the next time

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we fill it with a description of the loss and above it.

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You know, I'll post once again, usually, when you go to a doctor, medical doctor, you can just look at your eyes, and

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he feels the pulse and it attempts to accommodate the spiritual doctors.

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They watch what we speak, how you speak, and when we speak, and they can tell you to what extent you have used.

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The words that you use, the tone that you use, the moment you choose to speak, that reflects all the things about your character, you can press that Donate button, and you can act in Salah.

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But open your mouth and a

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doctor will be able to succeed.

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You can run me through a process a doctor surgery activity.

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look into your eyes, he listened to your heart

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that he will feel your pulse and it tells you that a healthy man a spiritual doctor will listen to what you say how you say and when we say that what is the level of a spiritual So

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the first is Don't lie to Congress. The third is do not

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do not gossip.

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Multiple times. The consequences of gossiping on the social fabric of a society is far worse than adulterated

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and possibly sophisticated way we

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we constantly insinuation because we want to we want to know

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what happened. Let's talk about the talk meta make it easy for them. When if you didn't want to talk if you didn't want

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to make when you when

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you want any medical indication, sometimes your statement restructure itself insinuating

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gossiping about members

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gossiping about that person, we can pull others but we can never put a lot. We can put others but we can never put a lot. So that's the third, the fourth

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disputation argumentation and competitive debate with people. As extensive as

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the dispute is

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the metals, you know, really, really small in school that don't meet the debate in demand. We will

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not get into an argument would get into the debate. The ego wants to prevail it wants to win. We don't understand the value but a true man is a man who can serve his mouth and walk away.

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Even when, even when he's in the rights. Again, I will give you the reference of Imam Shafi Rahim Allah the famous doctor to me when people used to surname accuse him of the most despicable things, and the students would come and they would say, Why don't you say?

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My response was over the goals of my science, we'll call those goals. And it's not only for me, it may be a family matter, it may be a matter with a colleague at work, maybe

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your response will break down.

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But when you respond, and it's three, four,

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say whatever you want to say about me, doesn't make a difference. It's not that I don't have the ability to respond.

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it's not that I don't have the ability to respond, but I subscribe to the philosophy it's not necessary for a light provoke every time a dog barks. It's not necessary for a lion to grow every time a dog barks

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It's not necessary for you to answer all the time. He said, If you agree with us, he was indeed

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an intelligent person who will despise

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us better when you get into arguments. This is your own mental state of mind, your own emotional stability. At the same time.

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our five senses is what people open on my arguments

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of mastery.

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You do beautiful,

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through beautiful conduct

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if you are wrong, but you have to walk away,

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and you have to walk away.

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Why? Because these arguments in

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these fights,

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they are breaking.

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Even though you may be a white walk away, for the benefit of your dunya it's for the benefit of you.

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And if you really want to fight for your life,

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this is

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like a temporary difference in your life.

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And then many times in your facility, you open up

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what's called, they will multiple times in my life when I spoke and I thought I was justified in speaking but later on in life, I regretted speaking but there was never

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we need to learn to control.

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The first thing

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is to not ascribe goodness yourself. Don't always be talking about yourself, you know

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You know, I was involved in that one one person was awesome scholar was that

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what exactly?

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He said the person bringing in

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what you're saying about yourself may be true, but the fact that you're bracing yourself, that is fine.

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You don't need to be the company other than the whole

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control when it comes to pleasing yourself. All you need is the principle of law. The sixth thing, members

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don't just

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say we don't like it, don't say something, if you like something

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never set an example of the seventh day Don't make

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those don't

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know what was said.

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But you say so much against me. And then all what you said against him, which

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he did. And then you go beyond that oppress you become the oppressor one day.

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So, this is

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Allah will take retribution from Punjab for the murders that he committed retribution from you.

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So hold you hold.

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But if you see is a great line

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and the ACE

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do not lie, do not break a promise do not do not argue and get into disputes. Do not do not.

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Do not excessively will

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likely be the center of attraction. So you're always making a joke in the meeting of someone you love.

00:24:22--> 00:24:27

And at the same time you lose respect. You become like a class clown. We will only appreciate you

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whenever we have

00:24:31--> 00:24:37

nonsense. They were interested to hear your views of constructive matters on important matters because you have to showcase yourself.

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in conclusion, a few points with regard to the reputation of the tongue, this one small portion of the body that could make or break our doula and that could make or break

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Majority of the citizens of the sudden have the other knowledge of the human is as a result of the incorrect usage of the law.

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In other words, if you can get the fundamental problem, you will live

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your life once the

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law, which is the law, most action to allow

00:25:26--> 00:25:27

in another habit,

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you will never realize the full potential of rubymine until you can control your time, because every time you make some progress,

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that progress will be the incorrect use of your time. What's the

00:25:48--> 00:25:50

what is the greatest

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control. In reality, this one statement summarizes what I'm saying today

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that the good and evil command the success and the failure of a man by that bridges between these doors, your tongue will determine whether you will be successful in this world and

00:26:22--> 00:26:26

equally determine whether you'll be a failure in this world.

00:26:27--> 00:26:28

I leave you with one.

00:26:31--> 00:26:32

How do we achieve this we

00:26:35--> 00:26:36

need to be focusing

00:26:39--> 00:26:40

on the human

00:26:42--> 00:26:46

then, keep quiet for lengthy periods of time.

00:26:47--> 00:26:59

Learn to keep quiet for lengthy periods of time. You don't have to go every time others are talking. You don't have to be involved in every discussion, every every conversation.

00:27:02--> 00:27:05

necessary, the more difficult it is for the devil.

00:27:08--> 00:27:15

Something that you said the same thing at least for your actions because it increases the likelihood of acceptance we are

00:27:16--> 00:27:18

regulating and controlling

00:27:20--> 00:27:23

our success in this world and to salvation.

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah ba,

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ba ba people so far

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pase was

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so why

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when I said one

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welcome my football team

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to city of

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R Us

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what is

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what the

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weather is

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